Monday, November 20, 2006

Mommy, where Isaac?

Hooray, school holiday start = meaning I won't be stuck in traffic even tho I woke up late (hi,hi...actually, I still don't feel the school holiday mood yet, maybe, Jona is still young - not really schooling yet)...

This morning when I wake up at 7.15am, after wash my face, Jona came to my room (as usual).

Jona: Mummy, where Isaac?
Mummy: **smile** and show where Isaac sleep to him

:p so funny...early morning, Jona is already looking for Isaac...and funny is, Isaac still sleep like 'KAYU' or 'PIG' on his matress but, Jona can't find him.... he,he...make mummy Monday morning so excited and funny...think of it, still will laugh...

Maybe, can't blame Jona too...still blur blur, plus mummy put so many 'white' pillow at the edge of Isaac matress (scared this little pig fall down lor)...and yesterday nite, Isaac wear white pyjamas with some cartoon in the middle, how to find Isaac in early morning?? ;p

Can see that Jona, even tho, always fight with Isaac, but, without Isaac in the morning, Jona just feel so boring...same for Isaac too = that's what BROTHERS for (that's why, mummy want to have at least 2 kids)

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chanelwong said...

good brothers...which mean they are very should be happy