Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Rascal....Got U!!

Initially, I thought Jona is so naughty and hard to manage - cause he just love to climb here and there, and fall down so frequent until I just lost count how many.....never did I realise Isaac is even worst and on top of that, he even daring compare to his ko ko!!!

Manage to catch this little rascal climbing into the drawer and SIT inside and play with the stuff inside the drawer....it happen so fast when I was tidy my mom garden outside (just for 5 mins)...and ta ta...little Isaac inside the drawer....

He just love to climb and sit inside the drawer, which nowdays has become his habit - every time he did it, my mom or my sis will get 'heart attack'...they just worried that the drawer couldn't hold Isaac weight anymore.... :)

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