Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of Guilty???

Yes, I'm travelling again......I'm travelling to this country where they serve the best 'Mango Snow Ice' just like our ABC. It is really tasty and nice(with lot of condense milk).....but, too bad, this time, because it is Auturm, they don't have mango available(what an excuse!!)

My Dinner with my favorite Snow Ice!!!
I don't know why this time, I feel so guilty of not spending weekend time with my 2 boys. I guess I really prefer to spend my weekend with my kids, as weekend mean, more free time together and can do whatever we want at home(Dadi also agree with me when he spend last weekend at home)....Dadi say "It is so relaxing and enjoyable!!"

And, I know it is wrong of compensate my 'away' time with kid by buying things as they request. I think it is just to make myself happy. Sometimes, tt is so hard to be a working mom, especially working mom that involve lot of travelling. PLUS, when the 'management' don't really appreaciate what you did and sacrifice. When I left home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Jona fall sick ~ fever, cough, flu and phelgm. I really hate it when I travel, my son not feeling well......I don't know why, I just prefer to stay at home when this happen(but I know it is impossible), as I don't wish Iz 'incident ~ getting febrile fit' happen again.

Remote Car for Jona AND Helicopter for Iz...(hope Dadi wont' fainted again this time)
Backdate conversation:-
Me: Jona, Iz, Momi need to go travelling again soon
Iz: Momi, where ar?
Me: Taiwan
Iz: Must take aeroplane one ar?
Me: Yes
Iz: Momi, this time, I want aeroplane got control remote one, ok?
Me: Ok, I try my best ya, but, no promise whether I got time to shop or not. How about you, Jona?
Jona: Momi, next time, you don't have to ask me what I want. Anything, just buy anything for me. Anything, I will like it one.
Me: **speechless** ok.

CARS hanger and the craft foam!! I manage to find it in Taiwan, and they even have so many choices like flower, butterfly shape, etc...

And, now, I really can't wait to go home, as I have something for them when they see me. I feel bad everytimes, if I can't buy what they want. As esp Iz, every night, when I talk to him, he will ask me "Momi, where are you now?" "Have you buy me an aeroplane control remote one ar?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Fun time with Foams

Last weekend, suddenly I’m not feeling well again. I guess it might be due to weather, I got migraine attack again (after so long didn’t experience it). It is not funny at all this time, as Dadi is out of town. But, GOD is really listening to my prayer, as both boy boy really behave so well till I can’t believe myself.

They keep playing with their foam ~ non stop!! So fun and enjoying pasting the foam, plus lot of giggling among them. I have to say that I really proud with both of them esp. Jona. See from the outcome, it seems Jona really use his brain (being creative ~ alamak can’t think which side is for creativity). A cute people holding balloon, got cake with 1 candle, making a photo frame ~ All these is invented by Jona himself without any guideline from me. And, I like this the most: draw eyes and put one spiral foam as ‘tongue’…….

1st(from Left):I like most and the cutest one ~ funny face!! 2nd and 3rd from left: some of Jona creations

Left side: Photo frame with FOOD Right side: Jona first creation...

I still remember I bought this foam book as well as the foam set one year back when I went to Australia on biz trip. During that time, Jona didn’t really seem to be interest with it at all till last weekend; suddenly he took the foam out from box and start playing with it together with Iz.
Foam Book ~ full of ideas....

When the pre-cut foam shape is running out, it force Iz to start using his brain to think of how to utilize the remaining foam (as he can’t follow the design in the book anymore) which is good.

Iz creations, of course with the help from Momi and Jona(to paste). Upper, 3rd from left side: Iz own idea (without the help from book). And, Lower, 3rd from Right: His first creation ~ man holding balloon (copycat).

I just love to see my sons play and use their brain indirectly without forcing them to do homework esp. on weekend. This is definitely one of the ways to simulate their brain power. Too bad, that I just can’t find these kind of foam in any bookstore in Malaysia. Do you know where I can get this pre-cut foam shape again from Malaysia OR I have to go Oz again to get the supply?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kitty, Kitty, You Naughty Kitty!

This few days, suddenly Jona told me that he want to have a pet animal, and he even have decided the name for his pet ~ Kitty, the cat!! I don’t know why he chose cat as his pet, but I’m definitely won’t fulfill his request. Several reasons: even though I’m not a cat lover, but, I’m not that bad to cat as well, if they didn’t step into my boundary. And, worst part, Dadi is allergic to animal flur or dust ~ as he has sinus problem as well as asthma. So, imagine, if there is slightly dust at home or cat ‘touch’ Dadi leg, Dadi will sneeze non stop!!

The funny part, I did even propose to my colleague who is a cat lover, to ‘borrow’ his cat to me for several days, as I want Jona to learn that it is really not that easy to request thing as he need to be full responsible to the cat ~ like bath, feed etc, etc….Haha…of course, my colleague rejected my request, as his cat is really oversize and also the body is out of proportion. If you didn’t realize it, the cat head is so small and the body is so BIG(should have take his cat photo and show it).

While I ‘squeezing’ my head to think of ideas suddenly a cat by pass in front of me (I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for my kids), hold something inside the mouth. At first glance, I thought it might be mouse. And, when he spit the thing out, and start to chew, bite and eat it, only I realize it is a fried chicken.

See, the Kitty keep looking back while he munch the food ~ must be steal again liao!!

I just wondering where he gets it from, does he steal the food again from one of my neighbors or it is a gift from them?? Honestly, I hate stray cat as well as not responsible owner of the cat. There is one time, when I put my Pomphret fish on my kitchen sink to defrost, though of wash and steam it for dinner later. When I heard some noise from the kitchen, and went to see, I realize the cat has taken my fish!! Horrible!!

And, yesterday some stray cat eats my fish food again (second time already)!! Is the cat so hungry till fish food also they can eat?? I should convince Jona to have fish as his pet and also think of way how to get rid of cat coming to my compound. Any ideas?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

NO ENTRY, Please...

Timid Boy? That’s Jona boy. Since young, he is very timid even until now. If he needs to go toilet, he need someone to go with him even though at our own house or if he need to go upstair to get something or go inside the playroom to get his toys. So, you can imagine how tiring especially if he only want to go toilet only for several times a day……..what to do, he is Jona boyJ.

Yesterday, while I was busy preparing dinner, suddenly Jona ran to me, half screaming, “Mommy, mommy, come with me faster!!”

Momi: Why? What happen?
Jona: I’m so urge (holding his penis with both hands like prevent the urine from leak out)
Momi: What’s wrong? Just go toilet. The light is on and I’m here near you.
Jona: No, no, I’m scare. There is something inside the toilet and it is black colour.
Momi: Oooo…it is just a cockroach. You don’t disturb him, and he won’t come and disturb you too. Go, faster.

At the same time, Iz came and go disturb the cockroach and it immediately hides somewhere else while Jona release his urge peaceful.

After that, I saw Jona so busy drawing something and then, ask Dadi for tape. You know what happen?
Haha….He draw a cockroach and then, put ‘X’sign mean no entry to cockroach so they cannot come in and paste it on every door in our house!!!

Kid really dares to do thing that is out of our imagination. He thought the cockroach will understand his drawing sign and won’t go into our house again after reading it…..Anyone need this sign for your house??