Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dilemma of Working Mom.....

Yup, I'm in dilemma again....Of course it is related to my princes again. For my job, I don't have that kind of dilemma or stress and I don't know why, if it involves my kids, I will be more stress and pressure in making decision. Another few more months to go, Jona will be attending primary 1(morning session). And, I have to make a final decision.

His current kindy/daycare don't accept primary 1 student due to not enough caretakers and teachers to manage the kids. And, this force me to look for a daycare specialise in taking primary student. Today, I manage to find one which everyone telling me it is a good daycare/tuition centre. But, when I called to check some info, I found out that currently, they have 35 students in that centre. Further checking the principal told me that their maximum intake will be 40!! It seem the student:teacher ratio is quite high and I wonder how would they able to handle my Jona well.

Of course, another point that I dislike about this daycare cum tuition, is because their fee automatically include tuition fees!! I really don't want my Jona to attend tuition class everyday after school!! I want him to enjoy his childhood life - 'throw' away his school bag after school, take easy shower, watch tv for a while and take a short nap before waking up doing his homework....In the evening, go to playground to play and sweat out. That would be my wish for my Jona before he enter his teenager or primary 4 or 5.

I don't think primary one student should be burden with tuition daily. Plus I bet his chinese primary school has already got piles of homework to finish daily.....

Arrgghhh...only if I'm stay at home mom, then, I bet I don't have this to worry about.....I do think of hire an in-house nanny which cook for my kids, tidy up my house for 5 working days, but, then, where can I find this local nanny?? My friend is hiring one currently as her work only allowed her to go back home around 9pm and no daycare willing to take her kids, so she got no choice which sometimes is good too....

Mommies, what do you think? Should I hire one in-house nanny to help me out with my kids? Or, I should register my Jona at this daycare + tuition or I should seek other daycare which don't really emphasize on tuition instead it is a pure daycare to help me manage Jona?? **Cross finger** still convince Jona current daycare to accept Jona by just provide him with normal daycare facilities....no extra tuition except coaching his homework.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Song Writer....

I enrolled Jona into music class since he is 5 yrs old and now, he is in MusicMaker class. What surprise me nowadays is he knows how to write a song!!! And, even sing it out, of course using his ‘own’ tune and lyrics.


The Sheep is Eating Baa 3X
The sheep is sleping{sleeping} Baa 3X
I love sheep and you!!!
Love sheep. Let’s go to the garder{garden}. See 3X
We are going to see the sheep.
We love sheep. Baa 3X
And we love sheep
All the man, lady and kids to love sheep!! I am a sheep.

Second Song:

The bird is flying go{up} (3X)
The bird have{lay} a {an}egg. YA!! (3X)
Because if it have a {an}egg than we have more birds, YAHOO (3X)
We have a lot of birds in the bird nest and we love baby bird. Yahoo.
All the man, lady and kids to{too} love bird. I am a bird.

Does he has potential to become song writer? Haha….Anyway, he just loves to write and either I need to improve his grammar and spelling or I need to send him to English enrichment class….And, I should have ask him to play that lyrics on his keyboard.....