Thursday, October 30, 2008


Cheeky boy, cheeky boy ~ that's the nickname we called Iz nowadays instead of 'Dustbin collector'.
He just being so cheeky but yet, so caring esp toward his soft toy (**slap my forehead**). Sometimes, he even tell me and my mom, to be quiet as his DOG is sleeping, and must talk softly!!
But, I do remember that I read from some articles saying, if the boy love soft toys, meaning, he is not 'feminine' instead in future, he will be a family man or caring gentleman....True or not?? Ha,ha....
And, while I was so busy managing my mom and Jona last weekend (due to diarrhea + vomiting), don't know where he get my sunglasses and wear it without my knowledge....and, Ta Ta, sis took some of the photos and show to me, telling me "This is your cheeky boy ar!!" "See so handsome ler, so bergaya some more with milk bottle!!"

+++ He so good in talking.......

This morning, he talk to my mom:

Iz: Grandma, you don't make milk milk for me ok?
GM: Why?
Iz: You old already
GM: Old still can mix milk mah
Iz: Cannot, cannot, you don't know how to make 'NEW' nen nen for me. I want 'NEW' nen nen..I want Momi make NEW nen nen for me...

One night on the way to do some marketing for grocery(inside the car):

Jona: Grandma old already, can go heaven (all these while, we tell the kids that when we all get old one day, die, will go heaven)....
Iz: Grandma, Grandma, you go heaven. Remember to bring back to me a lot, lot of GOLF BALL, okie?

You say, should I send to 'Reader Digest' or 'Funniest TV Show'?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's why I want to have at least 2 kids!!

It is really quite a lonely world if a child is the only boy/girl to their parent. I have a colleague who is the only daughter to her parent, and she told me that she really feel so lonely as no one to talk too, as well as all her attitude/the way she dress/etc, is influence from her friend.

Geeee.....and, I can see that reflect on my 2 boy boy....he,he...whenever they are together, I bet my house is upside down, and all those screaming either coming from me of scolding them, or from themselves, while playing happily for 5 mins, and fighting for another 5 mins.......

And, especially, when I sent Jona to his enrichment classes, and while awaiting for Jona to finish it, it is only left me and Iz alone.....and trust me, Iz really behave so well, till I myself couldn't believe it!!! Iz can let me order Maggi goreng and eat peacefully all by myself without interupted me at all and while eating, I can even send my car for car washing.....
Imagine, he just play by himself, or eat his own snack......Same goes for Jona, when Iz is not around, he just behave so well, and it is really so easy for me to do my weekly marketing as well....

But, but, when 1 + 1 = 2 are together, I just dont' know why, it become so difficult to manage them. Iz become so cranky, and Jona become so naughty. It make me behave like crazy woman scolding or warning them, not to do this and that....Does this apply to your kids as well?

But, one thing that make me no regret of having my 2 princes is, no matter how, having them, really make my life so meaningful, happier and cheerful(I don't mind at all when my neighbours complain that my house is so noisy or whatever)......Otherwise, the house will be so empty and quiet hor?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How clean is your house water??

I have been thinking whether I should go ahead with my intention of purchasing 'Alkaline Water Filter System' for my family usage or just hold on to it. As you know, the water quality nowadays, is really not healthy at all.

All these while, I have install BacFree Water Filter System at my home(indoor) and outdoor is another brand, and nowadays, anyhow, don't think it is that safe anymore....ha, me 'kiasu' mom or whatever.....Recently, I did read some article telling me that our body is having too much of acidic due to our food intake, etc....and it need to be balance off, and the best environment if wanted to keep the illness/disease away is to have alkaline environment in our body - that's drink alkaline water on daily basic.

So, Dadi call a promoter to come to my house recently to demonstrate it to me or in another word, to convince me.

See the result:
This one is the water came directly from the tap. The yellowish mean that the water contain too high of chlorine.
This one is from the alkaline filter system. Can see the water so transparent, and the pH is set at 8.5 ~ 9.0.

So tempted to place the order immediately, but, at the moment, is confuse of whether to go for high end: Marvello which will cost me around RM 3.2K or just have the low end brand, Descano which cost me only RM 900..

Any comments which is better huh?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Admitted Hospital - Again??!!

I don't know why, but, it seem that my kids are so prone to be admitted to hospital, which of course, I bet non of parents love their kids being admitted, right?

And, this time, it is Iz, my lil darling turn. It all happens so quick and fast, and I really can't think well as well......

It all started on Sat evening, when Iz suddenly got fever, and every 4 hours, need to be given medication, till Sunday evening, around 5pm, suddenly, his temperature shoot up to 40 something, and the worst part, he got Febrile Fit!!!

And, I really panic as I didn't prepare for it and never know how to handle this kind of situation...after giving some suppository to Iz, immediately I bring Iz to go see child specialist(Dr.Ting - first time seeing him as Iz usual child specialist is not open on Sunday evening). Worst of all, this child specialist is really 'BLOOD SUCKING'.......

Imagine, I'm worried and panic of Iz situation, he didn't help to ease my worry instead 'threaten' me that if Iz is not admitted, if happen another round of high fever and fit, it might damage Iz brain even more. He didn't even checked on Iz, and immediately insert drip and ask me to wait outside his clinic room to wait for him to see other patients and after 1 hour, 'slap' me with RM 300 fee!!!

Sleep well after medication and drip...

For me, as long as Iz is ok and fine, I really have no problem of admitting him for further monitoring, but, not with that kind of attitude from child specialist - without proper check and some explanation!!! I'm just wonder, where goes his medical ettique of treating patient with care!

Some of Iz's favorite toys to entertain him - Thomas & Friends...

Even staying in hospital, doesn't bring me satisfaction as well. Admitted on Sunday night, and when he came to see me around 10pm (bear in mind the time), he show me all the blood tests - to confirm that Iz has no problem at deficit in blood glucose, no lack of calcium, etc....which might cause febrile fit and can't give me good excuse of why Iz got febrile fit(even myself know what is the reason).

And, on Monday morning, Iz is back to normal - happy and active and complaining that he want to go home and play with kor kor....when I ask Dr.Ting, he unhappily told me, he prefer to monitor Iz for 24 hour before give him OK sign to go home, and add some 'sarcastic' comment: "If he is fit to go home, I will definitely let him go home. I won't even force him to stay extra longer here at all" and left!!

Insert the needle for drip...

Imagine, how rude of him acting as child specialist..And, on Monday night, when he came visit, , he came around 10.30pm!!! And, Iz and myself already fall asleep. When he came in, he say "So fast asleep already?" Like no so happy tone of not waiting for him. I like, 'Huh, Hallo? What is the time already? Even my next door patient also fall asleep, imagine me taking care of cranking Iz.......

When I asked Dr.Ting again, whether Iz can go home the next day (Tuesday), guess what he reply, "I prefer to let Iz stay for another one more day to monitor him again".......And, when he see my unhappiness, immediately he add on "Tomorrow morning, we just see how" and left again.

On Tuesday morning, I packed all Iz stuff and waiting to be discharge, and when he came, he really not happy and saying "I really have no reason to hold him back if you really want to be discharge"........

See, how cheerful Iz really melt my heart to see he has to suffer this...

Luckily, now, Iz is well and ok, except the body is still weak......I tell myself that I really won't go back to this child specialist anymore no matter how......

Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodies from US!!

Grandma went to US recently for almost 3 weeks with my bro and sis-in-law. She bought a lot of pressie for us, like 'no need money to buy'....ha,ha...of course, I'm so happy, as well as my kids.

See, both boys immediately wear some of their t-shirts and pose the photo for their uncle to see....It is from Disneyland. There are a lot of other goodies, which I really have no time to take pictures of it, as my sons just grab it and say "This is Grandma buy for me one!!" and run away. And, now and then, when they watch Disneyland promotion in Astro, they will shouted "Mommy, I want to go Disneyland. Bring me there, ok?"
But, one thing, which I love most is this.....taddaaaaaa......

A COACH bag!!! Nice or not? It is really so cheap in US. She bought 5 pieces only, and now, she is a bit regret of not 'buying' more as she scared my bro will shake his head. The price range from US 50 - US 130.

She did buy some HardRock jacket for around US100, DKNY for US20, few Ralph Lauren Polo shirts for hubby around US 39.99. Cheap bor?

Previously, I really hate going US(due to long hour flight), even no matter how my boss persuade me. He,, at least, with my mom comments, and the way she buy goodies, I really tempted to go US myself one day.....ha,ha....."A boss, can let me go now ar?"

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'6 + 9' = LOVE

Have you hear of this simple calculation before? It is so simple & easy!! I learn this from lil Iz. He teach me this......

While we waiting for Jona to finish his music class, Iz found this 2 alphabets near the toy basket. First, he show me number 6 and ask me to read it, then, he show me number 9. And, suddenly, he told me " Momi, see, a heart shape" with a proud smile......

"Wow" is my expression as I didn't imagine Iz could be so creative or so loving......I guess he try to tell me - He LOVE me. How sweet of him.

Sometimes I just really underestimate my sons capabilities or creativeness..

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, little Isaac

Everyday, in my house, my 2 boys will be keep asking me, "Momi, today, who birthday first?" And, I have to tell them that by month, it should be 'Grandma on January, Daddy on April, Jonathan on July, Isaac on Oct and Mommy on Dec!!".......and it will end with screaming of happiness - yeah if one of their birthday is approaching!!!!

So, before Isaac birthday on 3rd Oct (last Friday), he has been counting the day when he will blow the candles and practise singing birthday song every day......He even told me that he is 'pretending' of holding the knife and stand in front of the fridge (since his cake is inside the fridge) - sing happy birthday song to himself (in English and Mandarin), then, blow and cut the cake (all in pretending)!!!

Anyway, not to dissapointing him, I have bought a 1 kg cake for him(since cupcakes is 'on holiday due to Hari Raya' as well as prepare some healthy snack for his party bag - which make him so proud and happy (as told by his teacher)......

So, end up, he has 2 celebrations, 2 birthday cakes: one with classmate & teachers and another one with our family.......

And, once his BIG day is over, both of them, just keep quiet and didn't ask me anymore, who birthday next?? materialistic lor..

Boy boy, you indeed grow up so fast,
That, even Momi or Dadi just couldn't let go of you (still treating you as our BABY),
You always being mature than your actual age,
So humble, caring, loving and cheeky.....

Dadi, Momi and Kor kor wishing you
Happy Birthday, Isaac Noel
And, hoping you are happy and cheerful in your BIG day
With lot of smiles and laughters......