Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lovely Friends

Do you have lovely friends that accompany you when you watch television or when you sleep or when you eat or play?

My Jona does!! He always being so gentle & soft & caring in his heart even though he is playful most of the time. Should say, has opposite character when he is settle down. Haha...

Usually he will bring these soft toys to sleep with him in his bed, cover them using same blanket he used, or eat with them. One night after he sleep, I manage to force myself not fall asleep with them and came down to do some house cleaning.

See what I found? Haha....these are Jona's lovely friend ~ sitting firmly on top of the sofa facing television. I think he forgot to bring them up with him that night.
Don't that look cute and adorable? How about you? Do you have lovely friends as well??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Acting as BIG brother.....

I don't know when Jona start to behave or acting like BIG Tai Kor......This scenario remind me that he now know how to control lil Iz or hide certain thing from my knowledge if he has too, maybe, now, he know that he is elder brother and has the right to do so.......

While I was cooking in the wet kitchen last weekend, suddenly Iz ran to me and file a complain:-

Iz: Momi, you see this...
Showing me the container that has been coloured on top of the cover.
Momi: mmm...yes, who did it?
Iz: It is kor kor, Jonathan.
I start calling Jona to come to the kitchen at once.
Momi: Jona, tell Momi, who colour this?
Jona didn't answer me, instead he look at Iz and say this
Jona: Why you go and complain to Momi huh?
In smaller tone,
Jona: You don't have to tell Momi about it. Who ask you to go and tell ar? It is a small matter. It is just colouring only and we can rub it away ourselves mah.
Iz: I don't know, it is you do it. So, I tell Momi.

And, so sponteously, Jona just hold Iz by shoulder and lead him out from kitchen without giving me the answer and continue watching tv TOGETHER like nothing happen.

????? How about you? If you are me, what your reaction will be?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother Day (Flashback of the celebration)

I have to admit that now, I start to enjoy mother day better compare to last year, even though this year, we don’t celebrate it at all ~ as my mom is away (in hometown), Dadi is travelling last weekend.

But, since Jona & Iz start to know the meaning of Mother Day (in their own way), it brings happier to me.

Jona make nice Mother Day card for me and he, himself feel proud of it. Even though he does give me the flower (on behalf of his kindy), maybe, he doesn’t contribute in making it, he seem not so keen when he present it to me. This son of mine is really a loving boy.

Last weekend, he even remind me and Iz that once we arrived at my sister house, we need to wish my sister “Happy Mother Day” because he say “Mommy, later when we go Aunty Flora’s house, we must also remember to wish Aunty Flora – ‘Happy Mother Day’. Because she is also a mother to Gaby”. I really speechless.

For Iz, he shows his love to me by presenting the flower in his special way. I think he is the kind of more like to present with action rather than wording compare to Jona. When I reach his kindy to fetch him back from nursery last Friday, he patiently waits for me behind the grill. From far, I can see him standing there with hands put at the back. At first, I didn’t though of anything. And, suddenly when teacher open the grill, he grin widely and ask me, “Mommy, do you know what is behind my back?” And, then, present me with this flower with the sweetest smile on his face. How thoughtful of him and wish me “Happy Mother Day”.

And, on Sunday, my pastor gives me these messages:

The meaning of the mother is universal:

M is for the million things she gives,
O means only that she is growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save her child,
H is for her heart of purest-gold,
E is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R means right, and right she will always be.

She spent sleepless nights when we were about to born.
She spent sleepless nights when we were very small.
She spent sleepless nights when we were going through our school exams.
She spent sleepless nights when we were used to come late during college days.
She spent sleepless nights when we went abroad for our 1st onsite assignments.
She spent sleepless nights when our marriage preparations were taking place.

And at the end…..what she gets in return.

Sleepless nights thinking of what she did wrong that her children left her alone at home to settle abroad?
She never complains, she never argues…..she only love and love and loves her children.
That’s the character of a Mother.

How touching……Here, I would like to wish all Mother a Happy Mother Day and hoping everyday, is a mother day to you!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Labor Day - Day of Fun

On 1st of May, finally we have our Family outing. Dadi doesn’t need to go to work or outstation. So, the boys wish suddenly comes true after being postponed for several times by Dadi.

Early in the morning, after taking light breakfast of milk and buns, we head to the park ~ Bukit Jalil Park: Jona & Iz favourite park, where they really sweating all out. Both of them have been to this park several times with Dadi(when Momi is travelling), so it is the first time for me to be there. And, also, since it is first time for me, I really let my kids guide and bring me to the place where they want to go and I’m really impressed with the surrounding and the facilities there . Even though, Dadi brought them several times, but Dadi always constrict their movement – can’t explore too far…..as Dadi being lazy.

Jona & Iz even dare to try 'stone' exercise......Old Monkey relax on the tree and 3 wild boars waiting for foods.

With Momi, I let them climb the staircase till the end, walk through the mini jungle, see wild animals ~ wild boars, monkeys and squirrels. Jona & Iz so happy seeing wild boar and keep asking why these animals in jungle. All the ways, they keep talking talking and talking.

3 'man' enjoying themselves ~ walking, haha.... Right: Scenario of water fountain....

At the end, we are exhausted after walking for 1 hour non stop, but, Iz still full of energy and insist of wanting to play at the playground before call it HOME. The playground is really cool ~ the stuff there is really for kid to explore and really need to use their body/stamina to ‘play’. End up; when time to have a nap, I really have no problem of forcing them. Within 5 seconds, they just snooze off…..HA,HA…

Once they wake up, they are ready for second round of fun: IKEA ~ smaland. Too bad, we only were given 1 hour to leave our kids there as it is full on that day. While Dadi sit outside watching them, Momi grab this opportunity to go shop at The Curve (Aiyah!! For me, the ONE hour time is too short, till I can’t go shop at ZARA warehouse sales, just next door).

Anyway, the boys really have lot of funs, and came out from the Smaland, they keep screaming and shouting “I’m sooooo HUNGRY!!!” “I want to eat jelly biscuit” after they saw I bought half dozen of the currypuff!!

It is really a fun day for 2 boys as well as for Dadi & Momi. It is nice to see their happy smile even in their sleep. Their appetite increase and their sleeping (either nap time or night time), is no more hassle for me!! Hehe….I think I should consider of bringing them out more frequent…….And, Dadi still need to fulfill Iz another wish ~ going to beach to play with crab.