Friday, January 09, 2009

Flower Basket with Wine??

This morning, I received a surprise delivery from someone: Flower basket with wine (as it stated)...Guess who is the sender??? Ha,ha...everyone passing by my table sure will take a look and ask this question. Everyone thought it is from my dearie hubby, as anniversary surprise or gift.

Too bad, the answer is 'no'.

This wonderful gift is from my HQ to thanks and congrate me of being a proud winner of the 'Defeat the economy' contest ~ where my team score the highest sales this year!!! Thanks for the gift my dear colleague.

And, now, I left with dilemma, as I don't drink champagne (white or red wine or beer), and hubby is not allowed to drink it too due to health reason. So, I guess, I should 'donate' this champagne to my dear colleagues to enjoy it. As it say "Share your happiness with everyone"!! Plus, my boss is leaving soon ~ good reason to open this champagne to drink during farewell dinner......


mybabybay said...

Bravo to you and congratulations!! I bet it comes with a big bonus too.

MamaJo said...

Mybabybay: Ha, big bonus, but, hope to be able to get another champagne this year :P