Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I want to be 'Mei Mei'

Don't know what happen to Iz, my baobei recently.......

Since CNY is coming, I have gone and change my hairstyle ~ rebonding it and now and then, I start to use small clip to clip my hair to prevent it from dropping while I busy with my house tasks.
Who know, this little Iz, whenever he saw the small clip on my hair, immediately request to have it and say "I want to be your Mei Mei, can ar?" When I say cannot, he will show me a sour face and then, pitiful face......

He just doesn't even care when he get tease from Jona saying "Eeeee....Mei Mei....shame shame"

Mei Mei's shy and adorable poses:

So, you say, he got Mei Mei face or not? Naahhh, I think he still cute for being Momi boy boy or do you think he will 'bring' Mei Mei for me??

Monday, January 12, 2009

Let me serve you, Darling....

Dadi say, since boy boy are big enough, so, they don't need to use baby wipes to clean their feet anymore ~ it won't be clean. He did mention this to me several times, but, me as lazy Momi still prefer to use baby wipes ~ as both Jona & Iz, their immune system are not so strong, and they so easily catch cold or cough if suddenly being spray with water esp during night when they are ready to go to sleep.

Until I saw this pictures in my mobile phone one morning, only I knew Dadi really meant it to do the washing by himself.

"WAW", Dadi really love his 2 princes so much, till willing to take extra effort to wash their little feet to make sure it is clean and dry ~ even ready with the towel hang on to his shoulder. Ha,ha....I bet Dadi really don't mind to be his 2 Baobei servant at all.

Dadi, sometimes, you just pamper your 2 boy boy too much but guess that's Jona & Iz's Dadi anyway.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Flower Basket with Wine??

This morning, I received a surprise delivery from someone: Flower basket with wine (as it stated)...Guess who is the sender??? Ha,ha...everyone passing by my table sure will take a look and ask this question. Everyone thought it is from my dearie hubby, as anniversary surprise or gift.

Too bad, the answer is 'no'.

This wonderful gift is from my HQ to thanks and congrate me of being a proud winner of the 'Defeat the economy' contest ~ where my team score the highest sales this year!!! Thanks for the gift my dear colleague.

And, now, I left with dilemma, as I don't drink champagne (white or red wine or beer), and hubby is not allowed to drink it too due to health reason. So, I guess, I should 'donate' this champagne to my dear colleagues to enjoy it. As it say "Share your happiness with everyone"!! Plus, my boss is leaving soon ~ good reason to open this champagne to drink during farewell dinner......

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New HairStyle

Well, I don't really fancy or like this kind of hairstyle. Called me old fashion or old aunty but, I prefer boy boy hair to be 'smart' and 'nice', not too short/almost bald like army style(that's way too short).
So, during Jona & Iz kindy concert last year, their principal instructed all boy must have their hairstyle set like 'punk'. He put lots of gel on Jona and esp Iz hair just to make them straight up.....Ha,ha..it is really funny to see the way how he did it. But, too bad, it doesn't last too long......Maybe, Iz hair is too soft, so, it still drop back.

And, imagine he used up whole bottle of his gel!! Do you like this new hairstyle?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pop Up Card

Jona love doing Art & Craft and everytimes, when postman arrived, he will rush out and collected the letters from postman. He will be extremely happy if there are those newsletter from MeadJohnson or McD, etc...where few pages taught you how to do certain crafts.

So, here you go: Pop Up Card especially design and made by Jona.

First, he get a recycle paper, do some colouring(as he want to make ocean for the fish to swim) and since he manage to find some whale, fishes etc from recycle book as well....
And, the 'Happy Birthday' wording is written by him as well.....Taadaaa....nice or not? Do try it out with your kids....

Monday, January 05, 2009

Visit National Memorial Park

When Dadi is off and not working, usually we will always end up either shopping around or visit some place. Don't know why, Dadi just can't stay at home and relaxing himself around. I bet he hate doing some gardening or carpenting.......

So, during New Year holiday, we end up visiting Tugu Negara!!! Both Jona & Iz just love it, keep running around, look here and there. And, esp. Iz, he just love to see the water fountain(got timer - suddenly water will shoot up & down) and keep jumping from one side to another side. Too bad, by the time we reached Tugu, it is already 11 o'clock ~ imaging the sun rise high up!!! Even when all of us, snap some photos, can see both my boy boy eyes cannot open wide, ha,ha.....But, the pond beside the Tugu, indeed is so cooling with lot of fishes and tortoises swim around happily.

Cooling place near pond

See, how excellent Dadi snap photo for Iz....
I'm a BAD photographer....

Thinking it back, it has been ages that I never visit Tugu except when I was young, around 4 years old (same age as Iz now). And, nothing has really change about it, which is nice and clean. So, I bet Jona & Iz won't be visiting Tugu anymore unless it is organise by their school, etc...If you ask me to bring them again, mmmm....I don't think so, HA,HA....

The opposite: Jona want take photo & Iz hate take photo.
We just spend around one hour there and then, off we go ~ shopping in Pavillion!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Cameron Trip - Pt 2

Jona is always a cheerful boy, but, too timid!!! I guess it is mainly inherited from me. Like yesterday night, while I was having my dinner, suddenly he cried and run to me from the bathroom saying "Got worm, worm"........and then, I realise that he is washing a seashell which inside got a small worm crawling out!!

While we are enjoying ourselves in Cameron, Jona just too scare to even take photo together with 'dead' butterfly or any animals!! I bet he just love the strawberry farm trip as he get the privileges to go and pluck the strawberry with grandma PLUS the strawberry is not a 'moving' stuff.....

The best part is, he really love to take pictures and always give me a sponteous smile or nice pose. Didn't his pose better than his Momi??