Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of Guilty???

Yes, I'm travelling again......I'm travelling to this country where they serve the best 'Mango Snow Ice' just like our ABC. It is really tasty and nice(with lot of condense milk).....but, too bad, this time, because it is Auturm, they don't have mango available(what an excuse!!)

My Dinner with my favorite Snow Ice!!!
I don't know why this time, I feel so guilty of not spending weekend time with my 2 boys. I guess I really prefer to spend my weekend with my kids, as weekend mean, more free time together and can do whatever we want at home(Dadi also agree with me when he spend last weekend at home)....Dadi say "It is so relaxing and enjoyable!!"

And, I know it is wrong of compensate my 'away' time with kid by buying things as they request. I think it is just to make myself happy. Sometimes, tt is so hard to be a working mom, especially working mom that involve lot of travelling. PLUS, when the 'management' don't really appreaciate what you did and sacrifice. When I left home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Jona fall sick ~ fever, cough, flu and phelgm. I really hate it when I travel, my son not feeling well......I don't know why, I just prefer to stay at home when this happen(but I know it is impossible), as I don't wish Iz 'incident ~ getting febrile fit' happen again.

Remote Car for Jona AND Helicopter for Iz...(hope Dadi wont' fainted again this time)
Backdate conversation:-
Me: Jona, Iz, Momi need to go travelling again soon
Iz: Momi, where ar?
Me: Taiwan
Iz: Must take aeroplane one ar?
Me: Yes
Iz: Momi, this time, I want aeroplane got control remote one, ok?
Me: Ok, I try my best ya, but, no promise whether I got time to shop or not. How about you, Jona?
Jona: Momi, next time, you don't have to ask me what I want. Anything, just buy anything for me. Anything, I will like it one.
Me: **speechless** ok.

CARS hanger and the craft foam!! I manage to find it in Taiwan, and they even have so many choices like flower, butterfly shape, etc...

And, now, I really can't wait to go home, as I have something for them when they see me. I feel bad everytimes, if I can't buy what they want. As esp Iz, every night, when I talk to him, he will ask me "Momi, where are you now?" "Have you buy me an aeroplane control remote one ar?"


mybabybay said...

I don't think your kids mind your traveling especially you bring so many goodies back.

My children asking me when I will be traveling so they can received goodies *rolleyes*.

Health Freak Mommy said...

The mango snow ice looks really refreshing!

Wen said...

boys being boys! hehe

MamaJo said...

Mybabybay: you travel so frequent too?

Healthfreakmommy: Yup...really, you should try it out if you go Taipei...

Wen: Yup...only toys in their mind.

Harley Square said...

Hey Josephine,
How's there in Mat? Heard that many 'kelam kabut' story leh..