Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blog Break....Travelling

Yeah, I will be away again....You all must be thinking that I'm travelling again huh? You are absolutely right. I'm travelling again, but, this time, this travelling is really fun and excited. Because today, I will be travelling to Taiwan again but, with my FAMILY.....for a family vacation for 7 days!!!

Finally, I travel but on vacation rather than business trip......so, I guess I won't be able to go to your blog for a temporary, but, I will try my best once I back home again.

Definitely will update you again about my vacation to Taiwan............
Now, still haven't finished pack my stuff, send Iz to nanny house, etc......this family vacation is excluded Iz, my cute lil darling baby. WHY? Due to his 'terrible 2' as well as he still 'baby' for us, it will be quite tough to bring him alone - after voting, it seem that none of my family member (mom and sis) want to bring him alone......I feel sad to leave him behind, but, I got no choice...."Don't worry, darling baby, Momi will compensate you by bringing you to Singapore in July"

Monday, May 26, 2008

Everyone happy.....

Both Jona & Iz, nowadays, just love to go (indoor or outdoor) playground if possible rather than go shopping with Momi....few weeks back, while I busy shopping around and my mom went to bookshop nearby in Jusco 1U(old wing), suddenly Jona saw Kidsport Playground with 'Monkey' Maskot......and he saw lot of kids playing inside(there is a birthday celebration going on) and he keep asking me to let him and Iz go inside and play.

I never fullfill his wish at that time, cause I have my arrangement mah, so, he asked Dadi and Dadi agree to bring him there again when there is a public holiday on Wesak Day......

Wow, playing unlimited, but the fee is really not cheap at all ler....paying RM 50 for 2 kids and of course lar, we won't be inside there whole day long as well......So, I agree with hubby, that, I took 1 hour off doing my own shopping while he babysit both of them, and then, once I finished, it is his turn to shop around.....One hour for me, where got enough....anyway, better than none lor.....

Think of it back, lot of money has gone for their indoor playground like this one, Galatics, etc.....But, then, when I get nice comments/compliments from 2 lovely darling, worth the money!!

After sweating and time to go home, this is what Jona & Iz told me,

Jona: "Momi, I have so much fun!!! Can I come again to this 'monkey' playground'? I wan, I wan...
Iz: "Momi, I wan come again, ok?"

Guess what my answer..........

Friday, May 23, 2008

Medication all around....

These past few weeks, it has been a hectic week for me. My whole family has been sick. It all started with Jona having red eyes -> flu -> cough. Then, after taking medicine, he finally recovered, but, of course, not before he passed the bacterial/virus to my mom and then, me and Dadi and Iz(poor lil boy boy - really become a skinny boy like Dadi liao).

I have been sick since last Monday, but, due to work commitment, meeting, etc, I force myself to work till Tues, which I can't take it anymore and go see my Dr.

"Huh?! Now, only you come and see me after sick for 1 week. What, you thought your body immune system is so strong that it can fight the virus for you huh?" After checking my throat, lung and blood pressure, she prescribe me with strong antibiotic, and other 6 medicines!! "YOU got serious inflammed throat!!" And, you need a good rest, and ask me to take 2 days MC...

Wow, 2 days MC ler...initially, I thought of off for 1 day, then, come to think of it, 2 days ler....I can have a good rest for my body and at the same times, enjoy 'ME' time which I have been ignore for so long.

And, the outcome: Fantastic!! I really fully enjoy the 2 days MC, with good sleep, watch drama series for whole day and do some cross stitch.....

Sometimes, it is really good to have MC once in a blue moon, ha,ha..of course, not serious illness lar.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Naughty Acts....

One night, Dadi came back bring his new pants and shirts where he bought from branded warehouse sales in a bag.....Before Dadi came back, we all are relaxing in the living room, where Jona watch his cartoon movie, me busy doing my cross stitch and Iz just playing around with his tut tut train.....on sunday night.

Seeing Dadi back with bag, Jona wake up and hug Dadi, as usual when he see Dadi...He love his Dadi so much....and then, take away the bag and start searching for something, and I don't know what he are looking for.

Suddenly, he take the pant out, and wear it and then, he just continue watching his cartoon tv by laying down on the floor...See...ha,ha....

And, for Iz, he just peel off the labelling and start sticking it everywhere: nose, forehead, arm, you name it.....

It is so warm and lovely, seeing this kind of naughty acts when we are all in relaxing mood......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish SPA

On Labour Day, hubby suddenly propose going to Pavillion for a walk since we never been there yet. And, suddenly, HealthFreakMommy - Fish Spa trigger my memory, so, I propose my hubby and mom to go and have a try.

When I asked Iz whether he would like to join us for the fish spa, immediately he said 'YES'. But, not Jona, he just insist 'no', and even force us not to go in, but, after some persuasion saying that he can join us, but, just sitting beside us, he agree finally.

And, hubby is also another culprit that I need to persuade as well, cause he just thinking the water is too dirty with so many people (who doesn't know whether their leg is ok or not), and might get some disease or whatsoever. But, when seeing my mom and myself going for it and it is not expensive, he willing to give it a try.

My legs

See, immediately I put down my leg, all the small and cute fishes came to nibble my legs. Initially it is so 'geli' but, after a while, really like no feeling at all. My mom and hubby keep complaining saying it is not fair at all, cause all the fishes nibble my legs and not theirs. And, not worth the money for them...ha,ha...I don't know why, but the fishes really just nibble my legs lor for 30 mins ler(so hardworking fishes).....he,he..

Hubby legs

Anyway, I just think the small fish even though a lot, but, really no 'power' ler, but, it is really a big different, when suddenly a big fish come and nibble on my leg - can feel it.


Hubby - definitely won't go for second times cause immediately after he pull out his legs, he washes it for so long and once reach home, he washes his leg again.....He just doesn't trust the water, :P

Me - I won't be going anymore, even I do enjoy it for a while. Unless they change all the fishes to big fish. If still small fishes, aiyah...no feeling, so, no enjoyment.

Mom - She also won't go anymore liao, cause she said just for experience.....

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sleeping KING

My mom came to visit us again, but, for short period only before she off to my sis house. Anyway, I grab the opportunity to go shopping again after being 'stuck' at home for several months. With my mom, it is easier to manage my 2 boys...heard Math calculation: 1+1 = my mom will help me manage Jona, while I manage Iz, how easy.

I tho I would have a smooth shopping trip. Who know, I end up having lunch, quick shopping for a while before head home. My 2 boys just won't 'co-operate' with me.

Jona usually is the easy going boy. He will sleep when it is his sleeping time, said he usually sleep around 2pm, even though we go shopping or travel by car back hometown, he will sleep no matter how, which make me so adore him.....

For Iz, since baby, no matter when I bring him out for shopping, attend wedding lunch or dinner etc, he just won't sleep till he is fasten onto his car seat. Like last weekend, Jona sleep so soundly inside his stroller, while for Iz, he just being so playful. So, how to shopping in peace lor?

And, when Jona wake up, it is time to go home....and the funny part is, as predict, immediately we enter our car, and fasten seat belt for Iz on his car seat, within 3 mins, he doze off. And, when I told my mom about it, suddenly he wake up and said "Momi, quiet...." and zzzzz again.

How to shopping like this?