Monday, March 12, 2007

Conversation among 2 brothers...

Some conversation between Jona and Isaac Noel (really funny and cute):-

At night, before sleep (nowdays, both sleep together on matress since grandma leave). Pack in ONE big room.

After said prayer together with Jona (thanks to grandma for develop praying habits in Jona since baby)

Jona: Amen (very loud and strong)
Isaac: Men Men
Jona: No, Isaac, it is 'Amen'. Said 'Amen'
Isaac repenting what Jona said: Men Men
Jona: No, said 'Amen' , Isaac
Isaac keep quiet for a moment, then, said with much lower voice:
Jona: Good.....
(Every nite, need to correct Isaac, he,he...guess Isaac know this 'teacher' very fierce lor...sometimes, Isaac just don't want to repeat)

We eat snack and I'm too lazy to throw the plastic bag into dustbin.

Mom: Jona, please help me throw this into dustbin. Mommy tired.
Jona: No, Jona also tired (** roll my eyes, so lazy). Isaac, throw this into dustbin.

Pass it to Isaac.

Little Isaac, grab it and immediately run to kitchen, and open the dustbin cover, and throw it!! Wow, to my surprise, he understand what Jona told him and know where is dustbin. I never teach him that + nanny speak to Isaac in Mandarin...

Jona pee pee in toilet bowl. After that, Isaac walk in and look at the toilet bowl:

Isaac: Dirty..dirty... (ha,ha..lazy Jona, never flush)

Isaac uttering the word and pick up the vocabulary really fast (I'm really impressed with him)...

Ta Ta - Cane, cane (if he purposely throw something on floor or make mistake, he will said...."oh o, ta ta"
Wo wer - Flower
Bird - bird
Ball - Ball (his favorite)
Car - Car (his favourite)
Men men - Amen
Dirty - dirty
mum mum - eat
nen nen - milk
te ter - water
ma ma - mommy
da di - daddy
wo wo - dog
mon - moon
ta yang - sayang
muak - kiss


chanelwong said...

getting interesting as they grew bigger...

chanelwong said...

getting interesting as they grew bigger...