Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ha,ha.....eeeeiii...'siu siu (Naked)

I just 'LOVE' to see babies naked..Don't know why?

So, for both my sons: since they re still baby till now, I already start taking their nude photo.

And, I just realise, when both my babies naked, I can't really differentiate which photo is Jona or Isaac. Both looks alike ler...

See what I mean f.....

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fast learner

I couldn't agree more when people said Isaac is fast learner. I just realise it is especially, yesterday nite, during my BIL wedding dinner, he can just sit there whole night 'play' by himself (of course, there is time when he is cranky)...ha,ha...we just let him play with his plate/bowl/chopstick/etc...what to do, to make baby quiet....

On top: Isaac is climbing his walker, and steady play with the balls. He never tho that he will fell off (which in reality, he indeed never fell off from it compare to Jona previously).. - only 10 mths old.

On second row: Around 10 mths old, he know how to press the mobile phone and put at his ear, pretending he is making a call....Guess, seeing too much Papa & Mama using phone....

See, just so brave to climb chair and tricycle in pretending paddle the tricycle....**OMG** Mama just so scared he will fall down (coz previously, Jona always fall down), but, so far, he manage to break the record...he,he

Bottom row: Wowww..this is just fanstatic and adorable...seeing little angel is playing with his toys without distraction...He just climb the chair and sit by himself and play the toys WHEN Jona not around, but, just for few minutes: he start climbing again....around 11 mths.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Finally, mama can really feel a bit of relieve....Jona start to communicate with us smoothly...Nowdays, Jona can have simple conversation with us without any problem or needing any body languages. I guess Jona is 'category' as slow talker - start only at 3+..

Isaac crying wanting to snatch Jona's toy:

Jona: "Isaac, no cry..."
Isaac still crying..
Jona: "Good boy, Isaac, Good cry, ok? " "Nah..." Give him other toys..
Immediately Isaac stop crying
(Walau ler, if now, mama go and 'pujuk' Isaac, sure cannot one. Jona so good huh?)

Yesterday night, my car got small accident - bang into our house automatic gate, due to Isaac accidentaly press the button while I driving into the car porch...looking at my car

Jona: "Mommy, what's happen?" Looking at my face
Mama: "Nothing, Jona. Just looking at the damage lor"
Jona: "Mommy, no sad"
See I didn't reply..
Jona: "Mommy, no cry, ok?" (while patting my hair)
Mama: ???? he,he, my boy so good one ler..can comfort mommy lor

Jona really changed a lot nowdays.....grow up lor...aiyoohhh....