Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cruel or not....

I hate 4 legs insects (to be exact invertebrate). I don’t know why but, it just makes me shivering. In my house, lizard or cockroach is the king ~ as I dare not kill them. Everytimes, cockroach crawling, my sons will scream and calling Dadi for help. Haha….

Till Dadi can’t take it anymore, so, he went and bought this.
At first he told me that he bought a food pellet that when cockroach or lizard eats it, they will die and when their friend eats their carcass it will spread. Who know, he didn’t bought what he told me.

And, when I wake up next morning, I saw this on the floor in kitchen as well as in bathroom. Eeeeeiiii….it give me a shock!!! This is Dadi, when he does something, he won’t give anyone a notice about it. Even Jona and Iz cannot accept what Dadi did ~ they denied going inside bathroom to brush their teeth.
And, imagine, since I hate invertebrate, of course I won’t go and even bother or touch them. This Dadi, once put the trap, he didn’t even bother to go and clear it, and he expected ME to do it!!!

My nerve just boil up ~ I hate invertebrate, no doubt, but, put this kind of trap to trap and kill them instantly I definitely won’t do it as I think it is really cruel. I want to call Pesticide Company to come but, Dadi say no need. Sometimes, I really don’t know what man thinking…..

And, it bring back the memory: I remember when I was alone over weekend during one of the semester break, one night, suddenly a frog jump into the rent house(I rent with my housemate but all gone back hometown except me). Imagine, I got scare off, and climb on my double deck bed, and didn’t come down whole night ~ crying and then fall asleep without I realize it. So pitiful hor…..That’s me and it seem now, Jona is inherited 'this' from me…..