Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Travel again...

My job need me to travel quite extensively....and today, I need to travel to Taiwan till Monday (23rd Oct) and stay at home for 2 days before 'off' again to HK till Sat (28th Oct) next week....which mean that I will 'miss' my darling sons so much and dont' see them for 2 consecutive weekends...

This morning scenario between Jona and myself is quite 'cute' and 'sad' for me to accept...

I was double check my stuff this morning around 7.15am when Jona suddenly pop up in front of me...As usual, after he wake up, he will come down straight from his room (while grandma wash and brush teeth). The conversation start:-

Jona : Good morning, mummy
Mummy : Good morning, Jona

(saw a cab outside our house)

Jona: There is a car outside (then, he walk to the sofa)
Mummy : Yes. Jona. Mummy going outstation again. This time, going to Taipei and back on Monday.
Jona: mmm..ok. Good bye, mummy
Mummy: ?? (just thinking: wow, my son really grown up lor...know me going outstation)
Mummy: You must be a good boy when mummy not around ok?
Jona: OK.
Mummy: Don't be naughty ya?
Jona: OK
Mummy: Give mummy a hug and kiss
Jona obey hug me and give me a sweet kiss.....(I almost cried...)

While walk to the door,

Jona: Good bye, mummy
Mummy: Good bye, darling


chanelwong said...

so sad...have to travel a lot...change job?

Josephine said...

he,he...still consider lor...any good recommendation huh?