Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jona - officially attend pre-school

Wow, it has been more than a month that Jona start attend pre-school nearby my house...what a relieve...Jona really don't give me any problem at all when he start schooling...at first, I really scared that he might cry and don't want to go to school on second day, which i purposely take 2 days off...who know, he is ok, except first day, cry for a while when I left, then, when I fetch him, so happy tell me the story...wow...

** Blink** my eyes on and off, times pass so fast. The obvious part that since Jona went to pre-school, is he learn more new word and make new friends, which I think he likes, and especially, can see he love to sing a song!!! he,he...so funny, out of sudden, he will start singing

'sayonara, sayonara'
can't really catch what he sing but, he seem to be enjoy singing it

'it is small world on the world (x2),
it is small, small, small'
(he take part in concert and act as choir rather than army - cause teacher Indra said, he too naughty, can't stand properly for few mins. Only choir suit him)

"Itsy bitsy spider,
crawling on the wall,
down came the rain and wash the wincy out
up came the sun and dry incy
itsy bitsy spider
crawl .....
(with lots of spider action)

And, many more...of course, the word still not that exact and clear yet...mmmm....when he will sing proper word?? but, definitely can memories the lyric well...