Thursday, December 27, 2007

Your Birthday is Their Birthday too....

I guess this statement is truly correct nowadays....Since I got 2 active toddlers at home, and I also make it a compulsory to celebrate each one birthday with a cake. Recently, I just celebrate my birthday.....he,he..yup, I'm old already, but, I don't mind at all, cause I have 2 beautiful, lovely & adorable sons that always make my day bright.

On my birthday, Jona already keep telling me "Happy Birthday, Momi"...and sing a song for me, draw a nice drawing for me - Jona & Momi with cake and heart thoughtful of him.....early in the morning.

On that nite, this is what happened. Both boys, just can't wait to sit properly. Both fighting want to put up the candles on birthday cake. Before I could take a nice picture of the birthday cake (hubby bought ice cream cake for me from Baskin Robbin) as memory, Jona pull out the 'Happy Birthday' label from the cake(which suppose to be on the right side), and immediately after blowing the candles, Iz pull out the Baskin Robbin logo (on left side), and pop into his mouth - saying yummy, yummy!!

What a mess birthday celebration: Put candles on cake -> sing a birthday song -> blow the candles twice(Jona & Iz: each one once) -> eat the cake.....all these done by Jona & Iz meaning Momi didn't got the chance to blow the candles at all except receive the birthday song and eat the happens so fast within 10 mins....everything finished and they just went off....missing in action and no where to be seen.

The 'Happy Birthday' Logo is missing (on right side)

What a 'ugly' cake after 2 rascals attack it...

Iz is so impatient waiting for the cake to be cut.....

See!! He is licking the cake and Jona just posing with it......aiyoo...

Both fighting want to cut the cake into pieces.

Iz, of course, can't wait for the cake to be distribute properly....

Of course, I do get special present from Dadi....ha,ha...:) And, what Dadi say is true: "Your Birthday is 'their' - Jona & Iz birthday too!!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry X'mas Everyone!!

I bought a small and nice Christmas tree on 2003 after I delivered Jona on the same year. It look so nice for my apartment(at that time). And, in 2004, I try to put up the christmas tree again with decorations but it doesn't last for a day due to Jona keep pulling down the decorations.

So, all these while, either I rent my christmas tree to my sis or I just keep it in my store room, since Jona and Iz is still young and playful.

This year, I thought both my boys is big liao and won't disturb the decorations on christmas tree. Little did I know, both of them so helpful in putting up the decorations and feel so happy about the outcome. But, it last only for 1 hour. After that, lil rascal - Iz, start pulling the decoration balls, anything on the tree....and this is how the christmas tree look sad :(
I scolded him, and put it back on the tree again.....but, everyday, when he see the decoration balls on christmas tree, he will act sponteously go and either grab or use towel to swing at the christmas tree and all the decorations will drop...and he will happily run away.....

Guess, still not good year to put up the christmas tree...anyway, wishing you all have a pleasant and nice Christmas Holiday....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Girl Girl or Boy Boy??

Momi, of course love to look nice, since Momi is a, from time to time, I will make sure that my toe nail is being polished with some nail colour. And, Iz usually look at how I do it. So, last week, suddenly, he keep asking me...

Iz: Momi, what's that? Pointing to my toe nail.....
Momi: It is a nail polish
Iz: I wan, I wan
Momi: Cannot, Iz is a boy boy. Boy boy cannot have nail polish one.
Iz: But, I wan.......started to scream and crying....but, keeping said, "But, I wan".....
Momi: Are you a boy boy or Girl girl?
Iz: Boy boy
Momi: Boy boy cannot
Iz: But, I wan...

And, Jona start joining the conversation and insist that he wanted his toe nail to be coloured as well......

Guess what? Here is the outcome.....Ha,ha....I try to use less visible nail colour on their toe, so, people won't really notice about it......Good idea ler...Both of them are happy, and Momi happy too :)

This is mine....nice?

This is Jona.....not clear ya?

This is Iz....ha,ha...invisible....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Influence

Recently, Jona really drive me nut and crazy. He start scolding people or anything that make him upset: 'STUPID!!'

He like to scold Iz : "Stupid Iz", "Stupid Dadi".....
Iz scold him back: "Stupid Kor Kor"...and both just 'shooting' each other with this word. Even now, Iz will so easily scold people Stupid.

Jona even scold 'water rain' stupid, just because he urge want to pass urine and it is raining. So, he said "Stupid water" so spontaneously....I was like 'Huh, what?"

So, for the past few days, I already start to reprimand Jona - If he said it again, he cannot sleep with mommy he start to behave himself again...whenever he said it by accidentally, he will immediately said sorry....and then, add "I only said stu only mah".....Imagine, so young already know how to defend himself...I really 'no eyes' see liao, but, anyway, I must see also la, cause he is my son mah....

All these while, I have been keep thinking where he learn all these words, and yesterday finally I find the culprit. IT IS FROM THE ASTRO KID CHANNEL - 616!! Can you believe it? It is Jona who tell me: "Mommy, mommy, listen, the DOG said stupid word again".....I was like 'huh, mm, ooo'.....

How could Astro Kid channel, got this kind of advertising or program for kids??!! No wonder, Jona thought that it is OK to said stupid, since TV program can repeating said it.....

I really have to think twice whether to disconnect the channel or limit Jona to Astro, but, Dadi is 'addicted' to Astro wor....aiyahh

This cute little rascal look so adorable, but, sometimes, it is really hard to make sure that he learn correct thing...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Travel: Indonesia

I'm truly sorry for didn't went to your blog recently.....As you know, I have been travelling again :(...Yup, it is totally not funny anymore. I'm getting exhausted.

And guess which part of Indonesia I went.....It is Jakarta and Surabaya....And, it is my first time experience travelling to Indonesia. Well, actually it is not that 'bad' as report in internet or newspaper about the situation in Indonesia. It is much better compare to India :) And, the people is friendly too.

I don't have much time to travel around this time but, definitely I will be back here again in March......

Request from Jona/Iz: This trip, I'm not able to ask them what they want, due to I leave home early in the morning to catch my flight....Don't know why, I almost miss my flight due to wrong calculation of the timing...he,he

Friday, November 30, 2007

Good habit - Hygiene

I really have to 'thanks' Dadi for this hygiene practise on my 2 sons - Jona & Iz. Dadi is overly hygiene person since day 1 I know him. I guess it is mainly due to his nose sensitivity. He easily sneezing esp in the early morning before he wake up, or if he saw a cat/dog around the house or the house is a bit dusty, then, his nose will be blocked and sound like 'ELEPHANT'. And, with that, he will used up a box of tissue paper easily within few minutes or the dustbin is full of his 'used' tissue paper.

But, what I dislike most is, Dadi always use 'Baby wiper' to wipe anything!! If there is a milk drop on the floor, immediately he will take 1 or 2 or sometimes 3 pieces of baby wiper to wipe the floor. So, just imagine, within 5 days, he can use up 100 pieces of baby wiper!!

When Jona still young, he always see Dadi sneezing wherever he goes. So, when we give Jona a tissue paper(for fun), immediately, he will 'act' like Dadi. "Aaachoo, aachoo...." Rub, rub his tiny nose, and throw the tissue away!! Ha, is so funny.....

And, with Iz(for fun as well), he even humorous. He will twist and stuck the tissue into his tiny nose!! Like pretending his nose is block, and he need the tissue to clear it, or maybe, he can't breathe easily, so, tuck the tissue roll into his nose, will make him feel better......**alamak**

Nowadays, when Jona got running nose, gone my tissue box. He will pull few pieces of tissue paper and rub a bit on his nose, and then, throw away just like that. Little bit, running nose, he can end up using a box of tissue paper!!
Before he sleep, got slighty running nose, take a tissue box, put next to him.

More at the other end....

Gone my tissue box....conquer by my 'Prince of Tissue Paper'

See my 'prince of tissue paper' sleep so soundly......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yeah, I got this 'tattoo' from India, in one of the India Night. I just love this kind of tattoo, but, immediately back home, there is different kind of comment from my darlings:-

Jona: Mmmm..mommy, I like it. It's nice!
Iz: Look and close his eyes...."Yikeeeeesss.....I don't like"
Dadi: ugly one...where you get it dirty your hand only...
My sis/My mom: Wow, so nice.....

See, different people, different comment....anyway, I like it so much. Luckily, I didn't ask the person to tattoo my leg or whole hand..he,he...

They use 'Henna' to do the tattooing, and it will last very long unless you keep wash your hands or do housework, then, it will fade quite fast. My mom used this 'Henna' to dye her hair, and it last long and non toxic or non carcinogenic compare to the dye material that sell OTC.

You like it?

Tag: Crazy 8

Healy would like to know 8 crazy stuffs that I did....This Tag looks easy but, not easy to write it down or think lor...But, I should give it a try since Healy request ler....

8 THINGS I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: Shopping, Sleeping, Watching TV/Movies, Blogging, Travelling with family, Cleaning my house, Read & Playing with kids

8 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE: Travel with my mom, buying stuff for my sis/bro, hug my darlings, hug my darlings, hug my darlings, hug my darlings, hug my darlings, hug my darlings....

8 THINGS I SAY OFTEN: "Jona, sit down & watch TV"..."Jona, don't disturb/bully didi, ok?".... "I love you"...."Who is momi BaoBei"..."Good morning, Iz"...."Who want go shopping, raise your hand"....."Hello, Jona, how're you?"......"Huh, travel again?"

8 BOOKS I’VE RECENTLY READ: Alamak......all read half way only Somemore, can't really remember the title liao....oooppss

8 SONGS THAT I COULD LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER: Mouse love the Rice, TongHua, Marry me - Jolin,......

8 THINGS THAT ATTRACT ME TO MY BEST FRIENDS: Humble, Trust, Down to Earth Attitude, Good listener, Friendly, Helpful, Caring & Happy Go Lucky..

8 THINGS I’VE LEARNED THIS PAST YEAR: Blogging, Handling my kids alone, Do weekly marketing, Manage time wisely, Manage people, Chitchatting thru MSN, Cooking, Housekeeping :)

8 PEOPLE I THINK SHOULD DO CRAZY EIGHT MEME: Leoni, Michelle, Wen, Elina, Sasha, Shireen, Sharon (I'm not sure whether you did it before, if not, would you mind?)

Award: World Best Friends Week

When I received an award, I feel happy and excited, just like Jona. And, thanks to this mommy who always remember to reward me something to make my day more meaningful.....

"Do you know the relationship between your 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together. Even though they never see each other, friendship should be just like that! Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. "

Your Love is Ur Heart,
Your heart is Ur Spouse,
Your spouse is Ur Future,
Your future is Ur Destiny,
Your destiny is Ur Ambition,
Your ambition is Ur Aspiration,
Your aspiration is Ur Motivation,
Your motivation is Ur Belief,
Your belief is Ur Peace,
Your peace is Ur Target,
Your target is Heaven,
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS.

And now, I want to pass my happiest to someone to make their day meaningful too:-







Thank you for being my friend. It is nice knowing you all!!

Tag: Hogwarts Invitation

I know I owe several people a Tag. Don't worry, I will finishes my 'homework' today even though I submit it late.....Geee, I guess in future when I asked Jona about his homework, sure he will give me this answer too **alamak**

Anyway, Chanel invite me for a Hogwarts Test to see in which house I will be allocated...Wow, it seem I will be put into same house as Chanel......

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Your in-depth results are:
Hufflepuff - 15Ravenclaw - 13Slytherin - 9Gryffindor - 7

*** start copy paste this invitation***
I know what you’re all thinking, “Not -another- sorting quiz!”, but before you get bored and leave, let me say a few things about it. This is not the ordinary sorting quiz that you’re used to. Unlike all those other quizzes infesting the Internet, this quiz actually sorts you for who you are as a person, not because your favorite animal is a lion.
I made this quiz as a reaction to all the bad sorting quizzes. The problem with most of the existing quizzes, is that the questions rarely have anything to do with which house you would actually be sorted into. Your favorite color doesn’t effect which house you belong to. Not every Gryffindor likes defense against the dark arts, not every Slytherin likes potions. Just look at Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Each is in Gryffindor, but each has a completely different disposition. Harry’s father was often a bully and a thief, yet he was still in Gryffindor.
This quiz will actually ask you psychological questions with a variety of answers that can’t easily be determined as to which house they fit into. This was meant to be more like what the Sorting Hat does. Just remember though that you must answer these questions truthfully in order to get an accurate answer.
Also these questions are written to take place in our world, not the world of Harry Potter. I didn’t give a Harry Potter theme to the quiz because the answers are more accurate this way. As Muggles, we don’t have any idea what it’s like to be faced with a troll or a bogart and we’ve never played quiddich. Our answers may be skewed as to how our favorite characters would act instead of ourselves. However, we all know what it’s like to live in the Muggle world because we do it every day.
Please take the test and copy paste this *master list* after you are sorted and don’t forget to tag your friends! Let’s see which tower has the most members!
Gryffindor: Karen, Adrian, Eric Speedcat
Ravenclaw: Mr. Fong, Jojo, kasper794, Wen
Hufflepuff: Trinity, Amel, Jo-N, Anggie, Chanelwong, Mamajo

***end copy paste***
I think all mommies has done this tag, so I won't tag anyone.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Student of the Year

On 10th November 2007, Jona really make me proud again. On these day, his kindy organise 'Graduation and Concert Day'. Even though it is not a big event or so, the principal organise it in medium scale, but, still all the parents came to support.
We - me, Dadi, Grandma, Aunty Carol, Iz, we all enjoy the concert and graduation so much. Iz being so co-operative, watch the performance so quietly and sometimes, will said "Hello, I cannot see, I cannot see - when someone block his view".

It started from 9.15am and end around 11 am. Quite a short one with few performances. Jona perform under 4 Year Old - few songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rain, Rain Go away, etc.....continue by 5 Year Old and 6 Year Old. (This year, we decide not to bring any videocam since last year event- with another kindy break all our heart so much.....)

But, what caught us all by surprise is the Award Ceremony. It started from 4 year old, 5 year old and 6 year old. Just some simple award with certificates.

Uncle Y (the principal) mention the award and then, the student goes up to claim their award.....It goes like, the best in reading English StoryBook, Chinese StoryBook.....

When Uncle Y mention: There are 2 Best Helpers Award. These kids really help a lot in kindy...
Mommy start dreaming: Geeee....Jona must be one of them. But, when names being called...there is no Jona name.

Again Uncle Y mention: The best improvement Award. 2 kids as well.....and mommy start dreaming again...It must be my Jona.....nope, no Jona name being called. And, all of us thought, that's it. This year, Jona didn't get anything, but, it is ok. He is just 4 year old.

Who know, Uncle Y said again. "Oooppss....last award: Student of the Year goes to "Jonathan Chee Wai Hynn"!!! Everyone got surprise, and clapping our hands, and Dadi got stunned. But, luckily Dadi realise about it, and faster stand up and take some pictures of Jona. We all are not ready at all to hear this good new. Still in dreaming stage.

Yup....Uncle Y said: "This student.....everything is EXCELLENT - reading, writing, exam, etc...everything is excellent. That's why he is entitled for Student of the year award."

Ha, funny the way the principal said it. But, anyhow, Jona is the happiest kid on this day. He just feel so happy and excited about it. When his name is called, he keep saying "It's me, It's me!!" and happily run on stage and take picture with Uncle Y.

Till today, everyone is so proud of Jona. We all never imagine Jona will be reward as 'Student of the Year'. He never study at home or do his revision with our guidance. Whenever we want to teach him, he will said go away or just stubbornly didn't listen to what we teach. And, he still manage to get Student of the Year. Momi and Grandma keep putting a ??? on our head. My elder sister till today still not believe that Jona being reward Student of the Year due to Jona attitude and character.

Grandma is the proudest one among us. She keep telling everyone about her grandson. To neighbour, relative, etc till today...he,he...
Dadi, initially he didn't believe it, but, then, he also feel so proud saying, Jona is really clever boy. And, he volunteer buy toys for Jona and said "It is really worth the money sending Jona to this kindy".

As for mommy, I just feel so proud of Jona in my heart. He really does make all of us proud of his achievements, and I do pray to GOD that Jona will be forever success in his path under GOD supervision.

And, to Teacher E, we will always miss you. Thank you for all your effort in guide Jona throughout this year. She has submit her resignation, due to her commitment to her family. She is Jona's class teacher.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Travel: India

Smell of Tandoori Chicken with Nan Garlic?....that's what I have for lunch.....yup, I'm in India now, to be specific - in the city of Bangalore. I have been here for almost 3 days liao, and still got several days to go before I could really see my boys again.

Nice? Mmmm....I don't really like going India, but, when I come to India, I definitely will order my favourite: Tandoori Chicken with Nan Garlic...yummy is really nice and delicious.
This time, Jona request is: "Mommy, buy for me this Mickey Mouse fishing rod, okie? The one can catch the fish and drop it into the bucket".....
Wow, my son getting more clever in requesting for toys nowadays.

Friday, November 09, 2007


This one might be a long story...he,he...if you have no times or bad mood, better don't read it lor...otherwise, you will feel boring or your temper will 'boil' like me as well....

Well, it all begin when my office hire new person on 1st Oct 2007 and give her a NICE title: Admin. Sales Assistant....nice right? Her job, of course, do all clerical job, include answering phone, Mainly after sales follow up - enter order, chasing payment, received payment, as well as ASSIST sales person...and her paid, a lot ler..otherwise, she won't resign from her previous job and accept this one (this is what she told us - mainly because of high paid!!) My boss think we need a assistant so we can concentrate our 99.9% times of getting SALES...$$$....SALES...$$$ and they all can get salary!!!

When I post this, I really really still feel hurt and mad being treated like this, some more by someone who should be helping/assist me!!

In the month of Oct, I travel quite heavily - Singapore, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore. So, on Tue, I submit my claims to her inform her that if possible, I want my claim cheque once I back from India trip. And, on Wed, yes, a day before Deepavali, she (I called her 'Z') walk to my table and throw all my claims on my table so rudely, and said, "Do it again. Not correct!" And, walk rudely...I really got shocked and ask her back, 'You come back, what did I do wrong?' She returned and with sour face and sacratic tone, replies "See this claim, not proper arrange at all!!" I said "WHAT??" "Show me". And, she show to me where is 'my mistake - according to her lar'.....pointing that my hotel bill is not arrange accordingly to her way.

What is your comment? Imagine, I, after travel, have to fill in the claim form, submit my claim attached together with receipt, BUT, BUT, I already arrange my receipt nicely - following the date & time when I obtain it - so nicely till all she need to do is, just double check and approve it less than 5 mins. All these years, I put my hotel bill (you know, hotel bill is like A4 size), at the back of all the receipts. Reason: It is big and I scared she might not see small receipt at the back of the hotel bill if I put it. And, the hotel bill amount is written so clearly in my claim and can see so cleary the hotel bill as well.

That's her reason. My hotel bill is not proper arrange as I stated in my claim form and she CANNOT FIND it wor. So, she force me to re-arrange back my hotel bill to where I stated the hotel bill in my claim form. And, when I politely ask her to arrange for me since it is only involve hotel bill, you know what she talk back?

Z: Hey, you do it yourself. I cannot TOUCH your claim. It is your claim. You MUST re-do it yourself and submit it back to me (using a very harsh and sarcatis tone again). And left!

I really mad, and, I intercom her manager - 'L' about this issue. I said all the while, we do make maybe 1 or 2 mistake in arranging receipt. What is really a big issue here, till 1 single receipt, she force me to do it. How come as assistant, Z cannot be flexible. Nowadays, in this office, everyone need to be flexible mah....Know what this L replies me(she has been with this company for 7 years but really clueless of what she do)??

L: "All these while, you all (only 3 in my office that she need to assist) is too pampered by previous ex-admin staff. They all arrange for you again and didn't force you to do it. Only Z is a bit calculative so, she said, she cannot accept it wor. And, she said, you all must follow her way to do it."
Me: What???!!! Since when admin or assistant or whatsoever you call it can act so rudely??
L: I already sound her, but, she said must do her way, so, let her be lor
Me: ?? Like this also can meh? I explain nicely to her again about it is only 1 receipt 'wrongly' as she claim. Even if she re-arrange it, I can bet that it won't take her whole day. Most, will be another 2~3 mins. That's all.
L: She said no wor. 4 receipts and she cannot take it (This L mati mati believe what Z told her - cause they are one STUPID geng mah).
Me: No. Only 1 receipt! 4 claims - 4 hotel bills, so, meaning 1 claim - 1 mistake. Is it too much!!??
L: that huh? I thought 4 mistakes in one claim. That's too much..but, one?? mmm..
And, then,
L: I asked her why 1 mistake she complain, and she just keep quiet lor...and hang up
Then, she started accussed me....
L: You all, always complain my girl or ex girl, this and that....I really fed up liao..I will tell boss when he back, that I don't want to act as 'office manager' anymore (Recently, my boss promote her to become office manager after 7 years)......blah,blah..blah...I told him I cannot take this post, but, he said I can, blah,blah....
Me:It is really your choice, and none of my business at all....

Me, really furious, till I really be tahan, send email to my boss, put them in cc......and you know what L asked Z to do. Reply my email to my boss, giving her reason.

Z reason ( I just copy and paste here)

Dear Mr. GM,

Replying on Josephine complaint’s for the claim to you, not that I don’t want to help her in doing it! I am asking her to arrange it. Means could she arrange it by reference number, as you well know the claim form have it own columns. I also do claims for others, they do follow the claim form in order. Not that I am fussy or not but it make my work done fast and I can submit it in time. I also have to do others staff claims too. Hope I get the cooperation from her.
Besides doing claim I also have other work to do.

Thank you."

See, so 'geng' ler, her reply.......

I'm just she really assistant to us as my boss wish? Did she really perform her task as agree upon hiring her?? How could she be so rude to me?

My sis told me, her hubby never do claim. Just put all claims into envelope and pass to his assistant to arrange all the receipts and type into claim form and submit for approval...My sis said, that she really respect me and my colleagues - in spending time doing claims nicely and neatly...and she tease me somemore said......maybe, should hire her to replace that Z!!! So canggih assistant, can order her superior in doing thing in her way with high tone some more.....

What you all think? Am I being over sensitive? Or, am I being over demanding? Should I just re-arrange the receipt as she want and submit back?? I just want to know your opinion, or you might be in this position as assistant before, so, you can give me your point of view......

Eeeeeeiiii...really spoilt my day and my Deepavali holiday......

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Recipe: Ice Cream

Ice Cream is my favourite....nowadays, all my colleagues know that I'm 'gila ice'. When we are out for lunch, if that restaurant has Ice Kacang or ABC or Chendol with Water ChestNut, etc...I definitely order ONE for myself....he, matter raining or under hot sun.

And, best part, Darling Hubby always try to 'tapau' Hagen Dazz' - Macadamia Brittle Nut for me :) if he happen to walk by the shop.

And, myself, I will always purchase ice cream during weekend marketing at hypermarket esp. Wall's Mini popper..yummy my fridge (never out of stock!!) See, how crazy am I **bleak**

Nowadays, everything goes up - price of goods. So, I'm determine to learn how to make ice cream all by myself. Luckily, I have lovely mum who got the recipe

500 ml Dutch Lady Fresh Milk
5 gm Gelatin
200 gm Coffeemate (you can change the flavour as you like)
2 oz Sugar

First, mix 5gm Gelatin with 50 ml Fresh Milk, under small fire. Then, mix this mixture together with 450 ml Fresh Milk with sugar and Flavour (Coffeemate). Mix till everything dissolved. And, put into freeze. Wait around 3 ~ 6 hours till the mixture getting hard. Then, beat the mixture till it become soft and put it back to freeze again. It will double or triple the size depend on how long you beat the mixture.

Taadaaaaa....done!! It is as easy as read ABC right? So far, I have successfully make my own ice cream twice. Since I don't drink coffee, I switch the flavour to milk powder - Enercal(get it for free:)). And, the outcome is really yummy & healthy too. I'm going to make another ice cream again this coming holiday - maybe, I will try out other flavour like Cocoa??

Try it out and you will love it!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hardworking vs Playful

Jona love books since baby, and he really take good care of his books - comics, magazines, colouring book, etc....

One nite, while I asking Jona to finish his math homework, Iz the rascal, always like to join in as well.

Jona busy writing and doing some simple calculation on his workbook, look at Iz!!

Initially, Iz so motivate to do some writing as well, and, when he does it wrongly, he ask for eraser on pretending to do some erasing wor....of course, mommy provide him with eraser.
But, but, when I look around, he try to poke his pencil on eraser!!!
And, when he finally success, he give me a cheeky smile. Nattie nattie Iz....It is indeed true, it is a bit hard to cultivate a reading habits on Iz...Guess both of my sons has different hobbies as well as attitudes.

Friday, November 02, 2007

War with Octopus

When I was away for 2 weeks plus due to business trip, Dadi being so nice and kind, sending these photos to me. So, I could see my kids at night before I sleep and knowing what they did as well.

Dadi wrote:"Darling, take a look at your 2 serious fighting with octopus!!! Ha,ha....Don't forget to call back talk to yr Jona and Iz..." attached with some photos.

Now, only I know, when I was not around, Dadi will purchase Kid DVD like Fantasia 4, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, entertain his kids. Lazy Dadi!!

Tag: Autograph Book

Leoni want to know what is inside my autograph book. he,he...if I could still remember it clearly....It has been so long already.

1. What is your favourite movie? The Lion King
2. Who is your favourite singer? No particular one
3. Which song gets you grooving in the morning? "To school we go" by Dadi
4. What is your favourite fruit? Grape
5. Who is your best friend (excluding your family)? Fews
6. Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time. Sleep
7. When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt? Just now
8. Do you recall your last dream? Nope
9. What is your all-time favourite hobby? Relax, read book, watch tv
10. When was your last holiday without the children? Ooopss, in 2003, HongKong.

I always far behind doing tag. So, by the time, I did it, most of the mommies has done it. So, stop here lar.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The 5 Love Languages of Children

Yup, when I was young, I'm really lazy like a lazy to do revision or read a book. And, always burn 'midnite oil' when tomorrow is exam time. I still remember clearly my mom nag me of being lazy...ha,, I'm mommy of 2 boys, hopefully, my boys won't be following my traits.

Nowadays, when I'm free (oversea), or before sleep, I will read some parenting books. It is really useful for me, at least I know how to handle my kids in better or correct way(as I think). This book really inspire me a lot and I really think it help me a lot in handling my kids daily, and especially since I travel a lot. I don't have much precious time to spend with my sons.
Basically, the author emphasize on 5 main LOVE LANGUAGES:-

a) Physical Touch
b) Word of Affirmation
c) Gift
d) Act of Services
e) Time

Each kid is unique and their LOVE tank is different as well. As long as we can identify their LOVE tank, and fill their LOVE tank full each times, they will be the happiest kid forever.

I like the book so much, and it really help me a lot - till today, my 2 princes just stick to me like 'UHU' whenever I'm at home. They just see their Dadi or grandma or aunty Flora like 'transparent' when mommy around. Ha,ha...imagine the POWERFUL of LOVE tank!!

Do read it, if you have times....
p/s: There is another book also written by this author called '5 Love languages of Marriage' (Good book, I could comment)

Tag: 5 things

I know I owe Leoni several tags....I have to thanks her for always remember me :)

5 things found in my room:-

a) Comfortable Bed
b) Queen size mattress
c) Dressing table
d) MediKlinn - Air Purifier
e) Mini HiFi Set

5 things I've always wanted to do:-

a) Relax at home
b) Submit resignation letter to boss
c) Enjoy beach holiday
d) Do some cooking/baking on my own
e) Some simple gardening

5 things found in my bag:-

a) Purses
b) Office key
c) Handphone
d) Lipstick
e) Tissue paper

5 things found in my wallet:-

a) Money
b) My 2 princes passport size photo
c) Stamp
d) Vouchers
e) Credit card

5 things I’m currently into:-

a) Check emails
b) Check bank account balance
c) Read E-Newspaper
d) Blogging
e) Eat my breakfast

Guess I will just stop here liao...since most of mommies I knew has done this tag :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pressie, Pressie

Guess my 2 boys just love their mommy travelling :)...why not? Cause whenever mommy travelling, when mommy back home, definitely got some pressie for them, and it really cheer them up!

See what I bought for them on my Oz trip. Since Jona love books so much, here it is:
A magical book, where you use a magical brush, dip into water and brush the white page, and automatic the colouring picture will appear.....I bet Jona sure love it so much.

Nowadays, what I bought for Jona, Iz want to have same thing, same book for Iz as well, but, with different pattern. Elmo for Iz, and Bob the builder for Jona.

And, not forgetting, Gaby, my nephew....yup...When I called home from Perth, Jona remind me about something.

Jona: Mommy, when you buy present, remember buy 3 sets ya..
Mom: Why Jona? I tho you said only 2 sets?
Jona: No, 3 sets. One for Jona, One for Iz and One for Gaby....
Mom: Why buy for Gaby?
Jona: Because Jona love Gaby mah....
Wow, so caring and love Gaby (really act like big Kor Kor lor)....

It is really nice to see kid love each others, and their smiling face on their face when receive gifts (even though it is not so expensive), but worth it.......I just love buy things for my kids :) (Dadi keep complaining....)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Travel: Australia

Guess where I'm writing now? Yeah...I'm in Melbourne.....has been here for almost a week now, and next week, I will be in Australia again, but, PERTH!! He,he....Definitely, I been missing home so much, you know, away from my darling princes......

The weather here is really fanstatic!! Hopefully, I do have some free time to walk around and enjoy the scenario.....

Conversation with Jona & Iz(before I left):

Mommy: Momi going to take aeroplane go to Australia.....what you want?
Jona: mmm...mmm...thinking so hard.....'Jellyfish sticker'!!
Iz: Transfome (Transformer)...and acting 'BANG' 'BANG'.....

Ha, funny, the request from my boys

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Eye On Malaysia'

Have you ever visit 'Eye On Malaysia'? He,he..recently, my hubby propose to visit Eye on Malaysia and at first, I thought what is that - so bad lar me (not update). And, then, only I know about it....since Dadi said, if we don't go now, after 31st Dec 2007, there is no more 'Eye on Malaysia' liao - cause the contract is 1 year period.

Eyes so small...cannot see clearly ler...

But, I got to know, Singapore is building 'Eye on Singapore' and even bigger than us....not sure how true is it wor....My mom comment that 'Eye on London' even better than this ler...alamak!! My eyes is small too :P
So, on first day of Raya, we went to 'Eye On Malaysia' located at Tasik Titiwangsa, Setapak. Frankly speaking, me and Dadi, grandma as well as Jona is quite dissapointed with 'Eye On Malaysia'. Not so big lar as advertise, and soooo boring - is the comment from lil Jona. He even can't wait to go down liao, imagine ler....2 full round + 1 semi rotate - for passenger to go up and down. Really so boring lor..nothing to see, cause not high and big enough. Till Jona get so impatient, when he see the security guard (when our 'car' pass by them) : "Hello, I want to go down, open the door". Even Genting Highland cable car is more scary than this Eye on Malaysia lor...

And, the fee is really not justify the ride lor...Adult: RM 15 per person, kid below 2 yrs old: free (luckily Iz is free), and Jona: RM 8 per person, Senior citizen: RM 8 per person. And, all you get, 3 round......he,he....
Anyway, it is our experience riding the 'Eye on Malaysia', at least, people won't said we never been to Eye on Malaysia lor....and, we choose good timing too - Raya first day, not so crowded and doesn't need to wait as well :P

Friday, October 12, 2007

RM 100, can buy what?

U know, I should thanks Chanel for informing me about Hytex Warehouse sales. Even though, I only manage to go on the last week of the warehouse sales, but, it is worth it!

Never imagine, there got so many people queue in front of the gate around 9.30am liao...but, now, I know why. Once the gate open, immediately they rush in and grab whatever shirt/pant/anything that they see and put in their basket!! And, later, they sit down and choose it slowly one by one (can like this meh??). It is first time I saw it lor......aiyah...while me and Aunty Flora together with Jona walk so steadily and like snail (so relax), and when we enter the warehouse, 'Huh'??!! Like nothing to chose, we only spend around 1 hour, but the outcome is fanstatic...

See what I bought using RM 100 - exchange with 7 ~ 8 sets of t/shirts and pants for Jona (housewear)...Since most of Jona housewear shirt has been either shorter or tighter and it is time for some new t/shirt for him. Too pity, I didn't manage to grab any pyjamas for him or Iz...

The quality is good and it cost me only RM 5 ~8 per piece, said worth it or not?? I know, if I used RM 100 to go shopping in shopping mall, definitely end up, I only could get 1 t/shirt and 1 or 2 pants for Jona...and, it doesn't last long as well since kid grow up pretty fast...

The result....see, Jona so happy, mommy also happy, :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Travel: Merlion city....

Sorry, mommies.....yup, I was OOO again....and that's why I didn't read your blogs as well as update mine. You all know me right? he,he..I always so 'rajin' read your blog esp when I'm in office....kah,kah....

True, I'm in Singapore again, but, this time, the hotel experience is awful and lousy I could comment. Imagine, the air con is not functioning, and no internet access, the bed, pillow - all so old one, and and the bathtub water is leaking??!! Don't know how my colleague will book this hotel for me (Guess, maybe, her job is just booking, and she don't even bother whether you will be comfortable of staying in this hotel or not - human is human - even though she already got feedback from my colleague who stay in this hotel earlier :( ).....

Next time, I should 'threaten' my boss hor? What you said? If he don't let me stay in better hotel, I won't travel....of course mah, if you want someone to travel, you need to provide them with better accomodation right? Till yesterday nite, I need to take pain killer for my migraine (the air con fault lor)....and lousy service from the hotel management....

Anyone has any ideas, which hotel I should book next time??

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tag: View from my Desktop

I got this Tag from Wonderful mommy: Shireen. Wow, it is quite an easy Tag, since everyday I faced computer screen from 8-5pm(office hours)......

**************** START COPY ****************

My Desktop Free View Instruction:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:

[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop FreeView post to promote it to succeeding participantsPeople who have already pimped their desktop:

iRonnie - I Set No Corner Thess - Thesserie Rebecca - Skippy Heart Knoizki - A Dialogue With K, Beng - Kauderwelch, Vanidosa Marie, , Vanidosa at blogspot , MyGoodFinds with KK, Dom Lawrence, Rebecca, BluePanjeet, ROSE , KNOIZKI, SARDONICNELL, Girlie the hipncoolmomma, Happy Family with Jacelyn, LovelyMummy with her family,Healthfreakmommy - picture of her 2 girls, Mamajo - Isaac & Grandma

And, I would like to tag some mommies to see what you put on your desktop view. I know you all are expert in computer. Show it to me ya:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac Noel

Today, officially, is Isaac Noel 2nd birthday.....And, till today, I still remember on this day, around 8.30am, I give birth to this lil cutie pie Isaac Noel at Pantai Bangsar Hospital....the voice of the nurse, showing me Iz penis, and inform me..."It is a boy!!" still ringing in my mind....

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac Noel

Message: "We will always love U & May GOD bless You forever!!
You are such an angel who cherish everyone with your sweet and loving smile, always make people heart melt with your personality....Ah boy, Momi never regret to have you!!"

All these 2 years, indeed Iz really is a loving and good boy....never give Momi any difficulties at all...and time flies so fast...Now, you are in the category of 'Toddler' instead of 'Baby'......And, you really grow up fast...everyone comment: "Wah, such a big boy liao"....and momi miss all those moment when you are still Baby.

And, you are really quick in your action....just like last weekend, when we celebrate your birthday at MOM's place, you quickly blow your candles before anyone realise about quick like thunder, immediately after we sang a birthday song to you....You scared kor kor will blow your candle, ha, funny, and at the end, it is kor kor who cry because he didn't manage to blow your candle.....
You just know last weekend, we celebrate your birthday, you are such an obedient boy throughout the dinner fussy, and so happy all day long...ever when 'Gu Por' give you BIG angpow, you just happily accept it and hold it till we reach home. When we asked who give you the angpow, you quickly said "Gu Por"......

Wow, you are really growing up, huh??

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sharing the moment.....Bath play

Last 2 weekend, when daddy is not around, this is the fun that I have with 2 kids....After barber hair cut, straight back home, and take shower.....who know, Jona for the first time, requesting to take shower together with Iz.....previously, he is the one who dislike taking bath with Iz.
And, both so happily sharing together a small bathtub(which meant only for baby)...he,he...see how they squeeze in together but, still able to have comfort place in the bathtub....
One moment, both playing together, another moment, both playing by themselves....I guess I need to take out again the mini pool for them to have fun in the water again under Mr.Sunshine....

Reason, I'm so reluctant to bring out the mini pool(currently kept in storeroom) is mainly because Jona cannot stand too long in the water under Mr.Sunshine + Miss Windy....he will easily catch cold + cough (which need inhaler to reduce the cough)...I have experienced it on Jona several times - to swimming pool(2x), playing in mini pool in school/daycare, the outcome - inhaler for cough for a week.

I'm still thinking whether to put the mini pool out or not? Out or not?.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Since Jona enter the kindy, he just love to play and act like SuperMan - guess SuperMan is his hero and it must be he playing SuperMan a lot in school with his friends esp Ah far, I haven't bought(not intent at all) any SuperMan custom made clothes for him or the toys.
And, don't know where he get this idea from, he insist that I tie his towel at the back with the clip, so he could pretend flying and the towel just flip around....As usual, his 'follower' Iz also wanted to act as superman like kor kor.

For Iz, I just took his baby blanket, and put the 'cap' on his head, but, he is smart, he insist on wanted to have clip as well, exactly same like kor kor.....otherwise, he won't look like superman lor.

These 2 SuperMan is eating biscuits and not 'flying'...hehe...lazy superman. That's how the weekend is spend without going anywhere except 'lock' inside the house.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iz - 1st Hair Cut at Barber Shop

All this while, Iz hair is either cut/trim by me or grandma or nowadays Dadi (he,he..can't believe ler, me too but, it is a fact) since born. You know why, it is because of this special razor cum comb. So easy and conveience and SAFE to use without need to worry it might injure their head or face. I remember I bought it even before Jona was born....

Last weekend, I realise Iz hair is growing longer, which I dislike it at all. I love to see kid or boy or Dadi hair cut short, I mean not too short like army lar....But, since my mom is not around, and Dadi is outstation, I couldn't cut Iz hair in bathroom for 20 - 30 mins, cause Jona will be all alone in living room watching TV. With all the scary news nowadays, I really don't want to take any risk at all.

So, last & only option, I bring both boys to Barber shop again....ha,ha...again, yes...and it is cheap too! Initially, no matter how I convince or persuade Iz to sit on the chair, he just said 'No, No, No' and keep hiding behind the chair or struggling when I try to carry him. And, Jona too, trying to make fun of me, saying he also dont' want to cut hair when I propose Jona go ahead first.......inside the Barber shop ler...luckily, no customer, otherwise, I bet all the ah pek, Tambi will look at me with one kind look.

Finally, Jona agree to cut his hair while Iz look at it. During the cutting session, Jona being so nice Kor Kor, keep telling Iz - "Iz, see, no pain one"...."See Iz, after cut cut, very nice one"...."See Kor Kor, nice or not"....And, lil Iz just keep watching and nod nod his cute cute head... Once Jona finished, immediately Iz volunteer himself to be sit on high chair and cut!! What a surprise!! I just think influence by Kor Kor really make Momi life is really easy ler...

Iz being so co-operative, didn't move at all and let the Barber do whatever he need.

Who know, this Barber is really LOUSY!! I really regret letting him trim Jona & Iz hair. So awful esp the front part. I guess I will be a good barber compare to him ler...Imagine: Where got Barber use scissor and just cut the front part one straight line like 'Kayan' for both Jona & Iz. And, when I complain, he used trimmer to trim it and making it too short.

And, the outcome........

See my new hair style - got 'V' shape some more

Me like Bald in hair at all..

Everyone comment: It looks ugly and keep asking why front part, being cut so short without leaving much hair to show their 'handsome' face liao.....I really feel bad about it. For the price of RM 10 for 2 boys, that's the consequence lor...Guess I will still cut Iz hair in future, but, sometimes just think of conveience mah...