Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lazy Mommy got Reward!

Yeah, it's really true - I'm the lazy mommy esp when it come to buying baby milk formula, teat, drinking bottle, etc (consumable stuff)..esp. milk formula.

Why? Cause I really hate when babysitter or my mom told me that the milk formula only left half can, etc...and it is during weekdays. Another reason: During weekdays, I only like to drive to work and back home directly after fetch my lil darling - Isaac Noel...really hate if I have to drop somewhere else just purposely to buy some thing.

That's why my mom or hubby said, I can open my own grocery shop (alamak...forgot snap photo to show you the proof). Currently, in my kitchen cabinet, got 7 tins of Progress GOLD milk for Isaac Noel and 1 tin + 1 pack of EnfaGrow A+ for Jonathan(cause soon he will upgrade to EnfaKid, so, haven't keep new stock yet)!

I usually love to purchase at least half dozen or 1 dozen, if there is any promotion for these and better keep stock lor, rite??

Yesterday, this lazy mommy got Reward for being lazy(my colleague so rajin purchase milk - finished 1 tin, buy another one). You know, currently, Cold Storage and Wyeth has promotion for Wyeth milk formula(box) at Ikano main, lazy mommy thought, got promotion, sure the price is cheaper + can get some freebie...So, I went with my sis (Gabriel - who just turn 1 recently).

Saw the price for the new launch milk box at Cold Storage (not sure whether it is cheap or not)..took out h/phone - calculator, tap, tap, tap...for 15 mins, discussion...finally just purchase 2 boxes each...reached counter, have to argue a bit with cashier (will post in my next post) and paid up.

During promotion, if you purchase 2 tins/2 boxes entitled for a, just simply spin for fun....and got "SURPRISE".

Sale person: Ok, You can chose any gift from the table.
Me: Are you sure?
Sale person: Yes, yes...
Me: mmm..ok, then, I go for Toys Hamper lor...
Sale person: Ok, Ok, you take the way, Toys Hamper is the most expensive one among these gifts (value RM 100)...
Me: ha, sure or not?
(best part is, my sis, who did the spin after me also got SURPRISE, and she also took another TOYS Hamper - you said both of us lucky or not??)

see, Toys Hamper (sorry, don't know why the photo 'senget' one side)

On the way back, after fetch Isaac, he so happily grab the hamper, and keep talking (baby talk)...don't know happy...sure he said, lazy mommy got so lucky, because of Isaac Noel like to drink milk milk lor...

he,he...yeah, my hamper, my hamper....

Reached home, Jonathan immediately grab the hamper and open up....WOW...not bad, lots of toy/Wyeth premium (even though most of the toys is Wyeth previous premium gift).....don't bother long as it is free.....the best one is 'Binocular'...really canggih ler....

Gift content: Enercal milk formula, Wyeth Bag, Hand Towel, Activity book with sticker, Photo Frame, Soft Toys-Lex, Binocular, Another activity book with marker pen, 2 pencils 2 balloons, Lego, Wooden Toy(adjustable).

can't wait to grab my favourite toy liao...see two pairs of leg behind the gift :)

But hor....**scratching my head** meaning I have more toys to tidy up liao....aiyoohhh...

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