Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travel: Taiwan

What a horrible experience on this trip. On my way to Taipei last Thu, imagine, you paying so high price for the MAS airline and you are sweating inside their plane before depart. Previously, in my hubby old car, when the car is not moving, the air compressor or air con is not working, so I will feel extremely hot and warm - sometimes feel dizzy.
And, in MAS flight, it is the first time, I experience the same scenario. The aeroplane compressor is spoilt and imagine, you are stuck inside big AirBus with so many people and still waiting for some passengers to be on board!!! And, the pilot just apologise for the condition saying.......and when the plane start moving, the air con will back to normal". The flight is flying to Taipei and then, Los Angeles!!

Geee, I just wondering, where does the money goes to? Shouldn't the airline service their plane frequently?

And, now, I might be stuck in Taipei due to their 'unexpected' typhoon.....Aiyooo, now, only I know, when I heard the new of Typhoon when I back home(from CNN channel), I don't really feel it and don't really know how serious the Typhoon can bring. But, now, since I stuck in Taipei and might not be able to go home tomorrow....I can feel the tense that Taipei people is facing now. The government has announced that tomorrow is declare public holiday due to Typhoon and it will get worst from tonight till tomorrow afternoon. They expected the typhoon to be strong typhoon.

So, I really don't know what to do. I do miss my boys and, I need to call airline tomorrow to confirm and if not cancel, then, my flight might be delayed or I will be transfer to another airline or transit at some other countries!!

Just pray for me that I will be able to go home safely!! The typhoon is horrible and it really blow the cloud so fast.........

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