Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Since Jona enter the kindy, he just love to play and act like SuperMan - guess SuperMan is his hero and it must be he playing SuperMan a lot in school with his friends esp Ah far, I haven't bought(not intent at all) any SuperMan custom made clothes for him or the toys.
And, don't know where he get this idea from, he insist that I tie his towel at the back with the clip, so he could pretend flying and the towel just flip around....As usual, his 'follower' Iz also wanted to act as superman like kor kor.

For Iz, I just took his baby blanket, and put the 'cap' on his head, but, he is smart, he insist on wanted to have clip as well, exactly same like kor kor.....otherwise, he won't look like superman lor.

These 2 SuperMan is eating biscuits and not 'flying'...hehe...lazy superman. That's how the weekend is spend without going anywhere except 'lock' inside the house.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iz - 1st Hair Cut at Barber Shop

All this while, Iz hair is either cut/trim by me or grandma or nowadays Dadi (he,he..can't believe ler, me too but, it is a fact) since born. You know why, it is because of this special razor cum comb. So easy and conveience and SAFE to use without need to worry it might injure their head or face. I remember I bought it even before Jona was born....

Last weekend, I realise Iz hair is growing longer, which I dislike it at all. I love to see kid or boy or Dadi hair cut short, I mean not too short like army lar....But, since my mom is not around, and Dadi is outstation, I couldn't cut Iz hair in bathroom for 20 - 30 mins, cause Jona will be all alone in living room watching TV. With all the scary news nowadays, I really don't want to take any risk at all.

So, last & only option, I bring both boys to Barber shop again....ha,ha...again, yes...and it is cheap too! Initially, no matter how I convince or persuade Iz to sit on the chair, he just said 'No, No, No' and keep hiding behind the chair or struggling when I try to carry him. And, Jona too, trying to make fun of me, saying he also dont' want to cut hair when I propose Jona go ahead first.......inside the Barber shop ler...luckily, no customer, otherwise, I bet all the ah pek, Tambi will look at me with one kind look.

Finally, Jona agree to cut his hair while Iz look at it. During the cutting session, Jona being so nice Kor Kor, keep telling Iz - "Iz, see, no pain one"...."See Iz, after cut cut, very nice one"...."See Kor Kor, nice or not"....And, lil Iz just keep watching and nod nod his cute cute head... Once Jona finished, immediately Iz volunteer himself to be sit on high chair and cut!! What a surprise!! I just think influence by Kor Kor really make Momi life is really easy ler...

Iz being so co-operative, didn't move at all and let the Barber do whatever he need.

Who know, this Barber is really LOUSY!! I really regret letting him trim Jona & Iz hair. So awful esp the front part. I guess I will be a good barber compare to him ler...Imagine: Where got Barber use scissor and just cut the front part one straight line like 'Kayan' for both Jona & Iz. And, when I complain, he used trimmer to trim it and making it too short.

And, the outcome........

See my new hair style - got 'V' shape some more

Me like Bald in hair at all..

Everyone comment: It looks ugly and keep asking why front part, being cut so short without leaving much hair to show their 'handsome' face liao.....I really feel bad about it. For the price of RM 10 for 2 boys, that's the consequence lor...Guess I will still cut Iz hair in future, but, sometimes just think of conveience mah...

Tag: Blogging Tips

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general. Tag as many people as you want.
Look, read, and learn.*****
Be, EXCELLENT to each other.*****
Don’t let money change ya!*******
Always reply to your comments.******
Blog about what you know & love.*******
Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.*****
Blog about something educational****
Be yourself; others will follow ****
Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain****
Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organised! ***
Keep the blog simple and sweet!! ****
Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!*****
Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.**
Don’t clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT’S IRRITATING.
Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!**
Share something interesting and you will gain more readers.*
Show that we care to all bloggers, treat each other as friends.***
Pictures say a million words. Keep them coming!***
Blogging should be fun or you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.**
If u have nothing to write, dun force yourself , If u cant write, learn and be creative in other way*
Keep in touch, share experiences, respect each other
Share your tips, knowledges, experiences in your own word.

I just love to read other mommies blog..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sleeping pattern

He,he...when Jona & Iz grow up, I should 'threaten' them with this photo....but, it is so cute and funny....

Nowadays, Jona dislike sleep on matress(put on floor) with Iz. He prefer to 'separate' his Dadi and Momi. Meaning either Momi sleep with him on bed or Dadi sleep with him while Momi sleep with Iz on mattress. This make Dadi plan to purchase new single bed to be put side by side with our bed(if my mom confirm back to hometown forever).

So, last Sat, while Momi entertain Iz to sleep, Jona wanted to 'play' with my bracelet(almost every nite before he sleep. Otherwise it take him ages to fall asleep), so, I told him, if he want to hold my bracelet, he need to sleep beside me. Jona on right side and Iz on left side, while Momi in the middle.....

Once they went into zzzland, I went down to do some house chores as well as finished my job(office work - has been out of office almost whole month liao). By the time, I went to bed around 2pm, I found this.....
Both seem to be hugging each other in opposite direction. Jona face Iz toes and Iz face Jona toes..... Initially, both sleep separately far away(one on left and one on right side).

Isn't it look so cute, esp when they are sound asleep, they are just like Angels to me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another false 'HEART' attack!!

Sometimes, I just couldn't understand, why after 1 'blow', within a week, came another 'blow' to me...It is really not easy to handle it mentally and physically. Now, I really know being a mother is WONDERFUL but, at the same times really stress and pressure (even stressful compare to working!!). And, esp. if you have more than 2 kids!! After Jona, came Iz....maybe, both boys too love their mom ler.

Last Thu nite, I realise that Iz body is a bit warm when I hug him, but, the thermometer didn't show that he has fever at all. And, following day, early morning, he got mild fever, and later when I fetch him, nanny give me a SHOCK new! Iz got fever, mouth ulcer and both his legs got red spot...can imagine what is the outcome??

Iz confirm got HFMD - Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Where he got it? How? Why Iz? All Qs pop in my mind non stop like CD player. Imagine, Friday nite, all alone by myself with Jona and Iz. Hubby always travel during weekend.....I just couldn't believe it - after Jona being admitted and just back home for several days (as life just started to return back to normal) Iz being confirmed has HFMD, and he need to be 'quarantine' for a week!! How am I going to do it all alone by myself? Quarantine Iz from Jona? It is really impossible since both live, eat, sleep together under same roof. And, worst of all, I got 'migraine' attack during that nite itself and I need to take pain killer for several days so I'm able to take care of Iz and Jona without resting(Doctor complain that I'm over stressed).

So, start all the traditional & western medicines for Iz. Calling mom for SOS...since I never had experience handling HFMD before...anyway, it is good as well for this to happen to me, at least, I know how to handle it in future + know few traditional medicines, herbs name by now....

Traditional medicines: Boil green bean + orange peel + some chinese herbs. 'Force' Iz drink the water using syringe, since his mouth ulcers is quite serious and he just can't swollen it.

In the same times, for those babies who is not allergic to egg, can use this remedy. Too bad, Iz got egg allergic. Only use white egg. Apply it to whole body, and take a facial cotton, soak into white egg and paste it on the baby anus. It is claim to 'suck' all the toxin from the intestines..and all the red spot will gone very fast.

For Iz, I just boiled 'bitterground leave' + salt = for him to shower to reduce the heat and red spot....Of course, western medicine being given as well.

Who know, thanks GOD, miracle do happen, on Sat itself, Iz poo poo out!! And, immediately on that day itself, no more fever - meaning good sign. Just too bad, the mouth ulcer need time to heal - and it is really painful(I really feel bad for him, really wish I could replace him for the pain)....Iz just can't close his mouth or eat his favourite food -, he being so cranky, keep demanding this and that, and crying as well, complaining painful...For few days, he just couldn't eat, couldn't sleep well, keep open his mouth and 'let' the saliva contain virus spreading around (of course in the house - and pity mommy has to sweep and mop the floor while they are in zzzland)....imagine, 1 day only, I could just wash Iz shirt and towels, it is almost full load of my washing machine liao...
So, Emergency Leave again for me early this take care of my prince Iz.....

And, when today I sent Iz to nanny house, Iz resume back to his normal self again - playful, eating, drinking, playing, poo poo etc.....which of course is good new for me. Iz recover fast without much problem. But, bad news is: Iz nanny who taking care of another baby E also got infected and nanny son (12 yrs old) too!! Currently the baby is under quarantine at home....guess 3 of them must have so close relationship huh?? Sharing food?? You one bite, I one bite??

Till now, I'm still praying hard hoping Jona will be 'protected' from this virus.....And, yesterday, finally I know the culprit is started from whom, and by now, it is actually no longer important anymore to accuse or scold her. No one actually wanted this thing to happen...It is all under GOD plan. To make me a strong(mentally and physically) mommy to take care of GOD angels while they are still under my custody.

And, during this phase, in my mind, I'm just thinking of no wonder everyone said "Mother is the best in this world". This experience remind me of how wonderful and big sacrifice my mom did to me...I still remember clearly the Malay song about Mother during mother day...contribute by Fernleaf(sometimes back)...something like "Ibu, Ibu, Engkaulah Ratu Hatiku"......

Friday, September 14, 2007

Snap, Snap, Snap

You all must be guessing why nowadays there are more stories about Iz compare to Jona. Let me tell you.

Whenever I'm in the mood of snapping some cute photo for Jona, he will either just run away or he close his face using both hands or he just blocked the camera lense...So, end up, less or no photo or update about Jona in this blog....(he, he...not Momi bias ya :P)

This is how it goes...."Jona, said cheers"...."Look here, Jona".....

And, at the end, this is how the photo shown up....

All these photos are taken by Jona. First, he will snatch the camera from me, and start snapping photo around. It can be anything: Story book (page by page), me, Iz, Grandma, Fish, TV, cabinet, his toys, etc.......Overall, it can be anything.

Sometimes, the outcome is nice, but, sometimes, I just don't know what he snap. He even accidentally 'killed' my fish snapping the picture with FLASH, and the next day, the fish has suicide - by jumping out from the fish bowl out of sudden.

Luckily, the camera is old liao (3.0 Megapixel)...Time for Momi to hint Dadi to buy new camera for Momi liao...he,he

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bag & Me...

While I busy packing their stuff to go kai kai, and Dadi busy watching football on computer, out of sudden, Iz calling me, "Momi, Momi, come"....

When I saw him, he just cheeky smile at being so happy that he manage to sit inside the bag(which he think is fit to him) without needing anyone to assist him. Don't know what so nice about playing with the bag..

Immediately I snap his picture, but, before I could really snap some nice pose, Jona crying wanting to sit inside the bag too...while, Iz initially don't allowed...and, as usual, WAR started..

"BOY is BOY" or "If not naughty won't called boy liao" - that is the common phrases that I got from strangers or doctors (whenever I complain that my princes is soooo naughty). And, I guess I start get use to this WAR.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It is a hot hot day...

This photo is taken while I'm half way driving (ooppss..I know it is dangerous, but I just couldn't miss this opportunity to snap this cute pose by Iz).

Yesterday, on the way back home from fetching Iz from his nanny house, Iz will always complain that it is HOT (He mean shiny, cannot open his eyes) since it is only around 5 plus..

Iz: Mommy, HOT, HOT.
Momi: Ok, you wear this sunglass ok? Then, you won't feel shiny anymore.
Iz: Ok (while grab the sunglass and wear it himself).
Momi: Still feel HOT?
Iz: Nope, COLD (Momi laughing at his expression)

I always keep 3 sunglasses in my car: 1 for myself, 1 for Jona (Buzz), and 1 for Iz (Winnie the pooh), just in case if they complain HOT. But, I still remember in Michelle blog, the sunglasses need to be 100% UV protection, which I really don't know where to purchase it yet. So, both my sons sunglasses is from Disney brand and not too sure whether it has 100% UV protection or not, even though it did states UV protection (without %).

He just so adorable and cute ler in this picture - does he look like 'Mat Salleh' kid? :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tag: 5 Things....

I got this wonderful Tag from Sharon & Leoni..Gee, I must do it, as showing to them - thank you for the Tag....It is quite an easy Tag, asking me to list everything in 5 5 5...nice numbers hor.

INSTRUCTIONS:Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, as below :

Choose 5 people to tag:
Ooppss..I guess all the mommies I knew, has done this Tag. He,he..I'm always the last one to do Tag.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Still studying in Uni. Dating with ex-boyfriend, and hubby try to 'snatch' me away. Enjoying Uni life so much - receiving lots of attention, attending all those parties, movies and travel too.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Enjoying my life(as well as life pressure) - with 2 nattie kids and also under work stress too.

Five snacks you enjoy

  • Chocolate
  • Tibits
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Ice Cream

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to

  • Jesus Love Me
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Barney: I love you
  • Row Row Row Your Boat
  • London Bridge

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
  • Settle my loans
  • Investment
  • PR
  • Resigned - stay at home: Enjoying my life
  • Travel with family

Five bad habits

  • Nagging - kids and hubby
  • Lazy to do housework
  • Too strict to my kids
  • Love to spend money (shopping)
  • Impatient

Five favourite toys

  • My babies
  • Handphone
  • Notebook
  • DVD player
  • My Car
Five things you like doing
  • Watching drama series non stop
  • Sleeping without interruption
  • Shopping
  • Watch movies
  • Eating
Five things you would never wear again
  • Short mini skirt
  • Sexy swimming suit
  • Low cut pant/skirt
  • Long Dress (look short)
  • Cheap sandal (very painful)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Admitted to Hospital...Allergic

I have been OOO (out of office for a week), and last week, it is really a hectic week for me.

On Left, pinkish patches. On Right, it become reddish patches.

Really doesn't know what cause it, but, Jona has been hospitalised for unknown reason. Finally, report out, it is due to ALLERGIC!! What cause it, no one could give me the exact explanation.
And, based on momi 6 sense: It should start with this. On Monday, we hire a contractor to do a simple renovation on our car porch, and Jona might got allergic from the cement, dust...cause he started having itchy throughout his body on Tuesday morning.
But, when he took medicine prescribe by his usual paed,Dr.W, it seem the allergic get better (that's what we all think). Who know, on Tues nite, Jona didn't has good sleep, and lazy me, didn't really bother about it. And, on Wed morning, Jona got swollen eyes, but, later reduce when I send him to school. On Wed afternoon, Jona daycare teacher called, said Jona couldn't sleep, and keep complaining of pain on his testicle. When I fetch him back home, it is indeed true, one side of his testicle got swollen like 'Kampung' big, and it frighten me!

Call SYMC paed, he is off. Call Dadi, and it is already around 5pm, might as well, wait for his usual paed to reopen clinic at 6.30pm. Immediately rush Jona over, and she got SURPRISE and SHOCKED to see Jona condition esp the testicles. She said it is her first experience in seeing this condition. Immediately recommend Jona being admitted and FOC for her fee.

On Left, on first day being ward, he feel so tired(of course lor, whole nite, being disturbed by nurse - checking his temperature, pressure, took medicine in wee hour)

Arrived SJMC, the MO is really not helpful at all, and both SJMC and SYMC, room for paed is fully booked!! Only manage to get NICU ward which charge RM 400 per nite!! Pity Jona, whole nite, waiting for the paed to come to check on him, he has to suffer so much of waiting in the wheel chair. Throughout the nite till midnite, finally Jona manage to get nice bed to sleep - after throw up, being wheel to ultrascan, view by paed, poke needle to collect blood, put on drip, etc....

Initially, Dr.S suspect the swollen is due to 'twisted testicle' which he couldn't be sure unless ultrascan being performed. If his guessing is right, an emergency surgery need to be perform on that night itself. What a nightmare for me and Dadi!! We just pray hard that the outcome is fine.

Even thought, Jona being admitted and body full of wiring, he still so hardworking ler. Can't use right hand, he used Left hand to colour (He is right handed) while right hand hold the paper.

Result: Blood test confirm normal. Ultrascan confirm everything is normal as well. So, the conclusion: SYSTEMIC Allergic. Dr.S doesnt' want to comment further, just said, everything is alright and it is due to allergic. And, when we asked what cause it, he just said, "I couldn't confirm it" or "I'm not sure about it"....."but, what I'm most worried is not the allergic on his skin - red patches, rather the testicles. And, since the testicle is alright, then, nothing to be worried too much".

Not said, I pretend to be a doctor, but, I suspect it might be due to medicine allergic. Why? Simple. On Tues, after Jona took the medicine prescribe by Dr.W, he seem to be well, but, the funny part, it no longer itchy, but, the patches has changed colour from pinkish to red patches(it is very funny colour), and following morning, Jona got eyes swollen(not so swollen so, couldn't be sure it is medicine allergic) and later in the afternoon, got testicles swollen. Throughout, he still take the medicine, cause I assume it might be cement allergic and never thought of medicine allergic. And so funny, the allergic only started to show symptom after a full day medicine course - on wednesday....
From this experience, I could said, it is really tiring, heartache, confuse of seeing all these happen in our society, with paeds not sincere in telling us what is actually goes wrong. Also, the medical bill - for staying only 2 days in hospital, cost us RM 2,723.73!! All just because we have medical card for Jona. It is really not fair at all of simply charge us even though we have insurance coverage....(Can really see the hospital membabi buta charge us!).
All I need is just a simple and true explanation. I still like Dr.W and will still bring my sons for follow up routine check with her, etc (she really excellent and good in handling my sons), and for Dr.S, he really a good paed too, just maybe, he 'over-protective' of his colleague lor. For hospital, the nurse services is excellent too - Jona love to chat with them so much!!

For us, no more renovation on our house anymore, if it is just started by allergic to cement -> medicine allergic....

Anyway, as long as my Jona boy is well, healthy and active back, I only could Thanks GOD for his protection over Jona.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Recipe: Egg Agar Agar

I'm not born to be a good cook (I admit it), but, since arrival of Iz, and recently, I force myself to learn and try to be hardworking mom in kitchen....

Iz just love FOOD so much...he can munch whole day, and can eat anything or whatever you eat! No wonder, his paed said he is a bit over weight based on his normal height and weight :)....

One of Iz favourite is JELLY....He always will ask "Ah ma, I wan jelly, I wan jelly" immediately he step his feet at home (from nanny house) to my mom.

Egg Agar Agar

20 gm Agar Powder
2 egg (separate yolk with white egg)
200 gm Sugar
1 Coconut (box/fresh santan/santan powder)
1000 ml water
Natural Colouring - pandan leave/rootbeet

(A) 500 ml water (mix with coconut santan) + 100 gm sugar = cook till everything melt. Then, add 1 spoon (10gm) agar into it, cook again, then, add natural coloring if needed. Wait till cold.

(B) Egg white = beat using blender till it getting hard.

(A) + (B) = mix together. Pour into tray. Mixture (1)

(C) 100ml coconut/santan + yolk = mix well + coloring if needed.

(D) 400ml coconut/santan/water + sugar = heat till everything melt. Then, add 1 spoon (10gm) agar into it, cook again and wait till cold.

(C) + (D) = mix together. Mixture (2)

Use 'Y' shape to pour Mixture (2) into the tray contain mixture (1). And, mixture (1) will float up, and mixture (2) will be bottom layer.
(Suppose the outcome is 2 layers only, with yolk content on top, but, dont' know why, it become 3 layers..he,he..)
So, here you go....a simple & nice & delicious Jelly recipe. It is really special and different from the bakery shop. You may want to try to make it yourself and serve your kids this yummy and healthy Jelly...