Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cute, Cute Little Angels

Even tho I'm old liao, but, I don't know why I still fancy a cute & small stuff......Last month, when I went to my youngest sis house in JB, I saw this cute board where she stick all her mini magnets on it - look so cute and nice!! And, without hesistant, she gave it to me (ha,ha..good, rather than she just simply throw this cute board on the floor next to her toilet door!!).

During my trip to Taiwan last week(Taiwan is always famous with their cute little thing beside Japan, of course), I manage to buy some mini mini magnets - small ladybirds (still got no chance to stick on the board yet, as my boys are still adores of it and can't depart from their ladybird insert).

Also, I even manage to buy 'Little Angels' Decoration which I aim for so long already. See, the wheelmill of 12 little angels. Don't they look adorable and wonderful? Everytimes, I look at them, my heart just feel so peaceful and happy ~ guess I know that ANGEL is watching at me and protecting me from whatsoever evil that will do me harm. Also, can't stop my itchy hands from buying another set of little angels sitting on the bench.

My aim now is, I will try to search for little angel that has magnet at the back, so, I could stick them on my little board or on fridge. Even plan to purchase all set of little angels with their house for my mom.....

"Wait little angels, I will come and bring you home"......too bad, I don't have a girl, otherwise, sure I can pass this down to her right?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travel: Taiwan

What a horrible experience on this trip. On my way to Taipei last Thu, imagine, you paying so high price for the MAS airline and you are sweating inside their plane before depart. Previously, in my hubby old car, when the car is not moving, the air compressor or air con is not working, so I will feel extremely hot and warm - sometimes feel dizzy.
And, in MAS flight, it is the first time, I experience the same scenario. The aeroplane compressor is spoilt and imagine, you are stuck inside big AirBus with so many people and still waiting for some passengers to be on board!!! And, the pilot just apologise for the condition saying.......and when the plane start moving, the air con will back to normal". The flight is flying to Taipei and then, Los Angeles!!

Geee, I just wondering, where does the money goes to? Shouldn't the airline service their plane frequently?

And, now, I might be stuck in Taipei due to their 'unexpected' typhoon.....Aiyooo, now, only I know, when I heard the new of Typhoon when I back home(from CNN channel), I don't really feel it and don't really know how serious the Typhoon can bring. But, now, since I stuck in Taipei and might not be able to go home tomorrow....I can feel the tense that Taipei people is facing now. The government has announced that tomorrow is declare public holiday due to Typhoon and it will get worst from tonight till tomorrow afternoon. They expected the typhoon to be strong typhoon.

So, I really don't know what to do. I do miss my boys and, I need to call airline tomorrow to confirm and if not cancel, then, my flight might be delayed or I will be transfer to another airline or transit at some other countries!!

Just pray for me that I will be able to go home safely!! The typhoon is horrible and it really blow the cloud so fast.........

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HaPPy BirTHday, Jonathan!!

Since Sunday morning, Iz has been busy with his birthday song:

"Happy Birthday to You"
"Happy Birthday to You"
"Happy Birthday to Jonathan"
"Happy Birthday to You"

......and he will pretend blowing the candles and clap his hands happily.....and the best part, now, he realise that it is his kor kor birthday and not him anymore....ease some of my worries, cause initially, he keep crying when I mention Kor kor birthday came first and him later.

This year, we did the celebration twice - once on last Sunday (together with my other family member), and another one, is only for him and his classmate and Jona just feel so excited and happy about it. Jona is always Jona - one gift and being his favourite one is more than enough. He won't take 2 even tho you ask him. So, when I bring him to Toy R' Us to choose his gift as I promise, guess what he take? A Dora story book!! That's all - so simple. And, grandma offer to buy extra gift for him, he just shook his head say "Enough".....

"My dear boy, you have grow up so fast and just behave so well and being more caring and loving toward your brother....of course, you are getting fluent in 'talking back' to anyone. But, I guess it is just a phase of your life in managing your own character."

Happy Birthday, My dear Son!!! Momi still remember it clearly when I was pushed into OT to deliver you and you came to this world exactly at 10.45am on Wednesday!! This date will be forever remembered by momi. Seeing you grow healthy & happy, it is the best ever gift I could have.....

So, to fullfill Jona another wish, I have order a cupcakes as well as cookies(for his party bag) for his classmates...and the best part, when he see these cupcakes/cookies, he just open his mouth wide and excited, with, no sound at all.....then, he just smile silently......of course, Iz is the one who 'steal' his kor kor cupcake and cookie first(fhuiiyoo...luckily I did order extra fews just to fullfill Iz appetite), and making lot of noise too.

Lastly, here I would like to wish
Aunty Chinnee "A Happy Sweet Birthday with her 2 newborns + QiQi "!!! Guess the best gift for you this birthday is 2 lil babies huh? Hope your wish come true.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Travel - Singapore again...

You all must be wondering, where on earth I have been 'hidding'......Yalor, I'm travelling again, and my schedule is really tight, minute you see me back, minute you see I'm on the sky again. That's what Jona said to me "What, again? Why you keep travelling one?" When I told him that I will be travelling again this Thu.

Just back from Singapore, and find out one thing. Singapore is really full of rules!!! Minute they said, you can do this, minute, they implement the rule and if you didn't bother it, you will be fine.

Previous month, I totally have no problem of waving to taxi to stop and fetch me to any destination that I want. But, this trip, I NEED to find a TAXI STAND to stop taxi, otherwise, the taxi just won't stop!! Imagine, even though I stay in hotel, and the hotel doesn't has taxi stand, meaning, I have to walk some distance to grab taxi....

And, also, immediately I enter the taxi, all of the taxi driver keep complain to me about the high living standard, everything so expensive nowadays, etc......it seem Singaporean is feeling the pinch as well...and even there is one taxi driver who told me that if he is rich, he will like to stay in China rather than Singapore.....ha,ha...do you believe about it? Guess by the time, he is really rich, I doubt he will choose China liao...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dare to kiss me.....?

Iz is definitely a chocolate lover, anything related to chocolate, he just can't accept the answer of 'NO' to have it.....of course, beside that, he does has a special 'nickname' in our home - little 'dustbin'.....as long as you munch or eat something, he will quickly go near you and ask for a bite.

Anyone seeing Iz, just can't said 'NO' to him. I don't know why, maybe, he is too cute......See, even my bro also fullfill all his wish. My bro even bought Gelato ice-cream for him when he ask for it!!!
So, on my cousin wedding dinner recently, Iz saw a nice chocolate fountain and ask for it. And, my bro even go and dip the strawberry and mashmallow into that chocolate for Iz. Before I could put a towel or napkin on Iz, it is too late. I will have a problem of getting rid of the choco on his shirt later.
The best part is, as what my bro comment: "He just so enjoying the food!!!!"

Ha,ha...so now, do you dare to kiss him? He,he.......

Friday, July 11, 2008

Earn extra pocket money?

All these while, I didn't really practise Envi friendly due to several reasons: can't find recycle centre(main issues), etc.....

End of last year, when I manage to find one which is just near my house, I got delighted and determine to be 'environmental friendly' to my earth as well as for my future generation sake. I even inform my hubby, mom, sis to join me and it seem to work extreme well!!

Not only I can do my part in saving this earth, I even can earn some 'extra' pocket money which of course is not a lot, but, this money I won't even earn it in the first place, if I throw all the recycle stuff into dustbin.....

Quite proud of myself for taking part in saving the world through my household :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another scar

This is the first time that Iz got 'injure' from nanny house, but, it is the second time that Iz got this serious scar. Last year, it happen that he fall from the table and got injure on his lower chin - and I did apply Vit E on him for several weeks.....still got scar but, luckily not that visible anymore, and hopefully, by the times, he grow up, it will fade away ~ that is Momi wish.

And, this time, he injuire himself just below the eye. Based on nanny explanation, it is Iz who wanted to open biscuit container (that make from PVC) and accidentally the cover hit his eyes - I really doubt her explanation, not that I don't believe her, but, when you see carefully, it seem the 'injure' is cause by long fingernail. Don't you think so?
When, I asking Iz, everytimes, he told me "Ta che did it"....or "Ta che make it".....

Maybe, it is really a time for me thinking of sending Iz to daycare with his kor kor next mth.....No doubt this nanny is extreme good in taking care of Iz - cause Iz never got this kind of injure since he is under nanny care except got it from home. But, since nanny start taking care of another baby girl (3 mths) few days ago, it seem she is really not capable of managing 3 kids at one go - I have to admit, that there is some 'careless' in handling Iz now......

Of course, if I'm in her situation, I could said, I just can't manage 3 kids - 3 yrs old, 2 yrs old and 3 mths old baby as good as she is!! That's why 2 is enough for me....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Like Dadi, Like Son

Dadi always has this habit - after eating lunch or dinner, he will munch munch on some junk food or tibits as you call it. When you ask him, "not full huh?"....His simple reply, "No lar, just eat for fun only".......

And, guess what? One of his son also inherited this habit.....I bet most of you will know who is it. This lil boy, after drinking 6oz of milk mix with 2 tablespoons of cereal, and within mins, he will said he want to eat 'tibits' or biscuit. Reason: "I'm so hungry lor"..."If I dont' eat, I will die liao"......so, you said, same like Dadi or not. I guess he still doesn't know how to say 'eat for fun only'. But, soon, he will.

This is how he hug his 'tibit' - so tight......