Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lovely Friends

Do you have lovely friends that accompany you when you watch television or when you sleep or when you eat or play?

My Jona does!! He always being so gentle & soft & caring in his heart even though he is playful most of the time. Should say, has opposite character when he is settle down. Haha...

Usually he will bring these soft toys to sleep with him in his bed, cover them using same blanket he used, or eat with them. One night after he sleep, I manage to force myself not fall asleep with them and came down to do some house cleaning.

See what I found? Haha....these are Jona's lovely friend ~ sitting firmly on top of the sofa facing television. I think he forgot to bring them up with him that night.
Don't that look cute and adorable? How about you? Do you have lovely friends as well??


mybabybay said...

Is tat a McD bear? I have 2 of them, T&E.

Sasha said...

hahah that's cute! my son bring along his train everywhere

Wen said...

haha! i dont hv any frens, can i borrow one?

MamaJo said...

Mybabybay: Yup...and I got 2 too: J&I

Sasha: Hehe...so cute to see them bringing their beloved toys hor...but, dislike if they see new toy, they ask you to carry their beloved toys :P

Wen: When he bored with them after 3 days, he will be happy to lend to you :)