Monday, August 27, 2007

Sport Day: 18th August 2007

This is a backdate post. Jona's sport day on 18th August 2007.

Early morning, around 6.30am, Jona wake up and 'force' all of us to wake up too. Reason: He want to get ready and go to Sport Day at his kindy...This is the 1st year he attend his Sport Day.

Jona: So excited, finished his milk without much problem, get changed and ready.

Iz: So happy too, cause finally he can go to 'SCHOOL', which he has keep begging us to bring him.

Daddy: Purposely postpone his outstation trip to afternoon, so, he could watch his son sport day wor...Ready with camera and videocam.

Once we reached school, there are quite a number of parents and their kids arrive and already being assigned ingroup. Jona got BLUE tag meaning under Blue group. It is a teamwork meaning around 4 - 8 persons in one group.

The event start with singing Negaraku song and then prayer. And, followed by School motto. All went so smoothly and the weather is nice too for this event. All parents are so excited: ready with videocam or camera in hand - snapping photos.

The sport event divided into 3 categories: 4 yrs old, 5 yrs old and 6 yrs old.
But, during the prize ceremony, thing has turned a bit chaos...maybe, it is around 10 something, kid get hungry, parent can't wait take photo of their kid holding a medal, wanted go shopping, etc....

Overall, Jona play 3 games - passing balloon, holding pingpong ball using spoon and picking up hat, wear and run back to his team. Dadi and me really quite impressed with Jona sport spirit. He really followed instruction well, having sport spirit with his team member. So, ath the end his team win 1 Gold medal and 2 Silver medal. Jona just feel so happy holding the medals. While Jona busy 'Q'ing for another medal, not forgotten, my lil Iz....He just grab this opportunity to hold the medal, pose with it (pretending like the medal is belong to him which he won).....ha, funny.

At the end, nothing could beat their MILK MILK(guess it is still much better than anything else include MEDAL)....grab it like nobody business at all....


mybabybay said...

yBravo many medals. But milk still the best.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, Jona is so disciplined, can even wake up soooo early.... and bravo to him for the medals!

chanelwong said...

bravo must be a fun fun 18 Aug 2007 must be good day, Jeriel's kindy got funfair

MamaJo said...

Mybabybay: He,he, thanks!...Milk is his main meal...He dislike food.

HealthFreakMommy: Thanks. Don't know why he can wake up so early lor even though he sleep around 10pm...which meaning Momi got less sleep lor :(

ChanelWong: Yeah, after sport day at Jona kindy, I went to Sri Nobel School (Jeriel kindy)for the funfair. It is extremely hot and lots of people. Did you went there?