Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Fun time with Foams

Last weekend, suddenly I’m not feeling well again. I guess it might be due to weather, I got migraine attack again (after so long didn’t experience it). It is not funny at all this time, as Dadi is out of town. But, GOD is really listening to my prayer, as both boy boy really behave so well till I can’t believe myself.

They keep playing with their foam ~ non stop!! So fun and enjoying pasting the foam, plus lot of giggling among them. I have to say that I really proud with both of them esp. Jona. See from the outcome, it seems Jona really use his brain (being creative ~ alamak can’t think which side is for creativity). A cute people holding balloon, got cake with 1 candle, making a photo frame ~ All these is invented by Jona himself without any guideline from me. And, I like this the most: draw eyes and put one spiral foam as ‘tongue’…….

1st(from Left):I like most and the cutest one ~ funny face!! 2nd and 3rd from left: some of Jona creations

Left side: Photo frame with FOOD Right side: Jona first creation...

I still remember I bought this foam book as well as the foam set one year back when I went to Australia on biz trip. During that time, Jona didn’t really seem to be interest with it at all till last weekend; suddenly he took the foam out from box and start playing with it together with Iz.
Foam Book ~ full of ideas....

When the pre-cut foam shape is running out, it force Iz to start using his brain to think of how to utilize the remaining foam (as he can’t follow the design in the book anymore) which is good.

Iz creations, of course with the help from Momi and Jona(to paste). Upper, 3rd from left side: Iz own idea (without the help from book). And, Lower, 3rd from Right: His first creation ~ man holding balloon (copycat).

I just love to see my sons play and use their brain indirectly without forcing them to do homework esp. on weekend. This is definitely one of the ways to simulate their brain power. Too bad, that I just can’t find these kind of foam in any bookstore in Malaysia. Do you know where I can get this pre-cut foam shape again from Malaysia OR I have to go Oz again to get the supply?


mybabybay said...

Very creative and cute. I wonder do they sell it here.

Wen said...

this looks fun for the kids. do they sell it here?

MamaJo said...

Mybabybay: No, that's the problem.

Wen: Last time, I bought it from Australia...Guess I need to search again when I go Taipei soon... :)