Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tag: 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Chin nee passed this Tag to me, and I think I shouldn't let her down anymore...she has been so nice of keep passing me Tag to do...will fullfill her wish this time.

Actually, it is not that difficult at all if I want to write things that I hate about my hubby, and just so coincidence, yesterday I had a MSN talk with one of the close mommies about our darling hubby.....but, guess everyone is not perfect at all include, to be fair to my DH, I will put it this way.

10 Things I/He Hate About Him/Myself:-

1. He is so quiet almost all the time even though we argue, he will just 'zip' his mouth which I rather he 'fired' back at me or start a heat conversation.
Me: He wish I will stop nagging him or kids..

2. He is too hygiene. He can use up to 5 - 10 pieces of Baby Wipes just to wipe our sons face or hand only...imagine, or he could use up to half box of tissue papers just to wipe some split of water on the floor, etc.

3. He like to 'stick' his eyes to his computer all the times..

4. He just love to delay all the task assigned to him - handling kids, fixing broken pipe, etc..

5. He didn't care of his own health at all...

6. He drive like F1 driver, never bother about me and kids at the back...only when he pull emergency brake, then, he will said 'sorry'....

And, only now I realise that I couldn't think of anything else that I hate about him....I should thanks to Chin nee for forward this Tag to me...Otherwise, I will be keep thinking that when I wrote about this Tag, I will have more than 10 things to write about my hubby..... :)

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chinneeq said..., only when i wrote this tag, it makes me realize how there are so many things that i love about my hubby. Good tag ya..