Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Conversation between Jona & Isaac

I really old liao....now, trying so hard to crack my brain to refresh back the conversation between my 2 boys....it is really interesting and funny when I heard both communicate:-

Scenario 1:

Mommy is busy watching Astro channel AEC (singapore drama about blind girl, etc...) and Isaac is don't know what reason crying most of the time (after back from nanny house)....

Jona and Isaac sitting in front of the DVD player

Jona: Zac, zac...don't cry, ok?
Isaac still crying while pointing to DVD player...
Jona: zac, zac, you want watch barney is it?
Jona: Mommy, Isaac wan to watch barney, can I open for him?

Mommy very shiok watching AEC, only left another 15 mins..

Mommy: Don't want....later ok?!

Jona: zac,zac, mommy want to watch tv now..zac, zac, later Kor Kor open barney for you ok? don't cry (while rubbing Isaac hair)

Scenario 2:

Both sitting on the floor

Isaac: chor chor, chor chor (keep repeating call his kor kor)
Jona: yes, zac zac...
Isaac pointing to his leg, showing the mosquito bite
Isaac: bite, bite (meaning mosquito bite)
Jona: ooo...never mind, Jona will ask mommy apply vick for you ok?
Isaac just nod his head..

Really melt my heart when I see both communicate so lovely - got brotherhood love...but, wait till you see both fighting.....nowadays, both just can play so peacefully giving mommy a break to watch my favourite tv or read quick newspaper...


Contribution from Chin Nee said...

so cute your lil boys :)

chanelwong said...

very blessed....close brothers and sayang each other

MamaJo said...

yeah..but, fighting time, mommy dare not take a look...