Monday, August 04, 2008

Know the value of money

2 weeks ago, while I was busy doing some housechores, suddenly I heard this conversation between my 2 princes:-

Iz : Kor Kor, I want to eat ar
Jona: You want?
Iz nodded his head.
Jona: Ok, you give me hundred buck and I will give this to you
Iz: But, I don't have ler
Jona: Ask from anyone lar. No hundred buck, I don't give to you

And, Jona just ride his bicycle away. Iz run to me and ask

Iz: Mummy, you got money or not? Can give me money or not?
Momi: Why?
Iz: I want money.....and his eyes seem got tears
Momi: Ok, Ok, my purse and give him RM 1.

Iz: Kor, Kor, I got money, nah
Jona: Okie, nah, take it...

And, this little Iz grab the snack, and faster open it and eat (**fainted his mommy**). At another end, Jona just feel so happy, showing off the money that he got from Iz in exchange of his snack.....At the end, both feel proud and happy of themselves.

Even though Jona and Iz still don't really know the value of the money, but, I'm quite happy to see at least they know that if you want something, you need to pay for it and not just simply snatch or fight to have it.....still long way to learn for them.


Health Freak Mommy said...

My kids also don't know the value of money. When we are at the bakery, they want to buy everything and just put anything that they fancy onto the tray and expect daddy to pay!

mybabybay said...

Wow, Jona so young already know how to do business. So what did he do with the $1?

MamaJo said...

Healthfreakmommy: He,he....nowadays, kids doesn't really know the value of $$$ liao...

Mybabybay: He,he...he love to keep it...don't know for what reason, he won't spend it...

The writer said...

they got atm machine now... their mummy!