Monday, June 11, 2007

Simple Conversation with Jona

Yesterday night, on the way to have dinner, Jona request me to play with him - Go Getter puzzle game...

Mommy: Jona, mommy cannot read your puzzle book or play with you while the car is moved
Jona: ?? Ok...(keep the puzzle box aside while still holding the manual book).
Jona: Mommy, come play with Jona.
Mommy: Mommy cannot play now. Otherwise, mommy will throw out (showing him, ueekkk, ueekkk sound)
Jona: No worry, mommy..Mommy ueek, ueekk, Jona will pat pat mommy back (while talking, he show me how he will pat pat my back)...

So boy really grown up liao..

This morning, 1st day back to school. While grandma & daddy busy searching high and low for Jona colouring pencil box

Jona: Daddy, it is ok. No worry
Daddy: Huh??
Jona: No need find. At school, Jona can share colour pencil with Teacher Kwan. She got small small one.
Daddy: Huh?? ...he,he..ok, ok...

(And, after sending Jona to school, immediately Daddy called mommy....telling from A-Z, how smart his son proud, ..blah,blah...said I sure will feel proud cause Jona so smart)....

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