Monday, May 14, 2007

Birthday, fun, fun

Even though daddy birthday has past (last month - April), but, the joy of seeing my 2 princes sooo excited about it make me wonder: is my boys really grown up?

They seem to be really enjoy the whole scene: from seeing the cake -> putting candle on -> sing birthday song -> make a wish -> cutting the cake -> final part, eat the cake..

Seeing the cake:
Jona: Wowww, is MOUSE!!! Really pretty..
Isaac: moue, moue (meaning mouse)...keep pointing his finger on it and try to poke on it several times
(while mommy keep thinking it is a ladybird, kah,kah)..

And, throughout, putting candle, singing song, and cutting cake, Jona is the leader. He want to put candle and sing the whole song while we just clap and smiling. Isaac, for now, only as 'penonton' - guess soon he will mastermind all these skills.

Overall, both boys really do enjoy the birthday celebration (esp. the birthday cake) for the first time throughout these few years (attend lots of birthday celebration). Maybe, because both can participate in putting the candle for daddy, sing a birthday song and EAT the cake....

Isaac definitely is the 'cake-eater'...He just eat and eat non stop and do enjoy every much each pieces of it. And, won't let other hold for him....He so good in holding the spoon to scoop the cake....

Following day, both still want the cake as breakfast, tea time, etc....don't know because the cake is so cute and nice that tempting them, or the cake really taste nice???

p/s: the cake is so cute ler....and cheap too (bought it from Angel Cake House and cost only around RM42 for 1 kg)...


chinneeq said...

Jo, the cake very cute lar....din know this normal cake house got make such cute shapes of cake :)must order one for qiqi this coming june :)

MamaJo said...

U must Chinnee, or make one by yourself lar - 3D cake now very poplular, and it is very cheap...only RM42 per kg.

chinneeq said...

3D cake nowadays very expensive lar...all above RM100 ones...whereelse can get bsides Angel ?