Monday, June 18, 2007


Even before Govt announce 'Sales Carnival', I have already spend few hundreds ringgit on clothes(my clothes only)!! It mean I have already start my own 'shopping carnival'....I just feel shopping before sales start is much more relax and enjoyable...

He,he...last week, Tuesday, purposely apply a day off - reason: bring my mom for medical check-up as well as shopping for half day without kids!! Isaac - as usual, with nanny; and Jona - paid RM20 extra so, he could stay a day at his daycare....he,he (of course, daddy feel suspicious and not happy that Jona is not following me go kai kai)

Morning - we went to medical check-up, then, proceed to annual pap smear test...and then, shopping at 1Utama.

And, this is what I have bought for myself & mom & aunty Carol:

2 working blouse and 1 t-shirt (left)
& 2 sweaters (for my travelling purpose - since I frequent travel during winter season)

All - 50% discount (the quality is good too)

And, this is what my mom has bought for herself (t-shirt) & white pendant (cross shape)

Aunty Carol bought herself few working blouses and sweater too...

At the end of the day, 3 of us really do enjoy the shopping so much, and we wish we could spend our times again like this in coming future - so fun and enjoy and relax (of course, wishing got money to spend lor ;) )

And, do realise that this sales carnival: 6th June - 2nd Sept, quite a lot of shops didn't offer any discount.....

Anyway, will need to shop for few items again: clothes, pant, casual shoe and handbag(all for myself) before I called it:'THE END'....hooray (will do a quick shopping with aunty Flora + 3 toddlers + grandma this weekend)...fhuiyooo...won't know what is the outcome.....

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