Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been enroll Jona for music class since a month ago, and it seem out of all these 'extra' classes that I enroll for him, he enjoy music class the most (which I quite surprise of it)......

And, since the class is only for 45 mins duration, and with condition that the last 15 mins, parent need to be with them, I got no choice except to wait there with Iz. And, Iz seem to be influence by his kor kor's music class too. He just love it so much, and can even sing the song and dance (even though he only attend it for 15 mins per session).

The proof of Iz love toward music can be shown as below:-
a) Initally, I don't know what he doing since he lock himself in the playroom while I busy cooking. But, I manage to snap the photo from the opening window. Can't see clearly yet. Except the music that came from the keyboard that he press on.

b) A closer look. Still unsure what he is doing now...

c) To my surprise, he even pretend to put a book on the board like pretending it is a keynote book.

d) Like he is playing a piano in front of audience by being concentrate looking on his 'keynote' book....Wow, a true lil musician huh?

Ha, cute and adorable the action, right? But, his action make me rethink again of whether I should enroll Iz for a toddler music class....Initially, my plan is only enroll him for music class when he is 4 yrs old and another thing, that make me relunctant to is that, he just stick to me like a 'UHU' glue....and if I enroll him for this toddler class, then, I need to be with him for 30 mins.....

Maybe, I should just enroll him for a trial class and see the outcome........geeee, all my money gone of paying fee for their 'classes'.....but, it is an investment that I need to do to secure their future.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Travel: Nice weather

Finally, I'm able to read mommies blog after several days....Yup, I'm on travelling again, and the weather being so nice here.....I just love it a lot except when it rain. This is a heavy travelling, being to all cities except Brisbane in a week time!! Imagine, spend almost equivalent time on flight rather than on land....anyway, use to it and nowadays, just enjoy it so much.

And, guess what? Ha,ha...called me "Old fashion", etc....but, this is really a first time, I seeing so nice toilet paper in Oz here.....just make me want to go loo more frequent :P

It is nice, isn't it? And, it is so soft too....actually I don't mind at all use it to wipe my sons face, ha, to our M'sian toilet paper.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good helper

Nowadays, I know that it is just so impossible to not having a maid, and if possible, everyone like to have a good and reliable maid/helper......For me, I choose not to have maid, since I'm travelling quite frequent and I don't know what my maid will do to my princes(after heard so many horror stories) when I'm not don't ever expected me to leave my princes with my maid alone at home.....

So, since maid is not my choice, I have to find a reliable helper.....Know what it is.....My dryer machine...he,he....currently.

My hubby has been persuaded me to buy dryer since 2000 when we are still staying in apartment. He told me how nice and useful, blah,blah...and you know me - very stubborn woman and not easily convince..So, I keep saying no, no, no...till middle of last year, he just somehow manage to convince me and maybe, after so many years, I do agree with him.

Even tho the dryer came to our house, I just don't use it and still prefer to dry my kids clothes on sunlight(so, half way sleepy and suddenly the dark cloud covering my sunshine, I have to rush out my house to bring in the clothes during weekend - just imaging). Only my mom is a good user and fully utilise it till end of last year. She as senior people really praise the dryer, how good it is, etc....I really impressed with my mom of no problem in learning all those 'Hi-Tech' stuff. So before my mom went back hometown, she teach me how to use it, etc.....

And, from that day onward, I never look back anymore....and, don't even bother whether it is raining outside or shinny or whatever...cause I have a reliable and good helper - DRYER to help me dry the clothes!! Can have a nice nap with my kids inside the house.....zzzzz

A bit regret of not buying it earlier when hubby propose...ha,ha....
See, my good helper, even can separate the money/coin out for me from the clothes.....and, the dust/sand/etc.....

It just make my house chores getting much more easier and I just realise that sometimes, I don't really need to have a human helper(which will make me burst my blood vessel if they are not well behave) but, with all those machine helper which has it own functionality, it is much more than enough........

Friday, April 11, 2008

How Sweet & Lovely.......

Recently, Iz just love to take photo album and look at it....funny part, he only choose his own photo album. Yeah, I did separate few photo albums - one for Jona, one for Iz, and together, as well as family.....I don't know how he know, but, he just know that blue photo album is belong to him.

So, here is the cute conversation between me and Iz - regarding the content of his photo album:-

His 1st Photo Album - contain his photo from day 1; even inside the OT (fhuiyoo...luckily, my gynae so sporting and allowed us to snap some pic, of course lor, think about it, the surgery cost us a BOMB!) But, it worth the memories....

Iz: Momi, why the baby open his mouth big big one?
Momi: Ooo...dr need to suck the fluid from baby mouth
Iz: Momi, where is momi? How come no Momi one?
Momi: *Smiling* Momi lying on the table for Dr to 'open' up...see momi tummy - pointing to my tummy

Iz: Momi, why the baby sleep there one?
Momi: Ooo...because Iz so tired, so, Iz sleep on Iz own bed
Iz: But, where is Momi? I want Momi **and wanted to start crying liao*
Momi: Momi in momi recovery room

Iz: Momi, why no Iz one?
Momi: *Smile* Got, this is Iz, when Iz is baby
Iz: Ooooo....(feel so happy)

Iz: Momi, how come no Momi one?
Momi: Got Dadi with Iz mah - point to Dadi
Iz: No, no..I don't want Dadi. I want Momi (and start to scream and crying saying he doesn't want Dadi but want Momi)
Momi: Got, got, just that for this picture, Momi take photo (and open to next photo and show him: Momi and Iz)

Iz: yeah, yeah, Momi and Iz, Momi and Iz sweet of him ler.....every pictures, definitely must see momi one, if not, he will feel bad and start to cry....Ha, inseparable. My sweet little darling....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tag: 6 Non Important Things About Me

It seem that I have lack of Tag for quite some times already, till Leoni send to me again......thanks ya!

These are the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
So here you go...

1. I don't take lunch, but, of course with heavy breakfast. I don't know why but, I just able to stand till dinner time. And, if I do take lunch, I don't eat mix rice......
2. After deliver Iz, I just don't feel sleepy no matter what/how/etc during office hour. Never ever open my mouth or feel tired at all till when I babysit my kids to sleep. It is so funny even though sometimes I had heavy lunch, whereas my colleagues all complain sleepy but, I just feel so energetic.
3. I'm very 'loyal'. My colleague introduce me ice cream stick with red bean flavour. So from that day onward, I always eat that flavour and never want to change at all.
4. I always dot down on my own calendar regarding my own duty rooster at home. When I 'bath' my fishes, sweep the floor, etc......guess I'm old liao.
5. All the photos in my laptop, on my desk is full of my boys photo from newborn till today. Guess I just so crazy about them.
6. I'm a lousy driver. I really hate park my car in side parking or reverse my car into the parking. If I do, I need to take longer time to do it even though my car is small....ha,ha

I won't pass this tag to anyone, but, if you free to do it. Please do it, so I know you better :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How you entertain your kids during meal time?

During dinner outside my house, I just need to prepare something for my kids - entertain them while I enjoy my food. Otherwise, I won't have peaceful meal. I don't know, both of them just won't sit long enough to really enjoy the food or maybe, since young, they are not trained to sit and finish the food.

My hubby always comment: "I just don't know what I have eaten"....everytimes, if we went out for dinner at food court, etc.....cause he has to eat pretty fast and when is my turn, he has to entertain both of his princes....or feed them while he eat.

But, last weekend, while we eat at steamboat restaurant which using porridge as their 'soup'(very nice and yummy ler), I have well prepare some activites for Jona and Iz. Of course lor, eating with relatives ler, so, must show some manners ....

See, Jona just so concentrate on doing some colouring on the book. In earlier day, I have purposely ask Dadi, go and buy magic colour so, he can do some colouring or drawing later on. And, he really behave well. Eat properly and throughout the meal time, he just sitting there without moving around.

For Iz, luckily, my hubby niece give him a 'crystal ball'. It is a tiny ball, which if you add water, it will expand and become pretty big ball - like a size of one cent coin or bigger. And, Iz quite fascinate with it.....but, too bad, it won't last long enough.

I guess, when kid grow up, they will start to behave well during meal time. Definitely not for kid that is below 4 years old, like Iz.......

Friday, April 04, 2008

BaBy, BaBy, BaBy

My biological clock is ticking very fast now, and I know that I'm not that young anymore which I can think of when to have baby.......

Actually, middle of last year, everyone esp from my family - mom, bro, and sis, has been keep asking me to consider when I plan to have a BaBy GIRL....yes, a baby girl. Reason: because I still don't have baby girl yet, and they all think that I should have a baby girl cause girl more filial, etc....which I know it is true (in reality).

And, Iz nanny too. Keep telling me that I need to have a baby girl, cause Iz is so cute and good boy, so, she said it is a pity if I don't have to have another one when I told her, I'm not planning to have baby anymore. She even want to book me for my next baby, and give me assurance that she will babysit my baby.....ha, nice of her.

Anyone ask me to have one, I won't so bother about it. I will just inform them nicely saying "I think I'm happy with 2 lovely princes and not to plan to have anymore".....Till early of this year, one night, suddenly hubby ask me

Hubby: "Are you sure you don't want to have anymore baby"?
Me: "Sure, no more. Scare lar" Why?
Hubby: You sure?! Cause you always want to have baby girl regret?
Me: Ha, regret, even tho I really want to have baby girl, but, how sure you, that I will pregnant with baby girl. If boy come out, how?
Hubby: yalor hor....
Me: Taking care of 2 boys is not easy ler....blah,blah..blah...

And, he just keep quiet liao.....and he keep 'asking' me for several night, and some more, try to influence or hint me to have another baby.

I just feel miserable......should I go for another baby or just firm on my decision of stopping at 2? Actually, my wish is to have 3 kids - 2 boys and 1 girl, and it seem so coincident, at the moment, I already have 2 boys with GOD blessing.

While I keep thinking about it, my biological clock keep ticking away. It is easy to plan for baby, but, raising a kid is really a demanding job which at the moment, I don't think I'm a good mommy and capable of raising 3 kids....he,he...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I want it too.....

Do you face this kind of situation daily? I do.....

Nowadays, whatever I bought either for Jona or Iz, I need to buy 2 sets. Otherwise, Jona will insist that he want to have same thing like Iz, or start to cry when Iz doesn't let Jona play with it. Same goes for Iz......If I buy new tumbler for Jona, he will insist to have the same. If not, then, when I or Jona didn't realise it, he will 'steal' and drink from Jona tumbler!!

Same goes for toys, towels, etc....anything you can names it except clothes (ha,ha..don't ask me, I don't know why for clothes, they are happy with my decision). Both of them need to have it even thought the pattern might be different. Sometimes, I hate to buy same thing for both of them, cause it left me with not much choices or varieties.
How you manage this kind of situation with more than 2 kids?