Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Lover...??

This is what I saw when I finished washing dishes and intend to sit down to relax for a while after dinner one night.

I don’t know where he got that earphone and don’t even know he know how to use it, as I never listening to music using earphone or teach him how…..??! Guess kids just know how to use it by simple exposure to tv advertisement or maybe by looking at Dadi or Momi talking thru phone using earphone?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleeping Patterns....

How I wish I could just fall asleep so easily like my boys…..Hehe….
Jona always has no problem in falling asleep and it is so easy to babysit him even when he is a baby or now. I still remember when he is a baby, when it is time to sleep, no matter where I bring him (shopping or etc..), he will just fall asleep so easily. It just reminds me that he even fall asleep when I’m in the midst of massaging him during baby massage class!!!
Definitely not Iz. Nowadays, every night, no matter how late he went to bed, he definitely need to ‘chit chat’ with me or Dadi before he can snooze off.
The funny part, no matter how big the bed I provided to them(1 KING, 2 SINGLE BEDS), at the end, they will just 'stick' to each other in one single bed when I woke up in the morning.
This pix(s) are taken when they just snooze off without me realize it…haha…how cute!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to Batik Beach

See how talkative Iz is….He can talk and entertain his Dadi throughout the journey to Batik Beach. And, it is good as well since Dadi just love to fall asleep when he is in comfy environment.
Once reach the beach, the 2 boys are so happy and really enjoying themselves playing with the sand. Jona, initially, so reluctant to go into the sea, but, Dadi manage to convince him and only if condition Dadi carry him.
For Iz, no matter how we persuade or convince him, he just doesn’t want to go into the sea. He rather plays with the sand all day long. Aiyah…I’m just wonder, back at home, he is the one who is crazy with water and can play nonstop till most of the time, I have to threaten him to get him out from bathroom.
Should organize more beach trip for my boys…..

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Schooling Experience....

Initially, I was a bit afraid that Jona couldn’t accept his new schooling environment as during the orientation day last week, he doesn’t look like happy with the school.

Of course, on the 1st day, he is so eager to go to school and wake up immediately when I called him. Excited and happy, I could say. But, everything change on Tue, Wed and Thur. On Tue, it took me 5 mins to wake him up, and it prolong on Wed and Thur, which make me start worrying whether he should wake up at 6am instead of 6.15am. Even drink his cup of milk took him so long. Later, he seems to drag himself to go inside the car. Once reach school, his moody face and tears start rolling down his cheek when I send him to his class.
Jona being ask to sit at the last row......
And, finally, last week Thursday I know why he not so happy. Because he dislike the canteen environment. During recess time, he couldn’t mingle around with his friend (friend from previous kindy) as the teacher has allocated table for each classes. And, then, no more teachers walking around to assist them during canteen compare to kindy time. It makes him feel so lonely and alone and he dislikes it.

Hearing his complain make me and Dadi heart pain of seeing our eldest son struggle to adjust himself in new school environment. When both of us feel so useless and thinking of way to make Jona happy again, suddenly with GOD praise and guidance, yesterday night(on Thursday night), everything took 360 degree of turn.

Back from daycare, Jona told me that during recess time, he saw his buddy again, X and Y, and even though he didn’t sit with them but, he greeted them and they reply, it make him very happy again. And, also, he told me that this morning; he can wake up faster as previous few mornings, he just pretend not to wake up. And, indeed it is true, that this morning, I just whisper his name once and he wake up without any difficulties. He even finished his milk fast and still got time to play for a while before ready to go to school again.

For Dadi, he just over worried about the canteen and toilet in the school. Haha…it is smelly and he worried Jona not able to wipe himself after poo poo.
And, for Momi, as usual, I really heartbreaking seeing Jona waiting with his daycare friends for the driver to come and fetch them to daycare centre. Aiyoohhh, if only I could fetch my son and care for him myself, that will be my best wishes already.

Jona wearing a's really burning hot!!!

Funny phrases come from Jona during this ‘adjustment’ week.
“Mommy, nowadays, why I need to go to school at night?” (He is in morning session so imagine going to school before sky open)
“I will try my best, okie?” (When I ask him to walk himself to his classroom without my companion anymore)
“Jona, Momi wish you all the best, and hope you will be happy again with new school environment and friend!!”

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Doing Homework or playing..??

When I asked them to do their homework, this is the outcome, especially when I’m not sitting there together with them.
Boys are always boys…..

They even go and took my handphone to snap this pic by themselves(like you take my pic and I take your pic) and I didn't realise it till I download the pictures from my mobile.
At the end, each of them couldn’t finish their homework as instructed and get punishment from their mommy….