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Tag: The meaning of My Sons Name

Chanel tag me: ooooppps...I'm not good in doing Tag, but, this Tag seem to be so meaningful, I will try my best to do it..

Ok, start with the eldest son:

Since daddy has no comment or idea of what name to give, so, I have been honour to give 'English' name to my son and since Jonathan is the 1st grandson for my hubby side, his grandpa also have no idea of what the middle name is......and we just choose the simple and meaningful one...

I have few misscarriages before I concieved Jonathan, and I wanted so much for a baby at that time. Once I got pregnant again, immediately I thanks GOD for hearing my pray, and decide to give my baby name - something related to praise amazing GOD for hearing...and that's why Jonathan name pop out from my mind...

Jonathan - meaning 'GOD has given'

For Chinese name, since I'm a 'banana woman', and hubby too lazy to think, end up asked 'si fu' for advice(which it really upset me). And, hubby wanted the name to be in Cantonese pronounciation.

Wai - chinese pronounce wei for 'wei ta' (magnificient)
Hynn - chinese pronounce 'xuan' (to be delighted with oneself; name for the Yellow Emperor)

Jonathan Chee Wai Hynn

For youngest son:

When I know I will have second boy again, immediately I decide to give him special name (cause he seem to be a happy baby inside my womb for 9 mths). Isaac full name is given by myself without consult any 'si fu'....of course, with help from my family(esp.Caroline - my youngest sis) and approval from hubby.

Isaac - meaning 'laughter'

And, everyone just keep asking me, why Isaac has 2 English name and not Jonathan....the answer is simple:

1) When I'm expecting Isaac, everyone surround me, also plan to name their son Isaac (just coincidence they watch the HK popular drama - regarding the pilot story...one of the pilot is called Isaac), so, I wanted my boy name to be a bit different from other 'Isaac'.

2) Also, I realise Isaac name is too short compare to Jonathan...wanted both has almost same calculation in alphabet....

3) Plus since young, I do have a dream/hope that I could give birth to my baby on year end (Dec), but, none of them is born in that month, so, I just added Isaac second name as

Noel - meaning 'christmas' in Dec

which end up as Isaac Noel - baby, full of laughter with Christmas spirit...(which the combination is so special and nice meaning too)

And, for his chinese name, since he has gotta a nice English name, so, I just add the chinese name with meaning of praise to the Lord. In the end, actually Isaac full name, mean "baby, full of laughter and happy, in the christmas spirit, praise Lord everyday for everything..."

Soong - meaning 'praise the Lord' (I just added extra 'o' for 'Song')
Isaac Noel Chee Wai Soong
Ok, I'm not good in asking mommy to do Tag, but, I will try:-
Chinnee - QiQi
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Josephine- Jonathan & Isaac Noel

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