Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Potential to be Designer??

Yesterday when I went back home, suddenly Jona told me that he want to do 'Happy Mother Day' - pointing to the colour and has the brush on his hand.

And, I prepare a piece of paper for him together with colour, and, there he sit and do his 'Happy Mother Day' card lor.....of course, Isaac is happy too, cause he can play with his brush + colour + paper (he still has short attention: after few strokes, he finish liao and show to everyone)..."see, ta daa..."

After finish his drawing of heart shape inside a box, and with little bit help from daddy, he manage to draw so nicely and out of sudden, he search high and low for the magnet and stick to the fridge....

See, the result: All these is done by Jona without any help from us!! I really impressed with his creativeness and it is just a beginner for him(dont know where he got the idea of using the magnetic and also hang a bag beside his card)...
p/s: maybe inside the bag got Mother Gift... he,he.

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