Friday, August 29, 2008

'DR' or 'NEW' milk milk.....

As you all know, initially I have problem of 'weaning' Iz from his night time milk milk, but, you know what, after taking all your advices, I manage successfully wean Iz off from his addiction!!!

How I did it? Simple......All these while, Iz drink soya milk powder + goat milk in his nanny house and back home, he drink his normal favourite milk. And, especially, when he is sick - cough, his whole day milk will be purely soya milk to reduce his phelgm as well as puke. It is really effective method for Iz or Jona.

And, funny thing is, even I don't know why Iz label soya milk as Dr milk and his Bebelac milk as NEW milk smart....maybe, because when he sick, automatic all his milk intake is switch to soya milk till his recover and initially, he is taking Progress Wyeth milk instead of Bebelac, and that's why he called Bebelac as NEW milk milk.

So, when he ask for his night milk milk, what I did is, mix soya milk powder for him. And, once he drink it, he will cry and said "I don't want Dr milk milk.......I want my NEW milk milk" and he just return it back to me without want to drink anymore (even tho it is a waste for several night, but worth it lor!!)

And, sometimes, he will ask me, "Momi, why you give me Dr milk milk and not my NEW milk milk. I want my NEW milk milk....I don't want DR milk milk, it is not nice".

"Momi, in morning time, you give me my NEW milk milk okie?"....and continue to sleep back when I agree. It has been almost 2 weeks that he didnt' wake up at night and ask for his milk milk anymore.......

Fhuiiiiyoo....finally, I though I can have good night sleep but, then,.....time to train him to be diaperless.....see my coming post about it :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Grandma is not around.......

It has been a week already that my mom went for a vacation in HK with my youngest sis. And, I guess, both my kids are used to it already that from time to time, grandma will be away either for vacation or helping my another sis looking after her baby as well as looking after the maid.

When mom is not around, I'm return back as 'pitiful' Cinderella (when she hasn't meet her prince charming). I have to wake up earlier around 6am, to prepare my kids stuff - daycare bag, milk bottle, towel, clothes, uniform, etc....and if the night before, I didn't washed their milk bottle then, I have to do it in early morning. Or put our laundry into washing machine or put into dryer, etc.....the tasks just can't finished at all.

Life without my mom or any helper is not fun at all, but, like my kids, I get used to it already. Of course, if I have a helper, it really ease my burden and I can relax myself a bit(as an extra bonus).

Last night, as I busy preparing some simple dishes for our dinner, this is what my kids are doing. It is so quiet (from the kitchen), and I thought what they are doing?? Ha,ha...watching television in good manner......and, give Momi a peace of mind to do my cooking.
And, the outcome: Simple fried veggies (cabbage + carrot), and steam fish (Iz and Dadi favourite).Can say, when kids grow up, it is really getting easier to babysit them compare to when they are young. Don't you agree with me?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Separation Anxiety - Nanny

Today is the 3rd day Iz went to daycare with Jona. And, today is the most happiest moment for his Dadi and Momi. Know why? Because Iz is no longer crying for his auntie(his babysitter) anymore, meaning he know that he need to go to daycare with his kor kor already.....too bad, Dadi didnt' capture the moment of Iz holding his kor kor hands and walk together into their kindy!!
Thinking back, it is indeed really a hard and sad moment for Iz to 'separate' from his auntie. From the way he talked and acted, etc, can see that he really appreciate the effort and care that his auntie has poured on him since he is 2 mths old baby.......can see how deep the auntie and uncle has 'love' him unconditionally.

Day 1: Wake up, already show his sour face. And, especially, when I changed him, he ask me this questions:

Iz: Momi, today I go where?
Momi: To daycare with Kor Kor
Iz: But, I want to go to my auntie house (with a sad tone).
Momi: mmmm...cannot
Iz: Why?
Momi: Because auntie not around. She went back hometown, seeing gong gong (lying to him).
Iz: Start crying and said: But, I want my auntie.....I want to see Eng eng and Xi Ying. Why Auntie don't want me ar? (another 2 lil girls that auntie is looking after)
Me, speechless and just able to hug him tight.

Day 2: I went to work and let Dadi turn to manage Iz. Wake up, Iz already started crying and keep saying "I want my auntie" "I want my auntie" repeating for several times.

Once arrived at kindy, Iz locked the car door, not wanting to go out, and Dadi has to comfort him. Then, when out, hug Dadi like Koala, so tight and won't let go......Reached inside the kindy, Uncle Yen take over, and Iz start crying so loud and keep shouting "I want my auntie" "I want my auntie" "I want to go with uncle for yum chai!!"

Yesterday, whole day, Dadi and myself feel so bad and helpless. We did discussed of might sending Iz back to his auntie house if his condition is not improving. We don't want him to feel so sad.

And, this morning, miracle happen. GOD might hear my prayer. Iz so happy and even manage to finish his milk without needing to use 'syringe'..... :)

Can really see that Iz 'love' his auntie so much, and no doubt the auntie also MISS Iz so much by keep calling to get her update on Iz!!
Not forgetting, Momi has more 'work' to do + pity my 2 boys has to bring 1 school bag + 1 daycare bag(each one) to go to school from next week onward. Sleeping bag need to bring on first day of the week and bring back home on last day of the week to be washed :O..........

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Digital Photo Frame

I have aim to buy Digital Photo Frame for some times already, and finally, I got it!!!

My bro got to know that I'm eyeing on this type of technology and since he got 1 as a wedding gift from his friend and not using it at all....he just give it to me.....ha,ha...thanks lor, bro!!!

Otherwise, I almost end up asking my friend to buy one for me from US, which cost me around US 80 exclude tax.

And, initially, I'm quite happy and excited to have this new technology in my house, but, later, realise that I need to plug it on power supply to see the photo. Meaning if I switch off the power, the photo will gone as well......

Anyhow, it is good, that I can put on my princes best and cute photo on it, and play it non stop when I feel of missing or wanted to see them....Ha,ha....might plan to get another one. One for Jona's photo from baby till today and another one for Iz from baby till today.......

Good idea hor?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still wake up prepaing milk for my toddler.....

I remember I did post this topic quite sometimes ago, that I'm happy that Iz has already stop asking for milk at night. Who know, immediately after I post this 'happy' post, within a week (immediately after I back from outstation), he is asking for night milk milk again.

All thanks to my darling Dadi.

Initially, Iz has stop drinking night milk milk when he is around 11 or 12 mths old. But, after a while, he fall sick and you know, when kid fall sick, they tend to lost some weight, and darling Dadi, pity on him, and at night (just purposely do it when I'm away - oversea business trip), he wake up and mix milk for Iz.

And, from that day onward, Iz just started asking for milk milk at night and there you go, Gone all my sweet dream!! To make it worst, he only will ask for night milk milk, when his mommy is around, and when I was away, he dare not ask or never wake up at night asking his daddy or grandma to make milk milk for him!!!
(When I complain to Dadi, he will always say, "When you out, he can sleep till morning without asking milk milk lor......or, he will say "I want to make nen nen for him, but, then, when he ask, I can't hear lor....too deep sleep **slap my forehead**)

So, you say ler.....he 'bully' his mommy or 'over sayang' his mommy??! Sometimes, in one night, he can force me to wake up at least twice: 1am and 5 ~ 6am. If I asked him like "Can you finished the milk or not?" And, when he finished the milk, he will say it half asleep, "Nah, you see, I can finished the milk one"....and immediately pop back to sleep soundly till 7 plus. And, poor Momi, can't sleep back if it is around 6 plus, cause I have to wake up and prepare myself to go to work liao.

If I don't mix milk for him when he request it, he will keep asking asking in gentle way till I give in......He will pat pat me softly and say "Mommy, I want nen nen"....and once he done with the milk, sometimes, he will immediately hug me to sleep like his bolster (something as token of appreciation to me)

You said, should I firm rejected his request to train him from having milk milk at night or I can still give in till he is a bit older? Do you have way to do it? I plan to train him to be diaperless soon.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Why I always got a lot of homeworks wan?"

That's the question that Jona always pop out from his mouth when I asked him to finish his homework before he is allowed to play or watch tv.

Previously, he love to do his homework and either myself or my mom or his teacher never has problem of couching him to do his homework. But, I guess as he grow older, he start to get lazy in doing his homework. Early this year, he will finished his homework after some talking but, esp when Iz start schooling from 1st June 2008 together with him, obviously can see Jona just got 'demotivate' in finishing his homework.

"Why I always got a lot of homeworks wan?" "Why Iz don't have homework wan?" "Why everday I need to do my homework wan?" And, more and more questions pop out while he so unwillingness to finish his homework. It seem he just feel so unhappy that he has to finish his homework while Iz happily playing around even though both attend same school.

At least, 4 - 6 homeworks daily!!!

Initially, I told him that Iz still young and just started schooling, so, no homework...and later, I informed him that soon, Iz also need to finish his homework when he is 4 yrs old.....and now, I have finish all my reasoning with Jona, as I don't know what answer to tell him anymore .

What came worst is: He will do his homework but with him holding his pencil high up in the sky to write...imagine the outcome (??!!)...

Suddenly, maybe, GOD listen to my prayer, I find the solution indirectly......I bought Jona new bicycle on his recent birthday, and since then, every evening I will bring him and Iz riding their bicycle to playground, and I told him, if he finished his homework before I came back home, then, immediately we can go playground riding his bicycle....and it works except the handwritting part!!

It is really not easy to couch kids to do their homework, and I bet I will face even more challenger when Jona enter primary 1, as I'm a 'bananawoman' and when Iz start to have homework from next year onward as he hate doing colouring except create 'disturbance'.......

Monday, August 04, 2008

Know the value of money

2 weeks ago, while I was busy doing some housechores, suddenly I heard this conversation between my 2 princes:-

Iz : Kor Kor, I want to eat ar
Jona: You want?
Iz nodded his head.
Jona: Ok, you give me hundred buck and I will give this to you
Iz: But, I don't have ler
Jona: Ask from anyone lar. No hundred buck, I don't give to you

And, Jona just ride his bicycle away. Iz run to me and ask

Iz: Mummy, you got money or not? Can give me money or not?
Momi: Why?
Iz: I want money.....and his eyes seem got tears
Momi: Ok, Ok, my purse and give him RM 1.

Iz: Kor, Kor, I got money, nah
Jona: Okie, nah, take it...

And, this little Iz grab the snack, and faster open it and eat (**fainted his mommy**). At another end, Jona just feel so happy, showing off the money that he got from Iz in exchange of his snack.....At the end, both feel proud and happy of themselves.

Even though Jona and Iz still don't really know the value of the money, but, I'm quite happy to see at least they know that if you want something, you need to pay for it and not just simply snatch or fight to have it.....still long way to learn for them.