Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hypermarket - Playground

You know, I started to fall in love with GIANT....Yeap, Giant, hypermarket.....why? Because they really have NICE, BIG & CLEAN playground for kids to play.

I have been to Giant, Bandara Kinara, which the playground is really huge and Hi-Tech, and Jona as well as Iz, just don't want to leave the playground once we arrived. They really have lot of fun. It is good, cause while Dadi busy entertain them at the playground, Momi can have more time to do some marketing at my own leisure time.

Good marketing right? And, they do have small playground in Giant, Bandar Puteri too. Really small, that only have 1 sliding, and few moveable toy machine(I don't know how you called it, which need to insert 50 x 2 cents coin). For this, the special part is, it doesn't need to insert coin. By just pressing certain green button, it will move and when stop, just press, it will be continous....which in another word, mean, if there is a kid who want to sit on it for long time, then, you just have to wait patiently for your turn :).

I guess, all hypermarket or supermarket need to have these kind of playground, so, Dadi or Momi won't be dragging them along to do marketing.....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All because of Chewing Gum

One thing that I love my hubby is, he has good manner. First day I know him, he already got this attitude of never throw rubbish out from car. He will just throw all the rubbish inside a plastic bag inside the car, and throw it when he stop the car or see a dustbin.
Last weekend, after fetching Jona from his class, while on the way driving back home peaceful - with Jona and Iz playing together happily, didn't I realise anything till Iz start crying and keep pulling his head. I tho it is Jona who 'whack' Iz head so hard, and I try to comfort Iz by just simply rub his forehead.

Who know, Iz still crying non stop, and point to the location. When I touch using my hand, suddenly my heart just sank. I tho he got 'big' lump on his head, and when I stop the car and look carefully,......**Oh my GOD**...You know what? There is a chewing gum stuck on Iz hair.....

Suddenly I just got angry with Jona, and he told me innocently, that he got the chewing gum from his, without knowing that it is a chewing gum, and being playful, he just pull it and stick to Iz hair.

Jona insist I 'clean' his sandal.....

Who is the irresponsible person - of throwing the chewing gum in public? Don't these people know a simple manner? If I even know who did it, I definitely will give him a good lecture!!!

With Iz still crying and Jona feel bad, I just become so clueless of what to do with it. Hubby suggest to trim Iz hair...and it is definitely a no no for me. His hair is so soft and nice. I won't do it. And, suddenly, baby oil pop into my mind, and without thinking much further, I apply a lot of baby oil on Iz hair, and keep rub the chewing gum.

So 'charm' one.....till nose also turn red

Thanks, GOD!! It came off, of course, with lot of cyring, comfort, etc.....pity my Iz, become victim of irresponsible person.

In this case, I really dont' know whom should I angry with? Jona? Definitely it is not his fault.....

Friday, February 22, 2008

3D Puzzle

Jona love to do art & craft, or drawing. I guess he is more of the type that dislike going shopping or sport activities. He prefer to watch tv, play computer games, drawing etc....more 'lazy boy' I could said. Whereas for Iz, he just love shopping or 'kai kai' or 'tapau' or outdoor activities and he dislike watching tv!!!

Last year, toward Christmas Day, and I remember well, I was in last minute shopping for Christmas gift for my family, Jona keep misbehave, and I just can't concentrate on choosing a pressie for my nephew.

So, I just simply buy one 3D puzzle for him, at least, it will take up his leisure time and I could shop my stuff for a while.

Who know, without any instruction/guidance from me, he able to stick the 3D icon all by himself one by one on the exact location or choosing which size of sticker to be use, and the outcome is exactly as what the final picture shown.

And, now, I just wondering where I could get more of this stuff for Jona to do it in bigger size. But, I know, if I buy a new set for him, definitely he won't do as nicely as the first time he see it. Maybe, he get bored of it liao.....

Monday, February 18, 2008


Everytimes, when I bring my boys for shopping using strollers, I always get this remark from strangers or shop assistants: "Twin huh?" or, "Are both twin?" or "How old are them?" When I comment, both of them is 2 yrs plus gap, they will just replies "Oo, like that huh?" "But, both look really like a twin ler".....Pointing to Iz, "He doesn't even look like 2 yrs plus boy"....Me like?? Does that mean my lil Iz look so mature or Jona didn't put on weight??
When I'm not so happy with some of their comments, Dadi told me, not to push both strollers together, so, then, they won't said my boys is like twin. Like this also can ar???!!

Do you think both like twin when I put them in a separate strollers? Luckily it is not a twin stroller, otherwise, definitely for sure, it looks like twin. This is what I do when I need to bring them together for shopping. "Lock" in the stroller.....ha,ha..less mobile, easy to manage.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Lovely Dovey' Day

"Happy Valentine Day, Momi!!" is a word came from Jona mouth once he saw me coming to pick him up from daycare. When he mention it, he really feel so happy and proud of himself.

"Momi, I passed this card to you, then, you give to Dadi and said, Happy Valentine to Dadi, ok?" Jona suddenly mention it when we reach our car porch. "Wowww" seem like Jona know the meaning of Valentine, does he? I just wonder what the teacher in school teach him about Valentine or explain to him about it.

And, yesterday whole nite, Jona has been keep holding the Valentine card that he make in school till this morning. Before sleep, he said "Momi, I love this card so much, that's why I bring it together with me to sleep" lovely.

Anyway, today, we won't be celebrating our Valentine (but Dadi has apply a day off next week Wed to celebrate it with me - hooray!!) due to I'm too busy preparing my presentation for coming strategy well as since we got Jona, we don't celebrate it in big scale, thinking of the past when I received lots of gift and surprise flower from Dadi as well as secret admirers..... he.he....

"Happy Couple Day to all Daddies & Mommies & Kids"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bug, Bug go away......

Till today, I still feel so tired and exhausted. Yeah, not because of CNY preparation or go to visit my hubby relatives or friends or go to any places as what we had planned (Taiping Zoo or Hot Spring). This year, we just didn't went anywhere, except 'lock' ourselves at my FIL house in Ipoh.

Why? Both my princes has fall sick even before started with Jona having a sudden cough, follow by flu and high fever one week before CNY. When Jona not feeling well, he totally just no mood to play or eat. Whole day, he will just laid on sofa, cough and had high fever.
While Iz 'took' advantage of this situation, and became 'KING' of the house. He can play whatever toys he want without anyone disturb or bully him.....he,he...and momi so busy handling kor kor, till didn't realise that Iz diaper has turn into 'buggy' bag........and see the cute 'apple' shape(buttock). He just being so happy playing alone all by himself. Of course, he will be disturbing me or Kor kor to play with him.

After Jona sick for a day, and taking medicine for fever as well as puff for cough, PLUS Momi boiled crysathemun tea for him, immediately he get better the next day. And, I tho I could do a last minute shopping before back to Ipoh. Who know, it is Iz turn!!

So, Iz also had same symptoms like Jona - high fever, flu and serious cough. So, when Iz not feeling well, Jona being so playful again. Just like 'playing' with me to see how strong am I.

And, after one day, Iz show signal of going to be recover soon, and who know, Jona condition started to become bad when he attend school on Monday. The following day, he get MC, and situation became worst as his paed predicted. And, both need to be on antibiotic, which paed give to Iz as well as precautious in case, he might need it.

This 'BACTERIA' just infected both of them non stop. One day is Jona, the another day will be Iz. This 'drama' continue till second day of CNY.......

Just imagine, how tired am I, being sleepless for some many nights. And, frankly speaking, this is the 1st CNY that I didn't celebrate it as usual instead of taking care of my boys (100%) at home!!.....But, thanks GOD, on the day when we plan to come back to KL, both recovered and now, back to normal life like 'leaving' the bug at Ipoh home.......what a nice start for 'RAT' year, I tho. And, I do wish this RAT year, it will bring more good health to my boys rather than MC........

Friday, February 01, 2008

'Gong Xi Gong Xi'

Yesterday night, Jona so happily sing a famous Chinese New Year song (he told me, is Uncle Yen, his school principal taught them how to sing - I guess because Chinese New Year is just around the corner). Frankly speaking, he sing quite well just the pronounciation is a bit 'run' but, overall he can finish the whole song.
.....the lyrics like....
"Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ya"
"Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni"......

And, I told Dadi that on the way back to his hometown next week, we dont' have to switch on the tape/radio anymore, Jona can sing the CNY song and we will have the mood :P

So, here sincerely I would like to wish everyone 'Gong Xi Fa Cai', and may this year - Golden Mouse, bring lots of happiness, wealth, joy to you & your family.....

I try to ask Iz to join Jona to wish everyone, Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year, but, he just don't want...and he run away!!