Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Conversation between Jona & Isaac

I really old liao....now, trying so hard to crack my brain to refresh back the conversation between my 2 boys....it is really interesting and funny when I heard both communicate:-

Scenario 1:

Mommy is busy watching Astro channel AEC (singapore drama about blind girl, etc...) and Isaac is don't know what reason crying most of the time (after back from nanny house)....

Jona and Isaac sitting in front of the DVD player

Jona: Zac, zac...don't cry, ok?
Isaac still crying while pointing to DVD player...
Jona: zac, zac, you want watch barney is it?
Jona: Mommy, Isaac wan to watch barney, can I open for him?

Mommy very shiok watching AEC, only left another 15 mins..

Mommy: Don't want....later ok?!

Jona: zac,zac, mommy want to watch tv now..zac, zac, later Kor Kor open barney for you ok? don't cry (while rubbing Isaac hair)

Scenario 2:

Both sitting on the floor

Isaac: chor chor, chor chor (keep repeating call his kor kor)
Jona: yes, zac zac...
Isaac pointing to his leg, showing the mosquito bite
Isaac: bite, bite (meaning mosquito bite)
Jona: ooo...never mind, Jona will ask mommy apply vick for you ok?
Isaac just nod his head..

Really melt my heart when I see both communicate so lovely - got brotherhood love...but, wait till you see both fighting.....nowadays, both just can play so peacefully giving mommy a break to watch my favourite tv or read quick newspaper...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tag: The meaning of My Sons Name

Chanel tag me: ooooppps...I'm not good in doing Tag, but, this Tag seem to be so meaningful, I will try my best to do it..

Ok, start with the eldest son:

Since daddy has no comment or idea of what name to give, so, I have been honour to give 'English' name to my son and since Jonathan is the 1st grandson for my hubby side, his grandpa also have no idea of what the middle name is......and we just choose the simple and meaningful one...

I have few misscarriages before I concieved Jonathan, and I wanted so much for a baby at that time. Once I got pregnant again, immediately I thanks GOD for hearing my pray, and decide to give my baby name - something related to praise amazing GOD for hearing...and that's why Jonathan name pop out from my mind...

Jonathan - meaning 'GOD has given'

For Chinese name, since I'm a 'banana woman', and hubby too lazy to think, end up asked 'si fu' for advice(which it really upset me). And, hubby wanted the name to be in Cantonese pronounciation.

Wai - chinese pronounce wei for 'wei ta' (magnificient)
Hynn - chinese pronounce 'xuan' (to be delighted with oneself; name for the Yellow Emperor)

Jonathan Chee Wai Hynn

For youngest son:

When I know I will have second boy again, immediately I decide to give him special name (cause he seem to be a happy baby inside my womb for 9 mths). Isaac full name is given by myself without consult any 'si fu'....of course, with help from my family(esp.Caroline - my youngest sis) and approval from hubby.

Isaac - meaning 'laughter'

And, everyone just keep asking me, why Isaac has 2 English name and not Jonathan....the answer is simple:

1) When I'm expecting Isaac, everyone surround me, also plan to name their son Isaac (just coincidence they watch the HK popular drama - regarding the pilot story...one of the pilot is called Isaac), so, I wanted my boy name to be a bit different from other 'Isaac'.

2) Also, I realise Isaac name is too short compare to Jonathan...wanted both has almost same calculation in alphabet....

3) Plus since young, I do have a dream/hope that I could give birth to my baby on year end (Dec), but, none of them is born in that month, so, I just added Isaac second name as

Noel - meaning 'christmas' in Dec

which end up as Isaac Noel - baby, full of laughter with Christmas spirit...(which the combination is so special and nice meaning too)

And, for his chinese name, since he has gotta a nice English name, so, I just add the chinese name with meaning of praise to the Lord. In the end, actually Isaac full name, mean "baby, full of laughter and happy, in the christmas spirit, praise Lord everyday for everything..."

Soong - meaning 'praise the Lord' (I just added extra 'o' for 'Song')
Isaac Noel Chee Wai Soong
Ok, I'm not good in asking mommy to do Tag, but, I will try:-
Chinnee - QiQi
**Start Copy**Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Josephine- Jonathan & Isaac Noel

Monday, May 21, 2007

My favourite boy boy...

Isaac nowadays getting naughty + cute + adorable....everyone said he is 'mommy boy'. You know why? Cause whenever mommy goes, he will follow from behind...just can't live without his mommy lor - all I could said...

I never have this kind of problem with Jona at all...he is just so independent since baby...but, nowadays, he get jealous so easily....all because of Isaac Noel = sticker to his mommy too!!

While Jona is playing alone by himself....and mommy is resting at sofa, reading SMS, this little fella just jump next to me, and do some many pose...to attract his mommy attention lor....see, see

Friday, May 18, 2007

Lazy boy or over pampered??

I must write this down now, or I will be totally forgot about it....for us (myself, grandma and daddy), this is really funny...it came out from a 4 yrs old mouth....

Usually, every morning, daddy will send Jona to his school by car even though it is only few minutes walk (by car, it take only 4 mins - just one or two turning from our house)...but, due to daddy laziness, he insist on driving a car (always give 1001 reasons: too hot, so tired, etc.....)

Now, his boy, I guess inherited either his excuse or being over pampered by daddy or whole family - to be exact....

This morning, is an exceptional. Since daddy need to go outstation for few days (Thu-Sat), so, this morning, usually, the arrangement will be I will have to send Jona to school and took half day leave (morning) cause after sending Jona, I will have to send Isaac to nanny house. My working hour is 8 - 5 (unless I willing to start late and back home late - which I dont' want at all).

Few days back (me and daddy conversation):-

DH: Darling, Thu I need go outstation and be back on Sat only to rush to Gaby birthday.
Me: Huh?
DH: So, can you arrange aunty driver (the aunty that send Jona back home everyday - one way) to send Jona to school on Friday morning, 1 x only?
Me: Cannot lar...that aunty already said morning, cannot, cause it is her husband to send kid and her husband doesn't want to fetch any other kids at all.
DH: Then, how ar?
Me: I can send lor, if you want...
DH: Then, you will be late to work, cause after send Jona, you have to send Isaac too...
Me: Yalor...or, I can asked grandma to send Jona to school by walk? Grandma sure love of this idea - since she can have simple walk walk back home, exercise a bit mah...
DH: Don't wan lar...pity Jona, he will be tired...sure he dont' wan...
Me: Aiyah....you cannot pamper him too much lor..everything must use car one....let him be 'kampung boy' sometimes lar....
DH: Ok lar....up to you lor...

Just now, my hubby called me:-

DH: Hello, you know what?
Me: Blur..blur...what?
DH: 'How come no car one?' ' Why ar?' 'I'm so tired'. 'Where is the car?' 'Sooooo tired'....and show moody face some more....
Me: Jona complain?
DH: Yalor...i call home just now....Jona keep complaining to grandma.....
Me: Aiyoooo....just simple walk also want to complain huh? You lar...pamper him too much...
DH: Some more hor, Jona arrived school, complain to teacher also ler
Me: Huh??!!
DH: He tell teacher 'I'm so tired'....'walk, walk'....so tired..... (smiling and laughing so loud).
Me: wow..like that also can ar....
DH: Yalor ......he tired lor..i told you already...
Me: Wei....I think hor....from next week onward, you should send Jona to school by WALK!!
DH: Me??
Me: Yalah....
DH: Yalor hor...good idea, so, I can exercise as well mah....
Me: Yalor...when weather good good lar...hot sun, dont' wan lar...pity Jona...

(he only said wan, never materialize....I know him too well liao)

See what I mean?? So young, also can complain so much liao....just one day walking ler, not too much.....imagine now at 4 yrs old, complain non stop, when big liao...sure finish lor....kah,kah...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tag: 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Chin nee passed this Tag to me, and I think I shouldn't let her down anymore...she has been so nice of keep passing me Tag to do...will fullfill her wish this time.

Actually, it is not that difficult at all if I want to write things that I hate about my hubby, and just so coincidence, yesterday I had a MSN talk with one of the close mommies about our darling hubby.....but, guess everyone is not perfect at all include myself...so, to be fair to my DH, I will put it this way.

10 Things I/He Hate About Him/Myself:-

1. He is so quiet almost all the time even though we argue, he will just 'zip' his mouth which I rather he 'fired' back at me or start a heat conversation.
Me: He wish I will stop nagging him or kids..

2. He is too hygiene. He can use up to 5 - 10 pieces of Baby Wipes just to wipe our sons face or hand only...imagine, or he could use up to half box of tissue papers just to wipe some split of water on the floor, etc.

3. He like to 'stick' his eyes to his computer all the times..

4. He just love to delay all the task assigned to him - handling kids, fixing broken pipe, etc..

5. He didn't care of his own health at all...

6. He drive like F1 driver, never bother about me and kids at the back...only when he pull emergency brake, then, he will said 'sorry'....

And, only now I realise that I couldn't think of anything else that I hate about him....I should thanks to Chin nee for forward this Tag to me...Otherwise, I will be keep thinking that when I wrote about this Tag, I will have more than 10 things to write about my hubby..... :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Rascal....Got U!!

Initially, I thought Jona is so naughty and hard to manage - cause he just love to climb here and there, and fall down so frequent until I just lost count how many.....never did I realise Isaac is even worst and on top of that, he even daring compare to his ko ko!!!

Manage to catch this little rascal climbing into the drawer and SIT inside and play with the stuff inside the drawer....it happen so fast when I was tidy my mom garden outside (just for 5 mins)...and ta ta...little Isaac inside the drawer....

He just love to climb and sit inside the drawer, which nowdays has become his habit - every time he did it, my mom or my sis will get 'heart attack'...they just worried that the drawer couldn't hold Isaac weight anymore.... :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Birthday Celebration.....fun, fun, fun

Even though daddy birthday has past (last month - April), but, the joy of seeing my 2 princes sooo excited about it make me wonder: is my boys really grown up?

They seem to be really enjoy the whole scene: from seeing the cake -> putting candle on -> sing birthday song -> make a wish -> cutting the cake -> final part, eat the cake..

Seeing the cake:
Jona: Wowww,..it is MOUSE!!! Really pretty..
Isaac: moue, moue (meaning mouse)...keep pointing his finger on it and try to poke on it several times
(while mommy keep thinking it is a ladybird, kah,kah)..

And, throughout, putting candle, singing song, and cutting cake, Jona is the leader. He want to put candle and sing the whole song while we just clap and smiling. Isaac, for now, only as 'penonton' - guess soon he will mastermind all these skills.

Overall, both boys really do enjoy the birthday celebration (esp. the birthday cake) for the first time throughout these few years (attend lots of birthday celebration). Maybe, because both can participate in putting the candle for daddy, sing a birthday song and EAT the cake....

Isaac definitely is the 'cake-eater'...He just eat and eat non stop and do enjoy every much each pieces of it. And, won't let other hold for him....He so good in holding the spoon to scoop the cake....

Following day, both still want the cake as breakfast, tea time, etc....don't know because the cake is so cute and nice that tempting them, or the cake really taste nice???

p/s: the cake is so cute ler....and cheap too (bought it from Angel Cake House and cost only around RM42 for 1 kg)...