Friday, November 17, 2006

DIY - change clothes

Jona start to practise change his clothes all by himself, when he is almost 3 years old. Nowdays, when we want to go out, sleep or after bath or meal, all we need to do is, just pass him some clothes and pants and he will do the rest.... it is a sign that showing Jona is BIG boy liao, can be so independent..

But, initially it is really a hard time for all of us when Jona insist change by himself.....when he put the clothes wrongly and we try to guide him, he will just cried, yelled and make some fuss....this dramatic will drag for half an hour especially when mummy need to rush somewhere else.

Luckily, Jona is clever and these 'up-growing' period didn't took too long for he to learn a new skill how to be independent and change clothes by himself....

Another milestones for Jonathan!!

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