Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Picture

I just love this picture so much, when I first saw it (like love at first sign) ~ it is taken by Aunty Carol using her camera phone when we are having our lunch at Sunway Pyramid, Teppanyaki Restaurant last year.

Don't they look so adorable and loving?

From this picture, I can really feel how deep Jona & Iz love for Eviana, their lil cousin. Everytimes, they see Evi, they will immediately go hug and kiss her till she scream for help. And, Jona even volunteer to watch Evi when he is playing or watching tv: just to make sure Evi don't fall from the mattress, etc....See how caring Jona is.

When I show this pic to my colleagues and friends, immediately they thought it is my newborn(latest family member). **Alamak** No lar....I told you all already, that I already 'close production', 'factory close' liao.......

On top of that, last weekend, Jona told me "Mommy, next time, when you give birth, please give birth to me only or only one baby". When I asked why? His reply is "So, you don't have to buy 2 same toys mah, also then, I don't have to fight with Iz for the toy anymore" say ar, how to have 3rd baby when my loving son give this comment liao....kah,kah....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Homecook Meal on Weekend only

I remember it clearly that when I was young, weekend is a OFF DAY for my mom. It mean no cooking and we all went out to have our dinner. And, of course, we, as kids can't wait for weekend as beside could enjoy nice fastfood, etc, we will go for quick shopping too!!

And, this family culture didn't change as well, even though I married already with 2 kids till recently. When my mom staying with me all these while, she will be doing the cooking during weekdays and on weekend, we will go out and eat and do my weekly marketing ~ which I could see Jona and Iz miss this outing the most when grandma is not around.

Since 2 weeks ago, I have started cooking a simple meal for my 2 lovely princes. Just because of them, I start wearing apron, keep squeeze my brain to think what to cook for my princes: a healthy and simple meal as well as what to buy when I go to wet market. Initially, I don't really enjoy cooking as I always worried that my food will be 'rejected' and end up in dustbin (see how demotivate I am). So to really start cooking, I really have to brainstorm myself and keep telling myself that it is alright, Jona and Iz will love the food that I cook.

Taadaaa......on Sat dinner, I boil chicken soup + white fungus + red dates + wild fox eyes (sorry, don't really know how to call it in English), and it turn out to be perfect!!! Both my kids love the meal and finish their whole bowl of rice ~ yummy yummy.

And, yesterday night, I fried some luncheon meat + eggs and cook some veggie soup too. Both of them, finished their meal again with Jona comment "Mommy, enough, my stomach is so full now"......."Next week, can you cook again ABC Chicken soup for me?" "I like it", Jona request.

Geeee, showing their satisfied face + happy stomach = It mean I really have to cook home meal for them on weekend liao.....I guess, only working mom like me, able to cook weekend homecook meal for my kids. It also mean that I have to find some simple recipes to learn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arrogant or Idiot Neighbour??!

This might be a very long and boring story for you all. So, if you do have time, please do read it while snippy your cup of favourite coffee/tea.

First of all, I really don’t wish to write this on my loving blog, but, this neighbour is really driving me nut with their little nonsense action daily. Let call them Leong Family.

It all started when they move it (a year plus), doing their big show off renovation. And, due to their selfish & arrogant attitude, one day, around 6 months back last year, they putting their flower pot in the middle of our cross line garden suddenly(In between of our little garden but outside the car porch, without apparent reason). To make story short, Leong started sent email to Dadi later to apologies and saying the main reason they put the flower pot is because he doesn’t want my hubby to park the car there!!! For me, it is really a nonsense and ridiculous. We are staying in a neighboring house. We never block their access and every neighbour is doing the same, as you know, when you are staying in terrace house, parking is an issue with all those house cramped and build close to each other(thanks to the developer). And, for this idiot Leong, what make me really angry is that his reason is because my hubby’s car is damaging his ‘alfafae’ grass and he is upset!! I mean, HALLO, since you plant your grass outside your car porch, anyone can park there and you should expect it as the land/property outside the car porch is belong to Maljis Perbandaran and not us.

And, he indeed did apologies about it and says in future, no matter what, he will talk to us directly instead of putting sign or whatsoever this idiot Leong will do.

The mess of the cement

Me and Dadi thought that from that day onward, everything should be peaceful again as usual before they MOVE into this neighborhood. Who know, they did it again!!! This time, on Monday, when Dadi reached home around 6pm, Dadi saw that our car porch floor is so dirty with cement scatter around and our fish tank is full of cement as well. Not only that, our plant is not spare of as well(And I really hate rennovate as Jona is allergic to cement and being hospitalise before). You know what they did??!!! They go and seal up the fence with a brick on our ‘sharing’ fence!! On their side, they did everything nicely already and left our side here with dirty floor, ugly wall, etc…..You tell me, who is not upset with all of these nonsense and stupid act by inconsiderate or retarded neighbour after you are tired with whole day work!!!
Ugly wall

Yesterday, when we try to talk nicely to Leong family, you know what the wife says?? She really drive me nut with the way she talk and act. I really feel like to slap her and tell her to F*CK off and move to isolated village where she can do whatever she wants.

Dadi: What happen yesterday? Why you all build the wall and make our side here so ugly and dirty?
Stupid woman (in angry tone): If you want to patch and seal your wall nicely….do it yourself and pay yourself lar
Dadi: We really don’t care what you want to do with the wall, but, now, you are cross on our side here and it is a sharing fence, ok? By the way, shouldn’t you notify us earlier too? As we can clear our stuff off, rather than now, you are dirtying our place.
Stupid woman: Why should I inform you of whatever renovation I did? Who are you? Why should I tell you?
Dadi: As a neighbour, we have the right that you inform us about sealing the wall and get our approval first before you start all these mess. As you are sealing the ‘sharing’ fence, and, also since your brick is crossing over our line, don’t we as the owner demand an explanation and a solution from you? By legal right, as long as you cross over people property, you should consult and talk and propose to us first if you want to seal the wall up. And, if we agree, we can share paying the cost. And, you shouldn’t do all these nonsense without consult us at all! By the way, your hubby did apologies before and says in future, anything, he will talk nicely to us first in his email.
Stupid woman: What email? What talk? I don’t even know anything about it at all!!
Their guava tree purposely plant exactly at the border line and the branches or leaf keep falling

Imagine this kind of neighbour. You tell me, whether I should piss off with them or not? Since they move into this neighbourhood, our family really has no peace of mind at all. Every tiny miny day, they would go and did some irritating action that really tests my patience.
Their own unused roof tiles, they put at my backdoor neigbour area and not on their own side

And, during their show off renovation, they even build their extension roof till my side here. Now, I’m just wondering, should I take any legal action on them? I try to talk to them, husband and wife about this issue, but, they always brush me off angrily. I really want to teach them some good manner lesson which I think their families never teach them before. When you are cross over people property, to prevent people from suing you, by right, they should be nice to me. And, not acting like this. What do you think?

Over my property!!!

My colleague told me, that I can go file complain at Majlis Perbandaran, and their officer will come and check and issue reminder to this neighbour and give them certain period of time to remove it……Is it a good lesson to this kind of neighbour?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Different kind of expression

During 4th day of CNY, we went back to my hubby hometown to celebrate our CNY with my hubby family. Immediately arrive grandpa house, both my sons so excited and happy when their grandpa told them, he want to bring them to see different kind of tortoises at temple nearby his house.
Also at the same time, it mean I'll be having some of 'ME' time alone, hooray!!! And, Dadi is not to sure of just letting grandpa, his aunt and niece to watch out his 2 Baobei's, so, end up he follow as well.

See, this lil Iz, didn't even scare of tortoise will bite his finger off instead he dare to touch and rub the tortoise back!! I bet that if I was there, I will definitely won't let Iz does it. With grandpa, they are just too daring to do whatever they want as their grandpa is too pampering them since both Jona and Iz is the 1st & 2nd grandchild for my hubby side.

When they are back home after 1 hour plus fun, only one word came out from Ku Po's mouth ~ 'TIRED'!!! Ha, only they know it is not easy to manage 2 active boy boy ler.....But, of course the word came out from my boy boy mouth is 'FUN'!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


This year I can really see some difference with my princes in term of receiving angpows....

"Mommy, Mommy, you must give people lot lot of angpows. Then, when Iz go people house, they will give me lot lot of angpows" said Iz with a cheeky smile when I ask him to dress up so we can go 'pa nian'.....

Not only that, when my family or relatives give angpows to them, they automatic will say Thank You, and immediately run to my room to put their angpows in their own bag(don't know where they get those DVD transparent plastic bag from), otherwise, they will pass the angpow to me but with comment "Mommy, you keep for me this angpow ok, and later back home, you pass it back to me, okie?"
You say, they grown up already or not?? Anyway, this year, Chinese New Year, it is really a tiring + enjoyable year for me.....ha,ha...maybe, I have to admit that I'm getting old already or because of my princes has grown up, so, we travel more rather than choose which family side we celebrate our CNY. This year, we celebrate our CNY in my hometown first before fly back to KL and then, proceed to my InLaw house the following day....

No matter how, I think celebrate CNY in my hometown is the best ever, ha,ha...can see lots of fireworks sparkling in the sky and strike midnight, lots of fire crackers being played even though it is not so noisy compare to previous year (only last for 15 mins)......Like my mom say "Got noisy firecrackers or not, it doesn't really bother you, as both your KL princes sleep never being bothered or being distrupted by the sound and still can sleep so peacefully".......It is true, till today, they still haven't really see real fire crackers being play during midnight except lion dance.....

And, the worst part, I even dare to forget to give my nephew and nieces their angpows!!!! Careless me (have already prepare it nicely), end up, still brought the angpows back with me to KL......HA,HA.....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good new or Bad new??

Today, my sis called me, and inform me that she really has decided to quit and become 100% SAHM. She seem to be serious about it this time but also can feel of her insecurity in saying it. Anyway, she has been thinking of quiting her job since few years back and now, if she really does type her resignation letter and submit it, I will say that she finally manage to let go of her working world (I know it never been easy to make such decision esp with current economic slowdown but, I guess due to her unconditional LOVE for her kids, she has to sacrifice)!!

To those who hear it, might think it is a waste since she hold a degree and held a good position in her current company and her job is really what everyone want - 'iron bowl'. But, to me, I really do envy that she able to become SAHM and further get fully support from her hubby to go ahead of becoming SAHM. And, I think it is a good new for my nephew & niece, of getting the best attention from their mommy. Honestly, I think it is really not easy to become SAHM and it is even more challenging than working in office, ha,ha.....I can't truly certified it as yet since I'm still full time WM, but, it is really tiring managing 2 'offices' ~ home and work. AAArrrghhhhh...

I'm wondering when will be my turn to fullfill my dream of becoming SAHM?? I dare not say I will be good housekeeper when I become SAHM but, at least, I can guarantee I will look after my princes nicely and make sure they grow up to be successful man, don't that is what every parent wish??

To my dearie sis(Aunty Flora), wish you all the best and Don't ever look back once you decide to go ahead of it :P