Friday, March 28, 2008

How influencing.......

I just wonder how influencing your mom on you when you need to make decision on which brand to choose...For me, my mom play an important role in influencing me (indirectly).

When I was young, I saw my mom save some money just purely want to buy some nice quality container - Tupperware. At that moment, I just think it is nothing special about this brand, etc....but, over the years, my sis also buy Tupperware for daily use. And, even now, my house also got some Tupperware container from my mom.......Initally I just not willing to spend extra money on Tupperware brand, till recently, I have the urge to buy it, and within a day, I spend around RM 500+ on it.......exclude RM 200+ earlier for buying tumbler, etc for my kids. Now, only I appreciate Tupperware brand, if compare to normal container, etc....there is a different. Since my mom is not around, I will be the one who manage my household, so, only now, start to invest like my mom used too before......I only really realise it when I start to manage my household..........
Hubby comment: "This kind of thing can only 'cheated' siew lai lai to buy"

Another brand, that I plan to invest without doubt is wok and pan - for cooking. Have you heard of AMC brand? It is very expensive wor, but, funny, my mom got whole set of it at home. And, trust me, it is really so easy to use and it won't stick on the pan, etc.....with the 'metering' guide you. At the moment, I manage to 'steal' a saucepan and small pot from my mom.....Since I'm not ready or plan to cook yet( I mean 'invest' myself to learn to cook), so, this project will be delayed at the moment.....maybe, I think I will only plan to have it when I become SAHM.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bang, bong, bang, bong......

First it happen on Jona.....See his side face, near the bruise and quite serious too.....I really thanks GOD that he didn't injure his eyes cause it is very near to his it happen? Well, one day, while Dadi is taking shower, suddenly Jona want to pass urine and he happily run into the bathroom. He didn't realise that the floor is wet (cause Dadi always like to wet the whole bathroom when he take shower). So, **BANG**.....before he manage to pass urine, he slip and bang his head on the toilet bowl!!!

And, after few days later, it is Iz turn. After came back from attending neighbour kid birthday party and ready to go to sleep, suddenly Iz climb on a chair and play clock on the table. He didn't realise that slowly or without realising it, he push the chair backward. And, suddenly, he just grab the table like monkey or someone who try to grab something from top roof before lost balance and fall down. And, I really don't know how he manage to injure himself like this....and the blood just flush out non stop. We thought it is quite serious and need stitches...Luckily, this time, GOD did send Angel to protect Iz.

I really do hope that both of them esp Iz won't got permanent scar....Otherwise, no more 'leng chai' liao. It is really hard to keep an eyes on both boys.........maybe, should hire 2 maids to watch them 24 hours :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Travel: Taiwan

Iz: Momi, you come back ok?
Me: Why?
Iz: I so scared. You come back and sleep with me, ok?
Me: You got Dadi and Kor kor wor
Iz: No, I want Momi.....**with tears on his eyes

Yeah, I start travelling again after stop for a month.....Everytimes, I travel, I do miss my boys so much esp Iz, cause he will cry when talking to me and plead me to come back home fast. And, everytimes, I do wish my dream of becoming SAHM will be realise soon, which I doubt about it nowadays.....and it will always be my 'sweet' dream.

This time, I really worries so much about leaving Jona and Iz back home with Dadi. Past few days, suddenly Iz got mouth ulcers and till today, he still complaining mouth pain and can't drink or eat much or even sleep well(keep wake up half way).....And, yesterday, what got me worry sick is Jona. Suddenly, after came back from shopping, Jona got mild fever, and today, the fever still there, and need to take medication on time.

Sometimes, I do envy those kids whose mommy is SAHM. At least, when they need their mommy, she is around there with them. It is the best medicine for the kid to have mommy around. I know my kids most. When they are sick, with proper medication and proper care (like boiling crythaneum for Iz scenario, apply and massage Jona with Vicks whole body and wear sock, both of them will recover fast) and be active and naughty again next day.....

But, rely on hubby or nanny, it just being so hard. Like today, I remind Dadi to ask nanny to boil some herb for Iz, and it is not done and when Iz back home tonite, complaining mouth pain again thru phone to me. This morning, before I off to airport, I even see he asking for milk and finish all in one shot and not complaining of mouth pain.......

And, for Dadi, I just wish he could learn how to take care of his kids without me being around 24 hours (I mean on my internet connection, keep MSN or SMS me)....Everytimes, he seem too use to it. Before I left, he always ask me to write down, hour by hour, day by day, what need to be done on his kids, like bath/feeding schedule - when to drink water/milk, etc. Conclude, he just need me to teach him every second what to do.....I'm thinking, if I can be a super woman, how come he can't act as a capable daddy just for a day??

It just make me feel useless at all even though I know business trip meaning some ME time, but, if given me a choice, I would rather be at home act as 'maid' to my sons rather than being keep update about my sons situation and being helpless. It is really a 'torturing' moment for me. All I could said "That's life".

Monday, March 17, 2008

Miserable Milk Feeding

Not sure about you all, but, since I become mommy, I, myself 'hate' milk so much. Actually, I do love to drink milk and esp when I'm expecting: Imagine, in a day, I can consume milk 5x!! He,he.....But, guess, since I love to drink milk during pregnancy, it make both my sons 'hate' drinking milk so much(indirectly)......I still love to drink milk but not feeding the milk, for sure.

For Jona, since baby, I just have problem of feeding him milk. And, I feel bad when he doesn't want to drink milk at all throughout the night (which initially, I didn't know that it is normal). When he is 4 or 5 mths old, he can survive without milk for 8 or 9 hours during day time. Never cry for a milk. Thanks to my patient mom, that use spoon to feed him if he couldn't finish the milk from the bottle......

And, I thought I might get escape from Iz. Who know, another culprit who hate milk. With Iz, I'm too impatient of using spoon, so, what I do. I use 'syringe'!! Hey, it is even faster. I even purposely purchase 10ml syringe for this purpose(keep several as stock). People thought using syringe for injecting medicine, etc....but, definitely not for me.

Now, Iz so clever, when he couldn't finish his milk or when he cried asking for milk and I prepare for him, suddenly after one or two sip, he stop....automatic, he will told me "Momi, pump, pump" - meaning get the syringe and pump the milk into his mouth!!!

Iz just bully me.......He even dare tell me "I finished milk at auntie house, but, home, I don't finish milk"......And, his nanny confirm that Iz always finish the milk that she prepare for him without much problem....

Is my sons 'bully' his mommy??

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Full of tricks/ideas

I didn't realise that Jona now, is really full of ideas/tricks when he or Iz need to have something.

One night(on the bed), while I try to 'force' them to sleep, which they just don't want, and still want to play in dark. So, I just pretend to be asleep.

Iz: Mommy, I want Dadi....(keep repeating, initally, his voice is soft, and then, louder when I still ignore him)
Jona: Mommy, I want Dadi....(he also want Dadi to come up and sleep with him)..still ignoring them.

Suddenly, Jona said

Jona: Iz, why don't you pretend asking Momi for a water....then, when Momi give you, you said you don't want...and ask for Dadi.

Me, so surprise to hear Jona trick of 'waking' me up and help him call Dadi to sleep with him.....

So, lil Iz: Momi, I want water, I want water....and I give him water, immediately he said, I don't want. Momi, I want Dadi.....

He,he...finally their tricks work!! And, Momi give up by calling Dadi to sleep with them...

Yesterday night, while I busy washing the dish, Iz suddenly want to eat tibit. So, he asking whether can or usual, you know me "Anti-Tibit".....

Iz: Momi, can I eat this tibit?
Momi: Nope. Cannot
Iz: But, I wan....
Momi: Cannot, you haven't finish drink your milk. Tomorrow, eat ok?
Iz: I only eat one ar....
Momi: Nope.

Jona came in to rescue.

Jona: Iz, come, bring the tibit. We go find Dadi and ask him for permission, okie?
Iz blur blur agree and so happily hug the container and look for Dadi.

Jona: Dadi, can I eat the tibit?
Dadi: Momi said cannot, cause you haven't finish your milk milk.
Jona: Who said....I finished the empty milk bottle...

**Alamak** Dadi didn't know that actually Jona has finished his milk and only Iz hasn', they got to eat the tibit together.....
I guess I should be happy that Jona able to think of ideas/solutions to fix the situation......kid nowadays is really superb smart..not sure whether it is because of the milk??!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wonderful Moments......

Jona, nowadays, love to 'sayang' his didi, Iz. I don't know why, but, when he mis-behave, no one can stop him. He will act so naughty, just like 'gangster' or 'samseng'.....even cane or scold won't be effective anymore.

But, when he act like angel, it will be time when he will keep 'sayang' his didi, kiss him, give him whatever didi request to....

Is it weird? Anyway, I just love to capture this moment, cause it won't happen daily just like rainbow(only happen when there is a sun after rain)....

All these photos is taken upon request from Jona.....