Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Separation Anxiety - Nanny

Today is the 3rd day Iz went to daycare with Jona. And, today is the most happiest moment for his Dadi and Momi. Know why? Because Iz is no longer crying for his auntie(his babysitter) anymore, meaning he know that he need to go to daycare with his kor kor already.....too bad, Dadi didnt' capture the moment of Iz holding his kor kor hands and walk together into their kindy!!
Thinking back, it is indeed really a hard and sad moment for Iz to 'separate' from his auntie. From the way he talked and acted, etc, can see that he really appreciate the effort and care that his auntie has poured on him since he is 2 mths old baby.......can see how deep the auntie and uncle has 'love' him unconditionally.

Day 1: Wake up, already show his sour face. And, especially, when I changed him, he ask me this questions:

Iz: Momi, today I go where?
Momi: To daycare with Kor Kor
Iz: But, I want to go to my auntie house (with a sad tone).
Momi: mmmm...cannot
Iz: Why?
Momi: Because auntie not around. She went back hometown, seeing gong gong (lying to him).
Iz: Start crying and said: But, I want my auntie.....I want to see Eng eng and Xi Ying. Why Auntie don't want me ar? (another 2 lil girls that auntie is looking after)
Me, speechless and just able to hug him tight.

Day 2: I went to work and let Dadi turn to manage Iz. Wake up, Iz already started crying and keep saying "I want my auntie" "I want my auntie" repeating for several times.

Once arrived at kindy, Iz locked the car door, not wanting to go out, and Dadi has to comfort him. Then, when out, hug Dadi like Koala, so tight and won't let go......Reached inside the kindy, Uncle Yen take over, and Iz start crying so loud and keep shouting "I want my auntie" "I want my auntie" "I want to go with uncle for yum chai!!"

Yesterday, whole day, Dadi and myself feel so bad and helpless. We did discussed of might sending Iz back to his auntie house if his condition is not improving. We don't want him to feel so sad.

And, this morning, miracle happen. GOD might hear my prayer. Iz so happy and even manage to finish his milk without needing to use 'syringe'..... :)

Can really see that Iz 'love' his auntie so much, and no doubt the auntie also MISS Iz so much by keep calling to get her update on Iz!!
Not forgetting, Momi has more 'work' to do + pity my 2 boys has to bring 1 school bag + 1 daycare bag(each one) to go to school from next week onward. Sleeping bag need to bring on first day of the week and bring back home on last day of the week to be washed :O..........


Ling That's Me said...

give him some more time and he will get used to going to daycare

jia you! :)

mybabybay said...

He may feel better if you can make him feel that nanny still want him. He sound so sad when he said that nanny don't want him.

Wen said...

not many ppl can find good nanny.

MamaJo said...

Ling that's me: Hoping with full heart...but, yesterday, when I fetch him, he really so happy...thanks for the encouragement!

Mybabybay: Yalor..I plan to bring him go see nanny this weekend, at the same time, pack back all his stuff....

Wen: She really is a good nanny, no doubt except now, she is looking after another 2 young babies, which she did 'careless' looking after Isaac.