Tuesday, November 25, 2008

L.O.V.E Letter

I should have post this long ago, but, was pretty busy. Anyhow, I'm just wondering how kids identify what is LOVE? Do they really know what is LOVE at the age of 5?
Before school holiday start, one day, Jona show me this 'LOVE' letter. And, when I asked him who give this to him, he told me "It is from Anabelle to Iz". I like huh? Then, he explain further "Inside the picture, Anabelle draw herself with Iz sitting on the chair eat birthday cake"......I like OK, but, then, I saw this small wording at another page, so, when I ask Jona again, he reply so relax "Anabelle love Iz".. That simple!!

When I asked Iz, he just say "I don't know".....

Geeeee...so young, at age of 5 years old? Mmmm....after several days, I saw Iz school bag got another small piece of paper, and it written only 'I LOVE You'......wow!!! So aggressive ar, the girl nowadays?? And, I'm wonder whether the girl parent esp the mommy know about this or not....

Anyway, I think it is just a puppy love, don't you think so? Or, maybe Anabelle expression of liking Iz, not that kind of LOVE right? Like to see how Anabelle look like? He,he...the girl with long hair sitting in front row .....
So fast, I can become a Mother-In-Law liao...ha,ha....soon or later right? I guess I just need to be extra careful in monitoring my 2 boys now....esp Iz. Now, is only the starting.....maybe in future, he has so many admirers that Momi need to hire a Rotweiler!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Overkilling travelling.....

Just after I complaint of getting bored of not travelling for a month, now, I'm over exhausted of keep travelling......

Today, I'm in Singapore for several days, next week, guess where I go? Yup....to Brisbane for several days again...

I truly MISS my boy boy so much!!!! Aaarrggghhhh!!!! Especially, I do realise that my boy boy has grown up so fast. Just call back home, and nowadays, I can chit chat with my boy - Jona & Iz just like adult talk.

Iz: Mommy, why you don't go buy transformer for me?
Momi: Outside raining, cannot go
Iz: Then, you take umbrella.
Momi: Cannot
Jona: Are you in the hotel now?
Momi: Yes
Iz: What noise is that?
Momi: I'm eating
Iz: With Friends?
Momi: Nope. Alone
Iz: Why, you no friend one?
Ha,ha.....It make me even missing you more, Jona & Iz!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shopping - Outcome

Have been pretty busy since I back from Bangkok - so many things to manage, handle(kids, work, housechores, etc).....really headache.....but, after thinking of the things that I bought from Bangkok, all is worthwhile.........

I thought that I have manage to control myself from buying things anymore....but, who know, when see the things so cheap in Bangkok, my hands just started to feel 'itchy' again.......
This is the most proud item that I bought.....I really love it so much, it so nice and then, I can use it to decorate my house when Chinese New Year arrived. Not need to do much cleaning, except tidying some red ribbon....And, I thought I can start decorate my house since my 2 princes is growing up liao, and who know, esp Iz, just crazy over the light. He just ON and OFF it non stop till I give up.....and, guess what, everything only cost me RM 55!!!

And, some other things for my kids and nephew and nieces...All really cheap wor....Clipper only RM 1 each, and the t-shirt(100% cotton) only RM 8 per piece. And, the accessories like note pad, etc, only cost me RM 3.90 per pack which contain lots of items as you can see.

Not forgetting wind chime - only RM 13......to make more noise - prevent me from hearing crazy neigbours talking/complaints!!

Except the magnets, cost me quite a lot, RM 2.70 per piece but, since everyone got souvenior, I need to buy for my mom right? And, not forgetting hubby - who forever only wear original HardRock shirt........
Good shopping ler, and I only end up spending around RM 200+.......ha,ha..who wanna join me for shopping in Bangkok again??

Monday, November 03, 2008

Travel: Shopping, shopping...

Times for me to travel again after 'stop' for a month.......and, you know what, the feeling is just so different, indeed, I seem to miss my frequent travelling....ha,ha...when I travel too extensive, I just feel so tired, but, then, when I don't travel that frequent, now, I start to miss travelling. Human is always Human....
Of course, if ask me to choose between travel or stay at home with my kids, I still firm with my answer: Stay at home with my kids!!!

This time, it is slightly different mainly because I got companion to travel with me - my colleague and to Bangkok!!!

And, I can shopping esp at night......mmm, I really do miss Bangkok, my favourite dessert: Water chestnut with cempadak.

This morning, Jona told me: "Momi, you go Bangkok, remember buy for me Transformer sticker okie?"
And, for little Iz, "Momi, you go today, when you coming back?" "Coming back faster ok?"