Thursday, April 02, 2009

NO ENTRY, Please...

Timid Boy? That’s Jona boy. Since young, he is very timid even until now. If he needs to go toilet, he need someone to go with him even though at our own house or if he need to go upstair to get something or go inside the playroom to get his toys. So, you can imagine how tiring especially if he only want to go toilet only for several times a day……..what to do, he is Jona boyJ.

Yesterday, while I was busy preparing dinner, suddenly Jona ran to me, half screaming, “Mommy, mommy, come with me faster!!”

Momi: Why? What happen?
Jona: I’m so urge (holding his penis with both hands like prevent the urine from leak out)
Momi: What’s wrong? Just go toilet. The light is on and I’m here near you.
Jona: No, no, I’m scare. There is something inside the toilet and it is black colour.
Momi: Oooo…it is just a cockroach. You don’t disturb him, and he won’t come and disturb you too. Go, faster.

At the same time, Iz came and go disturb the cockroach and it immediately hides somewhere else while Jona release his urge peaceful.

After that, I saw Jona so busy drawing something and then, ask Dadi for tape. You know what happen?
Haha….He draw a cockroach and then, put ‘X’sign mean no entry to cockroach so they cannot come in and paste it on every door in our house!!!

Kid really dares to do thing that is out of our imagination. He thought the cockroach will understand his drawing sign and won’t go into our house again after reading it…..Anyone need this sign for your house??


Health Freak Mommy said...

Muahahaha.... he is sooo funny and cute! Know what, I am absolutely terrified of roaches too!!

mybabybay said...

Hahahah...just like my son. He did that to the ants.

MamaJo said...

HealthfreakMommy: even worst!! Scare of thing that is moving...hehe, guess Jona inherited timid from me..oopss!!

Mybabybay: Wow, can be the leader!! hehe

Wen said...

LOL! i wonder if he will draw that nobody will enter his room when he is 16 yrs old