Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to Batik Beach

See how talkative Iz is….He can talk and entertain his Dadi throughout the journey to Batik Beach. And, it is good as well since Dadi just love to fall asleep when he is in comfy environment.
Once reach the beach, the 2 boys are so happy and really enjoying themselves playing with the sand. Jona, initially, so reluctant to go into the sea, but, Dadi manage to convince him and only if condition Dadi carry him.
For Iz, no matter how we persuade or convince him, he just doesn’t want to go into the sea. He rather plays with the sand all day long. Aiyah…I’m just wonder, back at home, he is the one who is crazy with water and can play nonstop till most of the time, I have to threaten him to get him out from bathroom.
Should organize more beach trip for my boys…..

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