Friday, August 07, 2009

Work Smart, Play Hard.....

I don’t know what happen. I have been pretty busy since June this year. So many things need to be manage and taken care of. I just think that 24 hours is really not enough for me to manage all these, and due to this circumstance, I have lost weight extremely.

Everyone seem me include my customer, has been asking me, why I lose weight again. Yup, and my blog diary also received some impact as well ~ as you see, I no longer able to write frequently anymore (even though previously, I also didn’t’ update frequently, but, at least, there is some update about my princes).

My job task has getting tough month by month especially from 1st July onward. I will be in charge of AP region exclude Japan market. Previously, I don’t have to cover China or HK (as we have an office there), but, now, yes. I even have to manage my colleague there to make sure everything run smoothly.

Haha…if only my remuneration package is BIG and attractive as well, then, I won’t be grumpy and complain anymore….

Of course there is Pros & Cons for everything. With this job task, I will be able to provide better living for my princes and my future, but, then, I will miss my princes even more with my ‘heavy’ travelling. Maybe, my Iz is big boy already, as he no longer cry or miss me so much when I travelling which of course am good to me (as I can concentrate more on my assignments).

I hope I could find some solution soon, or would this be my early middle life crisis? Haha


michelle said...

Those left behind, sure take over everything. More travel = more shopping...hehehehe

Sasha said...

good and bad ler.. that's why i left the office world. But that's life, everything has its good and bad.

Wen said...

wei, its ok la, just try to spend more time with whenever u are around lor, or better yet, be a SAHM or PTWM.
btw, who is the lil girl? u planning to have a little girl is it?

MamaJo said...

Michelle: Haha...thanks for comforting is true that I could shop more if I travel more :)

Sasha: True lor....stay at home too long also will gone crazy like my sis(raise white flag liao) :P

Wen: Mmm...still thinking, thinking...haha...that's my youngest niece. Don't ever think I will reopen my 'factory' for production anymore, but, do LOVE girl so much!!! So, she is the lucky girl lor...just pamper her with whatever girl stuff I could get from oversea...haha