Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Do you think I'm shoe-koholic? Haha...I bought 3 pair of shoes within one day and within 1 hour in one shopping mall.
Initially, my hubby says I’m crazy of buying so many shoes. But, once he saw the shoe one by one, his comment is “All of them look very nice”. He even told me, “This shoe can be wear for dinner or attending function, those can be formal wear, etc..” Suddenly become my image consultant.
As for my mom, she is always very supporting and sporting. She always encourages me to buy for myself and pampering myself.
Of course, the main reason I bought all the shoes at ONE GOAL is because IT’S A SALE SEASON!!! I get some discount like 30% to 70% for these shoes. Don’t you think it is worth the money?

Anyway, wishing all of my readers - Happy 2010 New Year!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner....

This year Christmas will be different. Why? Because for the first time, instead of taking out the artificial old Christmas tree that I have been using for the past 5 years, I’m using the real Christmas tree!!! I have been planting this tree for almost 5 years and finally it grow to the height that I wish.
Taadaaa…doesn’t real Christmas tree bring more Christmas spirit? Both Jona and Iz are so happy when they decorate the tree and the best part is the decoration stuff won’t drop down so easily anymore and no one will go and shake it again – to let out his anger J (Give a guess who is he??).

And, this year Christmas, I can truly see my boys are growing up. When I started doing some Christmas shopping end of last month ~ buying Christmas present for my nephew and niece, Jona and Iz also want their present as well and as usual, they also want their present to be wrap up. I told them that if the present is wrapping up, then, they can’t open it immediately once they back home. Otherwise it will be meaningless to wrap it. So, both agree to open it on Christmas day.
Can you believe? Jona didn’t even nag or cry or ask me whether he can open the present. Instead when he gets bored, he will just play with it without open it. I can see he is really a patient boy. Compare to Iz, once back home, woke up from sleep, forgotten all his promise already. From time to time, he will cry, throw tantrum, pleading to open his present. But, at the end, he didn’t open it as well when I’m firm with my decision.

My wish is hoping they won’t open the present till Christmas day….It will bring lot of meaning to meJ. Here I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and may you & your family be blessed throughout the year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favourite Place....

I couldn’t deny that ZOO is Jona & Iz’s favorite place to visit. Counting it back, it has been a yearly event for our family. And, to be honest, I don’t really fancy going to ZOO seeing those skinny or weak animals which is really being malnutrition and not proper taken care of, not forgetting lot of empty cages.

Now, the Zoo Management even promoting a lifetime card to visit ZOO unlimited rather than paying for ticket per entry. Mmmm….should I get those card for my kids?

Happy Smile....

Aiyoohhhh....why my eyes can't open ar??

Will the Elephant jump out...?

Let me feed, let me feed...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scary skin problem...

Dadi has skin problem – Eczema, the word that I scare most. Even before Jona was born, I have been extremely careful with my food intake, hoping to reduce the possibility of Jona getting eczema. Seem nothing can change the genetic inherited I guess?

Just a slightly redness...

Early this year, Jona got slightly redness in the area of between nose and upper lip. And, I thought it is just his habit of love to wipe that area. No matter how I apply moisturizer on it, it just didn’t go away instead it turn from BAD to WORST. When evil redness came, dry and cracking monster will following from behind and during this time, Jona will feel very uncomfortable and get the pain. Some bleeding and then, pus(yellowish plasma) will appeared. The scenario really looks horrible!!!

The worst scenario...

It make my heart pain when I see he get lot of comments from everyone who saw him when I sent him to drama class/music class/Sunday school, till Iz even know how to help his kor kor to answer them back “It is not dirty, it is eczema!!” when someone ask Jona “Why your lip look so dirty and why don’t get some tissue to wipe it off??”

We have brought him see GP, Pediatrician and even Skin Specialist, and seem nothing is workable at this moment. Jona has been taking an anti allergic pill, apply steroid, moisturizer, and when it gets better and I stop the pill or steroid, the redness appear back again.

Cost me A BOMB!! Thanks to Eumora..

Expensive treatment for Jona...

I did even let Jona try this product called ‘Eumora’ and guess what. It not only didn’t help Jona. It even makes me spend hundred Ringgits at skin specialist for myself and Jona when I get serious pimple outbreak(trying it out for myself)!!

I tried most of the method that friends/relatives advice includes check whether he is allergic to any type of foods, the room that he sleep whether there is any mold on the wall but till today, nothing fruitful yet.

Mommies, any idea or solution that can help Jona get rid of this eczema? I just wish Jona skin will return back to his smooth and healthy skin again.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When I'm away........

And, when DADI is in charge of the house, this is what happen......If you not use to it, you might think that a thief break into my house - mess whole house. But, when you look carefully again, haha...the lil thieves are my 2 princes who forgot to tidy their toys once finished play with it + DADI who only know how to ON his laptop once back home.

Inside the playroom...

In the living room
The laundry basket...

Aiyooohhhhh........That's the scenario when I open my house door and try to step inside.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Name represent personality....?

Before Iz was born, I have been cracking my brain for several months to think of nice name for him. And, here you go:-

Isaac means bring joy and happiness
Noel mean born on Christmas day
Soong means PRAISE (in Chinese) for his Chinese name.

Overall, I want him to bring joy and happiness to my life and indeed till today, he never fail to make me happy (of course angry too). And, when I know that I’m expecting again, I really hope he will born on Dec as I just like December month. That’s why I name him Isaac Noel.

Previously, when a lot of my friends/relatives/mom told me that name do represent one person personality or character, I don’t really believe it.

Scenario 1:

One fine evening, after taken their dinner:

Iz: Kor kor, you want to marry who ar?
Iz: Rachel, Rachel
Jona: *smile sheepishly* I think Rachel (his classmate)
Jona: How about you, Iz?
Iz: *Spontaneous* I wait till I grow long; then, I will let GOD decide for me who I married.
Momi: *Speechless*
I never imagine Iz would give so mature answer….

Scenario 2:

Iz cry want to drink Ribena:

Momi: I cannot leave you alone at home and sleep
Iz: Can
Momi: If you alone, then, you no scare ar?
Iz: No. Because I got GOD up there (pointing to sky) looking after me mah.
Momi: *speechless again*
Can’t imagine my son know GOD is looking after him

Scenario 3:

Momi: Iz, who you love the most?
Iz: GOD the first one, then, Momi second, then, Dadi third…..

Now, if you ask me this question again, I would say I believe. How about you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dilemma of Working Mom.....

Yup, I'm in dilemma again....Of course it is related to my princes again. For my job, I don't have that kind of dilemma or stress and I don't know why, if it involves my kids, I will be more stress and pressure in making decision. Another few more months to go, Jona will be attending primary 1(morning session). And, I have to make a final decision.

His current kindy/daycare don't accept primary 1 student due to not enough caretakers and teachers to manage the kids. And, this force me to look for a daycare specialise in taking primary student. Today, I manage to find one which everyone telling me it is a good daycare/tuition centre. But, when I called to check some info, I found out that currently, they have 35 students in that centre. Further checking the principal told me that their maximum intake will be 40!! It seem the student:teacher ratio is quite high and I wonder how would they able to handle my Jona well.

Of course, another point that I dislike about this daycare cum tuition, is because their fee automatically include tuition fees!! I really don't want my Jona to attend tuition class everyday after school!! I want him to enjoy his childhood life - 'throw' away his school bag after school, take easy shower, watch tv for a while and take a short nap before waking up doing his homework....In the evening, go to playground to play and sweat out. That would be my wish for my Jona before he enter his teenager or primary 4 or 5.

I don't think primary one student should be burden with tuition daily. Plus I bet his chinese primary school has already got piles of homework to finish daily.....

Arrgghhh...only if I'm stay at home mom, then, I bet I don't have this to worry about.....I do think of hire an in-house nanny which cook for my kids, tidy up my house for 5 working days, but, then, where can I find this local nanny?? My friend is hiring one currently as her work only allowed her to go back home around 9pm and no daycare willing to take her kids, so she got no choice which sometimes is good too....

Mommies, what do you think? Should I hire one in-house nanny to help me out with my kids? Or, I should register my Jona at this daycare + tuition or I should seek other daycare which don't really emphasize on tuition instead it is a pure daycare to help me manage Jona?? **Cross finger** still convince Jona current daycare to accept Jona by just provide him with normal daycare facilities....no extra tuition except coaching his homework.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Song Writer....

I enrolled Jona into music class since he is 5 yrs old and now, he is in MusicMaker class. What surprise me nowadays is he knows how to write a song!!! And, even sing it out, of course using his ‘own’ tune and lyrics.


The Sheep is Eating Baa 3X
The sheep is sleping{sleeping} Baa 3X
I love sheep and you!!!
Love sheep. Let’s go to the garder{garden}. See 3X
We are going to see the sheep.
We love sheep. Baa 3X
And we love sheep
All the man, lady and kids to love sheep!! I am a sheep.

Second Song:

The bird is flying go{up} (3X)
The bird have{lay} a {an}egg. YA!! (3X)
Because if it have a {an}egg than we have more birds, YAHOO (3X)
We have a lot of birds in the bird nest and we love baby bird. Yahoo.
All the man, lady and kids to{too} love bird. I am a bird.

Does he has potential to become song writer? Haha….Anyway, he just loves to write and either I need to improve his grammar and spelling or I need to send him to English enrichment class….And, I should have ask him to play that lyrics on his keyboard.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Primary 1.....??

I'm so happy when I received a letter from Education Ministry informing that Jona application to go to the primary school that we have decided being approved. Even Jona himself is happy too, as till today, he got 5 classmates that will be going to same school as him(from same kindy), but not too sure whether will be in same class except one.

Wow, finally I can go through the same experience as some mommies have posted on their blog previously ~ hopefully it will be a wonderful and exciting experience for me and Jona. So many thing to prepare ~ taking passport size photo, fill in the form and need to be submit before 2nd Oct(hopefully, I won't forget about this), buying books at certain date, and orientation on certain date too........a bit headache liao....PLUS, haven't even got time to check on daycare centre for Jona yet....

When I and Dadi decide to enroll Jona for this primary school(chinese medium), I have always think and wonder whether I would make a wise decision, and till today, I still don't know. All my wish is, Jona able to absorb and learn in the school he likes. And, when he show a good improvement in talking mandarin to grandma and even get a good result in his enrichment chinese class, I thought I have make a correct decision....But, then, deep in my heart, I'm still worried as his report card showing his Mandarin performance as 'GOOD' compare to English, Math and BM as 'EXCELLENT'.

I pray to GOD that Jona will be happy in his new school from next year onward.....It is really hard to make decision for kids....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you ready yet......??

I try to train Iz to be diaperless again after first attempt seem failed(a year ago). 1st time failed because Iz told me that he is not ready yet and he only will be diaperless when he is 5 years old(still manage to negiotiate with me)!!!

But with my persistent and think that he is ready for it, as well as because almost every night he wet himself(even though he is using diaper) till his pyjamas dry again(being blowed dry by air con + fan), we give it a try again for the past 2 weeks.

And, I even told him that if he successfully being diaperless, I will buy him present as praise him and he seem to be not so willingness to be diaperless yet but got no choice since I half forcing him(bad Momi). First few days, he manage to be dry whole night(by waking up 2x) and I'm so happy about it. Being impatient, I even go and buy LEGO online(the price is really afforable and if you manage it well, you even can get free transportation cost) at http://brickbastion.com/store/ (I'm not the owner to this website but for those kids to love LEGO so much) .
A sudden GIFT for Jona & Iz!!!
Who know, my project seem to be fail again. After that, Iz brain seem to be NOT co-operative with his body(urinary system), as almost every night, he pee pee again on bed, and make himself wet. And, if I didn't realise it, the next morning, he seem to be dry whole night, but, can smell ammonia on his pyjamas OR if I awake at midnight or early morning, can see that his pyjamas is drying slowly.

Because of my impatient to train him being diaperless, within 9 days, Iz fall sick twice ~ flu, cough and fever!!! I really feel bad and maybe, he is really not ready yet to be diaperless......To comfort myself: I still have 2 packs of diaper to be use (which would last Iz for another 2 months plus) and also, he is only 3 years 10 months + little boy.

Rather Iz be a HAPPY boy than a SICK boy....

Second attempt seem failure again!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Work Smart, Play Hard.....

I don’t know what happen. I have been pretty busy since June this year. So many things need to be manage and taken care of. I just think that 24 hours is really not enough for me to manage all these, and due to this circumstance, I have lost weight extremely.

Everyone seem me include my customer, has been asking me, why I lose weight again. Yup, and my blog diary also received some impact as well ~ as you see, I no longer able to write frequently anymore (even though previously, I also didn’t’ update frequently, but, at least, there is some update about my princes).

My job task has getting tough month by month especially from 1st July onward. I will be in charge of AP region exclude Japan market. Previously, I don’t have to cover China or HK (as we have an office there), but, now, yes. I even have to manage my colleague there to make sure everything run smoothly.

Haha…if only my remuneration package is BIG and attractive as well, then, I won’t be grumpy and complain anymore….

Of course there is Pros & Cons for everything. With this job task, I will be able to provide better living for my princes and my future, but, then, I will miss my princes even more with my ‘heavy’ travelling. Maybe, my Iz is big boy already, as he no longer cry or miss me so much when I travelling which of course am good to me (as I can concentrate more on my assignments).

I hope I could find some solution soon, or would this be my early middle life crisis? Haha

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jona BIG Day....

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!

How time flies so quickly without I realizing it. Thinking it back, 6 years ago, while I was worrying about Jona safety inside my womb (daily) and can’t wait for the gynae to take him out to show me, today he is so smart and healthy boy. I still remember one week earlier, 17th July 2009, my gynae told me that it is time to take Jona out from my womb (due to certain reason) and we decide to fix it on 23rd July 2009(I try to delay it as long as I can, but thanks GOD, we make a correct decision).

When the gynae show me Jona face for the first time in the OT, my tears just flow so freely till Dadi get panic and asking what’s wrong….haha….I, myself don’t know why I cried, guess it is a happy cry.

Animal cookies for Jona party bag....

A cupcakes, contribute by Aunty Flora!!!
Jona's party bag for his classmate: animal cookie & DIY Sun catcher

Today, Jona is a happy 6 years old boy ~ smart, loving, caring and handsome too. He really is a big boy now. Months before his birthday, he keep remind me to buy some party goodies for his friends in kindy, and yesterday night, he help me do the simple packing ~ he just can’t wait for his party celebration today in kindy.
Guess what pressie Dadi bought for Jona??

Funny discussion between Jona and Grandpa:-

Grandpa: Jona, come I bring you go buy present. You choose and I pay money.
Jona: No no….present is not like that.
Grandpa: Huh?
Jona: You need to go buy the present yourself and then wrap it and then, only give it to me. That’s called present. It is a surprise. If you bring me go and buy and choose, then, I know what it is already, then, it is not called present anymore.
Grandpa: *Still in shocked* …oooo…like that ar? Ok, ok…I will have to crack my head to think what things are suitable for your year’s lor…

Another contribution from Aunty Flora: celebration at home....
Happy Blowing!!!!

“Jona, Momi & Dadi & Iz wishing you have a good health, obey to GOD word and many happy days to come”

Not forgetting, Aunty Chinnee sharing the same birthday date with Jona. Happy Birthday to you too!! You got pressie or not? If not, come to my house, I share with you my pressies….

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cruel or not....

I hate 4 legs insects (to be exact invertebrate). I don’t know why but, it just makes me shivering. In my house, lizard or cockroach is the king ~ as I dare not kill them. Everytimes, cockroach crawling, my sons will scream and calling Dadi for help. Haha….

Till Dadi can’t take it anymore, so, he went and bought this.
At first he told me that he bought a food pellet that when cockroach or lizard eats it, they will die and when their friend eats their carcass it will spread. Who know, he didn’t bought what he told me.

And, when I wake up next morning, I saw this on the floor in kitchen as well as in bathroom. Eeeeeiiii….it give me a shock!!! This is Dadi, when he does something, he won’t give anyone a notice about it. Even Jona and Iz cannot accept what Dadi did ~ they denied going inside bathroom to brush their teeth.
And, imagine, since I hate invertebrate, of course I won’t go and even bother or touch them. This Dadi, once put the trap, he didn’t even bother to go and clear it, and he expected ME to do it!!!

My nerve just boil up ~ I hate invertebrate, no doubt, but, put this kind of trap to trap and kill them instantly I definitely won’t do it as I think it is really cruel. I want to call Pesticide Company to come but, Dadi say no need. Sometimes, I really don’t know what man thinking…..

And, it bring back the memory: I remember when I was alone over weekend during one of the semester break, one night, suddenly a frog jump into the rent house(I rent with my housemate but all gone back hometown except me). Imagine, I got scare off, and climb on my double deck bed, and didn’t come down whole night ~ crying and then fall asleep without I realize it. So pitiful hor…..That’s me and it seem now, Jona is inherited 'this' from me…..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lovely Friends

Do you have lovely friends that accompany you when you watch television or when you sleep or when you eat or play?

My Jona does!! He always being so gentle & soft & caring in his heart even though he is playful most of the time. Should say, has opposite character when he is settle down. Haha...

Usually he will bring these soft toys to sleep with him in his bed, cover them using same blanket he used, or eat with them. One night after he sleep, I manage to force myself not fall asleep with them and came down to do some house cleaning.

See what I found? Haha....these are Jona's lovely friend ~ sitting firmly on top of the sofa facing television. I think he forgot to bring them up with him that night.
Don't that look cute and adorable? How about you? Do you have lovely friends as well??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Acting as BIG brother.....

I don't know when Jona start to behave or acting like BIG Tai Kor......This scenario remind me that he now know how to control lil Iz or hide certain thing from my knowledge if he has too, maybe, now, he know that he is elder brother and has the right to do so.......

While I was cooking in the wet kitchen last weekend, suddenly Iz ran to me and file a complain:-

Iz: Momi, you see this...
Showing me the container that has been coloured on top of the cover.
Momi: mmm...yes, who did it?
Iz: It is kor kor, Jonathan.
I start calling Jona to come to the kitchen at once.
Momi: Jona, tell Momi, who colour this?
Jona didn't answer me, instead he look at Iz and say this
Jona: Why you go and complain to Momi huh?
In smaller tone,
Jona: You don't have to tell Momi about it. Who ask you to go and tell ar? It is a small matter. It is just colouring only and we can rub it away ourselves mah.
Iz: I don't know, it is you do it. So, I tell Momi.

And, so sponteously, Jona just hold Iz by shoulder and lead him out from kitchen without giving me the answer and continue watching tv TOGETHER like nothing happen.

????? How about you? If you are me, what your reaction will be?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother Day (Flashback of the celebration)

I have to admit that now, I start to enjoy mother day better compare to last year, even though this year, we don’t celebrate it at all ~ as my mom is away (in hometown), Dadi is travelling last weekend.

But, since Jona & Iz start to know the meaning of Mother Day (in their own way), it brings happier to me.

Jona make nice Mother Day card for me and he, himself feel proud of it. Even though he does give me the flower (on behalf of his kindy), maybe, he doesn’t contribute in making it, he seem not so keen when he present it to me. This son of mine is really a loving boy.

Last weekend, he even remind me and Iz that once we arrived at my sister house, we need to wish my sister “Happy Mother Day” because he say “Mommy, later when we go Aunty Flora’s house, we must also remember to wish Aunty Flora – ‘Happy Mother Day’. Because she is also a mother to Gaby”. I really speechless.

For Iz, he shows his love to me by presenting the flower in his special way. I think he is the kind of more like to present with action rather than wording compare to Jona. When I reach his kindy to fetch him back from nursery last Friday, he patiently waits for me behind the grill. From far, I can see him standing there with hands put at the back. At first, I didn’t though of anything. And, suddenly when teacher open the grill, he grin widely and ask me, “Mommy, do you know what is behind my back?” And, then, present me with this flower with the sweetest smile on his face. How thoughtful of him and wish me “Happy Mother Day”.

And, on Sunday, my pastor gives me these messages:

The meaning of the mother is universal:

M is for the million things she gives,
O means only that she is growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save her child,
H is for her heart of purest-gold,
E is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R means right, and right she will always be.

She spent sleepless nights when we were about to born.
She spent sleepless nights when we were very small.
She spent sleepless nights when we were going through our school exams.
She spent sleepless nights when we were used to come late during college days.
She spent sleepless nights when we went abroad for our 1st onsite assignments.
She spent sleepless nights when our marriage preparations were taking place.

And at the end…..what she gets in return.

Sleepless nights thinking of what she did wrong that her children left her alone at home to settle abroad?
She never complains, she never argues…..she only love and love and loves her children.
That’s the character of a Mother.

How touching……Here, I would like to wish all Mother a Happy Mother Day and hoping everyday, is a mother day to you!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Labor Day - Day of Fun

On 1st of May, finally we have our Family outing. Dadi doesn’t need to go to work or outstation. So, the boys wish suddenly comes true after being postponed for several times by Dadi.

Early in the morning, after taking light breakfast of milk and buns, we head to the park ~ Bukit Jalil Park: Jona & Iz favourite park, where they really sweating all out. Both of them have been to this park several times with Dadi(when Momi is travelling), so it is the first time for me to be there. And, also, since it is first time for me, I really let my kids guide and bring me to the place where they want to go and I’m really impressed with the surrounding and the facilities there . Even though, Dadi brought them several times, but Dadi always constrict their movement – can’t explore too far…..as Dadi being lazy.

Jona & Iz even dare to try 'stone' exercise......Old Monkey relax on the tree and 3 wild boars waiting for foods.

With Momi, I let them climb the staircase till the end, walk through the mini jungle, see wild animals ~ wild boars, monkeys and squirrels. Jona & Iz so happy seeing wild boar and keep asking why these animals in jungle. All the ways, they keep talking talking and talking.

3 'man' enjoying themselves ~ walking, haha.... Right: Scenario of water fountain....

At the end, we are exhausted after walking for 1 hour non stop, but, Iz still full of energy and insist of wanting to play at the playground before call it HOME. The playground is really cool ~ the stuff there is really for kid to explore and really need to use their body/stamina to ‘play’. End up; when time to have a nap, I really have no problem of forcing them. Within 5 seconds, they just snooze off…..HA,HA…

Once they wake up, they are ready for second round of fun: IKEA ~ smaland. Too bad, we only were given 1 hour to leave our kids there as it is full on that day. While Dadi sit outside watching them, Momi grab this opportunity to go shop at The Curve (Aiyah!! For me, the ONE hour time is too short, till I can’t go shop at ZARA warehouse sales, just next door).

Anyway, the boys really have lot of funs, and came out from the Smaland, they keep screaming and shouting “I’m sooooo HUNGRY!!!” “I want to eat jelly biscuit” after they saw I bought half dozen of the currypuff!!

It is really a fun day for 2 boys as well as for Dadi & Momi. It is nice to see their happy smile even in their sleep. Their appetite increase and their sleeping (either nap time or night time), is no more hassle for me!! Hehe….I think I should consider of bringing them out more frequent…….And, Dadi still need to fulfill Iz another wish ~ going to beach to play with crab.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of Guilty???

Yes, I'm travelling again......I'm travelling to this country where they serve the best 'Mango Snow Ice' just like our ABC. It is really tasty and nice(with lot of condense milk).....but, too bad, this time, because it is Auturm, they don't have mango available(what an excuse!!)

My Dinner with my favorite Snow Ice!!!
I don't know why this time, I feel so guilty of not spending weekend time with my 2 boys. I guess I really prefer to spend my weekend with my kids, as weekend mean, more free time together and can do whatever we want at home(Dadi also agree with me when he spend last weekend at home)....Dadi say "It is so relaxing and enjoyable!!"

And, I know it is wrong of compensate my 'away' time with kid by buying things as they request. I think it is just to make myself happy. Sometimes, tt is so hard to be a working mom, especially working mom that involve lot of travelling. PLUS, when the 'management' don't really appreaciate what you did and sacrifice. When I left home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Jona fall sick ~ fever, cough, flu and phelgm. I really hate it when I travel, my son not feeling well......I don't know why, I just prefer to stay at home when this happen(but I know it is impossible), as I don't wish Iz 'incident ~ getting febrile fit' happen again.

Remote Car for Jona AND Helicopter for Iz...(hope Dadi wont' fainted again this time)
Backdate conversation:-
Me: Jona, Iz, Momi need to go travelling again soon
Iz: Momi, where ar?
Me: Taiwan
Iz: Must take aeroplane one ar?
Me: Yes
Iz: Momi, this time, I want aeroplane got control remote one, ok?
Me: Ok, I try my best ya, but, no promise whether I got time to shop or not. How about you, Jona?
Jona: Momi, next time, you don't have to ask me what I want. Anything, just buy anything for me. Anything, I will like it one.
Me: **speechless** ok.

CARS hanger and the craft foam!! I manage to find it in Taiwan, and they even have so many choices like flower, butterfly shape, etc...

And, now, I really can't wait to go home, as I have something for them when they see me. I feel bad everytimes, if I can't buy what they want. As esp Iz, every night, when I talk to him, he will ask me "Momi, where are you now?" "Have you buy me an aeroplane control remote one ar?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Fun time with Foams

Last weekend, suddenly I’m not feeling well again. I guess it might be due to weather, I got migraine attack again (after so long didn’t experience it). It is not funny at all this time, as Dadi is out of town. But, GOD is really listening to my prayer, as both boy boy really behave so well till I can’t believe myself.

They keep playing with their foam ~ non stop!! So fun and enjoying pasting the foam, plus lot of giggling among them. I have to say that I really proud with both of them esp. Jona. See from the outcome, it seems Jona really use his brain (being creative ~ alamak can’t think which side is for creativity). A cute people holding balloon, got cake with 1 candle, making a photo frame ~ All these is invented by Jona himself without any guideline from me. And, I like this the most: draw eyes and put one spiral foam as ‘tongue’…….

1st(from Left):I like most and the cutest one ~ funny face!! 2nd and 3rd from left: some of Jona creations

Left side: Photo frame with FOOD Right side: Jona first creation...

I still remember I bought this foam book as well as the foam set one year back when I went to Australia on biz trip. During that time, Jona didn’t really seem to be interest with it at all till last weekend; suddenly he took the foam out from box and start playing with it together with Iz.
Foam Book ~ full of ideas....

When the pre-cut foam shape is running out, it force Iz to start using his brain to think of how to utilize the remaining foam (as he can’t follow the design in the book anymore) which is good.

Iz creations, of course with the help from Momi and Jona(to paste). Upper, 3rd from left side: Iz own idea (without the help from book). And, Lower, 3rd from Right: His first creation ~ man holding balloon (copycat).

I just love to see my sons play and use their brain indirectly without forcing them to do homework esp. on weekend. This is definitely one of the ways to simulate their brain power. Too bad, that I just can’t find these kind of foam in any bookstore in Malaysia. Do you know where I can get this pre-cut foam shape again from Malaysia OR I have to go Oz again to get the supply?