Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Name represent personality....?

Before Iz was born, I have been cracking my brain for several months to think of nice name for him. And, here you go:-

Isaac means bring joy and happiness
Noel mean born on Christmas day
Soong means PRAISE (in Chinese) for his Chinese name.

Overall, I want him to bring joy and happiness to my life and indeed till today, he never fail to make me happy (of course angry too). And, when I know that I’m expecting again, I really hope he will born on Dec as I just like December month. That’s why I name him Isaac Noel.

Previously, when a lot of my friends/relatives/mom told me that name do represent one person personality or character, I don’t really believe it.

Scenario 1:

One fine evening, after taken their dinner:

Iz: Kor kor, you want to marry who ar?
Iz: Rachel, Rachel
Jona: *smile sheepishly* I think Rachel (his classmate)
Jona: How about you, Iz?
Iz: *Spontaneous* I wait till I grow long; then, I will let GOD decide for me who I married.
Momi: *Speechless*
I never imagine Iz would give so mature answer….

Scenario 2:

Iz cry want to drink Ribena:

Momi: I cannot leave you alone at home and sleep
Iz: Can
Momi: If you alone, then, you no scare ar?
Iz: No. Because I got GOD up there (pointing to sky) looking after me mah.
Momi: *speechless again*
Can’t imagine my son know GOD is looking after him

Scenario 3:

Momi: Iz, who you love the most?
Iz: GOD the first one, then, Momi second, then, Dadi third…..

Now, if you ask me this question again, I would say I believe. How about you?