Friday, January 02, 2009

Cameron Trip - Pt 2

Jona is always a cheerful boy, but, too timid!!! I guess it is mainly inherited from me. Like yesterday night, while I was having my dinner, suddenly he cried and run to me from the bathroom saying "Got worm, worm"........and then, I realise that he is washing a seashell which inside got a small worm crawling out!!

While we are enjoying ourselves in Cameron, Jona just too scare to even take photo together with 'dead' butterfly or any animals!! I bet he just love the strawberry farm trip as he get the privileges to go and pluck the strawberry with grandma PLUS the strawberry is not a 'moving' stuff.....

The best part is, he really love to take pictures and always give me a sponteous smile or nice pose. Didn't his pose better than his Momi??

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