Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fish SPA

On Labour Day, hubby suddenly propose going to Pavillion for a walk since we never been there yet. And, suddenly, HealthFreakMommy - Fish Spa trigger my memory, so, I propose my hubby and mom to go and have a try.

When I asked Iz whether he would like to join us for the fish spa, immediately he said 'YES'. But, not Jona, he just insist 'no', and even force us not to go in, but, after some persuasion saying that he can join us, but, just sitting beside us, he agree finally.

And, hubby is also another culprit that I need to persuade as well, cause he just thinking the water is too dirty with so many people (who doesn't know whether their leg is ok or not), and might get some disease or whatsoever. But, when seeing my mom and myself going for it and it is not expensive, he willing to give it a try.

My legs

See, immediately I put down my leg, all the small and cute fishes came to nibble my legs. Initially it is so 'geli' but, after a while, really like no feeling at all. My mom and hubby keep complaining saying it is not fair at all, cause all the fishes nibble my legs and not theirs. And, not worth the money for them...ha,ha...I don't know why, but the fishes really just nibble my legs lor for 30 mins ler(so hardworking fishes).....he,he..

Hubby legs

Anyway, I just think the small fish even though a lot, but, really no 'power' ler, but, it is really a big different, when suddenly a big fish come and nibble on my leg - can feel it.


Hubby - definitely won't go for second times cause immediately after he pull out his legs, he washes it for so long and once reach home, he washes his leg again.....He just doesn't trust the water, :P

Me - I won't be going anymore, even I do enjoy it for a while. Unless they change all the fishes to big fish. If still small fishes, feeling, so, no enjoyment.

Mom - She also won't go anymore liao, cause she said just for experience.....


Wen said...

there is one in PJ, no need go all the way to pavillion..hehe

MamaJo said...

Wen: Is it? Where is it? I don't know wor....aiyah...Pavillion so boring one :P

Wai Wai said...

Hmm... Jo, I wonder what so special about your feet eh?? LOL

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good experience hor, but no 2nd time for me too.

chanelwong said...

looks like good experience...

MamaJo said...

Waiwai: Ha,ha...nothing special at all, just want to have experience about it...just like you soak your leg in swimming pool for certain times :P

Healthfreakmommy: He,he..same for me lor

Chanelwong: You should go and try as well...really fun with family