Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Primary 1.....??

I'm so happy when I received a letter from Education Ministry informing that Jona application to go to the primary school that we have decided being approved. Even Jona himself is happy too, as till today, he got 5 classmates that will be going to same school as him(from same kindy), but not too sure whether will be in same class except one.

Wow, finally I can go through the same experience as some mommies have posted on their blog previously ~ hopefully it will be a wonderful and exciting experience for me and Jona. So many thing to prepare ~ taking passport size photo, fill in the form and need to be submit before 2nd Oct(hopefully, I won't forget about this), buying books at certain date, and orientation on certain date too........a bit headache liao....PLUS, haven't even got time to check on daycare centre for Jona yet....

When I and Dadi decide to enroll Jona for this primary school(chinese medium), I have always think and wonder whether I would make a wise decision, and till today, I still don't know. All my wish is, Jona able to absorb and learn in the school he likes. And, when he show a good improvement in talking mandarin to grandma and even get a good result in his enrichment chinese class, I thought I have make a correct decision....But, then, deep in my heart, I'm still worried as his report card showing his Mandarin performance as 'GOOD' compare to English, Math and BM as 'EXCELLENT'.

I pray to GOD that Jona will be happy in his new school from next year onward.....It is really hard to make decision for kids....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you ready yet......??

I try to train Iz to be diaperless again after first attempt seem failed(a year ago). 1st time failed because Iz told me that he is not ready yet and he only will be diaperless when he is 5 years old(still manage to negiotiate with me)!!!

But with my persistent and think that he is ready for it, as well as because almost every night he wet himself(even though he is using diaper) till his pyjamas dry again(being blowed dry by air con + fan), we give it a try again for the past 2 weeks.

And, I even told him that if he successfully being diaperless, I will buy him present as praise him and he seem to be not so willingness to be diaperless yet but got no choice since I half forcing him(bad Momi). First few days, he manage to be dry whole night(by waking up 2x) and I'm so happy about it. Being impatient, I even go and buy LEGO online(the price is really afforable and if you manage it well, you even can get free transportation cost) at (I'm not the owner to this website but for those kids to love LEGO so much) .
A sudden GIFT for Jona & Iz!!!
Who know, my project seem to be fail again. After that, Iz brain seem to be NOT co-operative with his body(urinary system), as almost every night, he pee pee again on bed, and make himself wet. And, if I didn't realise it, the next morning, he seem to be dry whole night, but, can smell ammonia on his pyjamas OR if I awake at midnight or early morning, can see that his pyjamas is drying slowly.

Because of my impatient to train him being diaperless, within 9 days, Iz fall sick twice ~ flu, cough and fever!!! I really feel bad and maybe, he is really not ready yet to be diaperless......To comfort myself: I still have 2 packs of diaper to be use (which would last Iz for another 2 months plus) and also, he is only 3 years 10 months + little boy.

Rather Iz be a HAPPY boy than a SICK boy....

Second attempt seem failure again!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Work Smart, Play Hard.....

I don’t know what happen. I have been pretty busy since June this year. So many things need to be manage and taken care of. I just think that 24 hours is really not enough for me to manage all these, and due to this circumstance, I have lost weight extremely.

Everyone seem me include my customer, has been asking me, why I lose weight again. Yup, and my blog diary also received some impact as well ~ as you see, I no longer able to write frequently anymore (even though previously, I also didn’t’ update frequently, but, at least, there is some update about my princes).

My job task has getting tough month by month especially from 1st July onward. I will be in charge of AP region exclude Japan market. Previously, I don’t have to cover China or HK (as we have an office there), but, now, yes. I even have to manage my colleague there to make sure everything run smoothly.

Haha…if only my remuneration package is BIG and attractive as well, then, I won’t be grumpy and complain anymore….

Of course there is Pros & Cons for everything. With this job task, I will be able to provide better living for my princes and my future, but, then, I will miss my princes even more with my ‘heavy’ travelling. Maybe, my Iz is big boy already, as he no longer cry or miss me so much when I travelling which of course am good to me (as I can concentrate more on my assignments).

I hope I could find some solution soon, or would this be my early middle life crisis? Haha