Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jona BIG Day....

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!

How time flies so quickly without I realizing it. Thinking it back, 6 years ago, while I was worrying about Jona safety inside my womb (daily) and can’t wait for the gynae to take him out to show me, today he is so smart and healthy boy. I still remember one week earlier, 17th July 2009, my gynae told me that it is time to take Jona out from my womb (due to certain reason) and we decide to fix it on 23rd July 2009(I try to delay it as long as I can, but thanks GOD, we make a correct decision).

When the gynae show me Jona face for the first time in the OT, my tears just flow so freely till Dadi get panic and asking what’s wrong….haha….I, myself don’t know why I cried, guess it is a happy cry.

Animal cookies for Jona party bag....

A cupcakes, contribute by Aunty Flora!!!
Jona's party bag for his classmate: animal cookie & DIY Sun catcher

Today, Jona is a happy 6 years old boy ~ smart, loving, caring and handsome too. He really is a big boy now. Months before his birthday, he keep remind me to buy some party goodies for his friends in kindy, and yesterday night, he help me do the simple packing ~ he just can’t wait for his party celebration today in kindy.
Guess what pressie Dadi bought for Jona??

Funny discussion between Jona and Grandpa:-

Grandpa: Jona, come I bring you go buy present. You choose and I pay money.
Jona: No no….present is not like that.
Grandpa: Huh?
Jona: You need to go buy the present yourself and then wrap it and then, only give it to me. That’s called present. It is a surprise. If you bring me go and buy and choose, then, I know what it is already, then, it is not called present anymore.
Grandpa: *Still in shocked* …oooo…like that ar? Ok, ok…I will have to crack my head to think what things are suitable for your year’s lor…

Another contribution from Aunty Flora: celebration at home....
Happy Blowing!!!!

“Jona, Momi & Dadi & Iz wishing you have a good health, obey to GOD word and many happy days to come”

Not forgetting, Aunty Chinnee sharing the same birthday date with Jona. Happy Birthday to you too!! You got pressie or not? If not, come to my house, I share with you my pressies….